Technologies slides and presentations

By embracing data science tools and technologies, banks can more effecti... July 4, 2014

Digital technologies have radically altered the ways that people capture... July 3, 2014

ApresentaĆ§Ć£o no workshop Cities, Technologies and Planning, ICCSA 2104 e... July 2, 2014

Slides from a presentation by Gail Lovely, Amanda Armstrong and Maggie P... July 1, 2014

Media Mixer semantic technologies for UGC copyright management por Rober... June 30, 2014

The slides describe the 10 most important On Page SEO elements which eve... June 28, 2014

NISP CONNECT is an independent, non profit organisation that supports th... June 27, 2014

Extreme Excavation offers excellent services for a variety of public wor... June 26, 2014

An overview of a paper discussing how learning technologies & Web2.0 giv... June 26, 2014

Explore why hardware and software providers should consider moving into ... June 25, 2014

ScienceSoft offers end-to-end web development based on latest platforms ... June 25, 2014

The divide between online and offline commerce is rapidly being oblitera... June 25, 2014

Keynote presentation to York Higher eLearning Conference on using digita... June 24, 2014

Communicating Emerging Technologies And Trends To The Board Of Directors... June 24, 2014

3i Infocom is an online business consulting organization that is enthusi... June 23, 2014

Empowered customers and disruptive technologies are forcing organization... June 23, 2014

Presented at the 2014 PRSA Midwest District Conference on June 20, 2014.... June 23, 2014

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