Blackbaud slides and presentations

Presentation from Blackbaud's Higher Ed Forum hosted at Stevens Institut... August 29, 2014

Using the 2013 P2P Benchmark Report we explored the state of the Enduran... July 9, 2014

My take on Blackbaud's "Next Generation of Giving" presentation, with a ... May 30, 2014

The 2014 Desktop Reference Guide by Blackbaud gives you insight and prac... May 16, 2014

An overview of how my company implemented an Agile-based process. May 2, 2014

From Blackbaud's Higher Ed Forum in Boston, Tom Thayer's presentation ci... April 21, 2014

From Blackbaud's Higher Ed forum in Boston, tips and tricks for pushing ... April 21, 2014

From Blackbaud Higher Ed Forum, hosted by Emmanuel College, John Haydon ... April 21, 2014

Presentation from Blackbaud's food bank best practices web session on Oc... October 7, 2009

This presentation summarizes the Blackbaud Sphere Events technology that... May 4, 2009