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Hip-hop has had a long love affair with luxury brands. Yet, the relation... July 9, 2014

This paper analyzes the effect of Information Technology on professional... July 8, 2014

Effect of Cutting Speed on Tool Wear of Uncoated and Coated Cemented Car... July 7, 2014

Result152 pacientes fueron incluidos en el estudio: 79 niños con una eda... July 6, 2014

Just as a war has a post-war effect (on the completion of the war), acne... July 3, 2014

Skin problems not only effect those in their teens, adult acne is also a... July 3, 2014

kekekke July 3, 2014

Happiness is the cumulative effect of all the little choices you make ev... July 3, 2014

Stage one of Canada’s new Anti-Spam Law came into effect on July 1, 2014... July 2, 2014

Effect of story telling in higher education via social media July 2, 2014

A presentation that's an interesting and easy to use guide to using colo... July 2, 2014

As the new South African Immigration Regulation came into effect a month... July 2, 2014

It perceives the drivers and restrictions influencing the industry and i... July 1, 2014

Knowing what mobile subscribers are doing, where they come from and what... July 1, 2014

This presentation was done in June 2014 by one of our participants in IC... June 29, 2014

Internet marketing its trends and effect June 28, 2014

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