Browser hijacker slides and presentations

Astromenda Malware, the Browser Bully in Your Computer! End the nightmar... November 4, 2014 redirection steals confidential data as this highly infect... October 17, 2014 is a destructive browser hijacker and a potentially u... October 14, 2014 is a nasty browser hijacker that attacks IE, Chrome and Fi... October 11, 2014 ... October 9, 2014 is a foxy and malignant browser hijacker that has the abil... October 4, 2014 October 1, 2014 is a nasty browser hijacker which hijacked your all most p... September 25, 2014 September 24, 2014

IStartSurf is a browser hijacker. It means that this application modifie... September 23, 2014 is a search engine. This search provider is promoted by a... September 18, 2014

Search Protect by Conduit is a malicious browser hijacker that disguises... September 13, 2014 is a risky browser hijacker threat that belongs from the ... August 22, 2014 is a browser hijacker developed by group of online ... July 17, 2014