Master degree slides and presentations

Civil Engineer with a Master Degree in Geotechnics, and a PhD, in the to... October 30, 2014

My presentation for finishing my master degree in innovation and technol... September 14, 2014

Master Degree from MCM Online Education (JNU Affiliation) Online Educa... September 11, 2014

This is my final project at Polimoda Fashion Institute where I have comp... June 24, 2014

A brief presentation of my professional profile May 26, 2014

Master Degree in Distance Education Elearning Caribbean International... February 20, 2014

Now complete Graduation or Master degree in One year from UGC & DEC rec... February 6, 2014

This is my thesis for master degree of chemistry. We made a biosensor fo... July 2, 2008

master degree by Università Sapienza, Roma (Italy) and Nova Southeastern... June 1, 2007

The presentation contains a definition and survey of the benefits of Uni... April 22, 2007