Cscs slides and presentations

November 1, 2018

CSCS- 433 Database Management System course content November 10, 2014

Jason Yun gives a presentation to a group of Humana employees on how to ... September 23, 2014

Performance Development for Lacrosse As a successful lacrosse coach... August 21, 2014

Description of how to combine pace / power / heart rate / perceived exer... June 12, 2014

Simon Meyer, Construction MD at HRS, presentation to the CSCS event at t... June 9, 2014

Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSDs are injuries and disorders that affect... April 17, 2014

Prior to a focus race or event, performing a taper will allow you to max... April 4, 2014

This presentation outlines common weight loss mistakes and the steps to ... October 21, 2009

This is a presentation that I did several years ago for an audience of p... January 26, 2009

This is a presentation from a goal setting workshop that I ran recently.... January 26, 2009

This presentation outlines basic nutritional information. It also discu... January 26, 2009

This presentation is the second of a two part strength training series i... January 26, 2009