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Published on August 17, 2009

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VoIP v/s Hosted Phone Systems

1905937895-24574510403840 Zultys v/s Hosted Systems A white paper by Pierre Kerbage VP of Sales: North America & Canada Pierre@Zultys.com (408) 328-5423 www.zultys.com There are 3 main reasons why ZULTYS beats Hosted systems: Financial ReasonsTechnical ReasonsPractical ReasonsFinancial reasons:Hosted systems range drastically in features, dependability, pricing, features and availability. However, having examined many of them, there are many similarities within the model. Typically, the hosted model asks you to PURCHASE UP FRONT: Their phonesTheir routersTheir switchesThe phones that they provide can range from proprietary to name brand (Polycom, Aastra, or many others) to their own name brand. Routers on the other hand are typically very much proprietary and/or are programmed only to work with the hosted provider. Switches are usually standard PoE Layer 2 switches. In almost every case, the hosted provider will ask you to purchase these up front (as stated above) and pay cash for them. If the Hosting provider decides to let you lease the units, well, that just makes the monthly price EVEN HIGHER ! The pricing model for hosted systems vary vastly, but MOST of them are priced around $50 per phone per month for the basic features, and an up charge for advanced features (such as call Record, ACD, etc…) and can go up to $100 per phone per month in many cases. In this example, we will take the lowest price which is around $50 per month. Typically the hosted model will lock you into a 3 or 5 year contract. Let us take the best case scenario: 5 year contract (as that gives the Hosted Model the BEST possible pricing to the consumer). Now, let us compare the pricing of say, a 20 Phone system: At $50 per Phone Per month, the Hosted provider will charge $1000 per month + CASH UPFRONT for the proprietary phones, Routers, etc…. Save money, save time, get more for less, go with ZULTYS and BANK THE DIFFERENCE. Technical ReasonsQoS: When it comes to TECHNICAL reasons, this is where Zultys beats Hosted systems HANDS DOWN !!!! The number one complaint about Hosted Systems is the lack of sound quality (also known as Quality Of Service/QoS). All you have to do is do a bit of due diligence on hosted systems to see that most of them have and continue to suffer from voice quality. NOTHING can come close to equaling the quality or reliability of your enterprise provider (such as AT&T, or others like it), who in some cases have been providing phone service for a century !. Many hosted providers will tell you that they will provide a QoS router (and some do) , but the issue is that no one has control over that sound packet , when it leaves your premises and hits the public Network or Internet (which is even worse). Latency with data networks are very common, and easily tolerated. If your Email takes a few extra seconds to come in or go out, or if that web site takes a few more seconds to load, typically, you will easily tolerate it. But if a packet is slowed down by a FRACTION of a second, the quality of sound/voice will go from bad to worse, including DISCONNECTS). What happens if your Network gets infected with a Virus ? A Trojan ? How about if the Internet disconnects ??? Local Support NOTHING beats a local vendor to support you in case of problems. Zultys is backed by a large Network of resellers, distributors, support entities WORLDWIDE. Your local reseller will consult with you, install your system, provide local training and resolve issues FACE TO FACE. You need never to chat with a call center located who knows where, or become just a number. You have a relationship. Our resellers typically provide on site maintenance and plans for moves, adds and changes as well as on going training and much much more. Changes from anywhere Zultys Systems can be programmed and changed from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. Need a change, you can do it or your local reseller can do it for you in no time. You can be at home and be adding or removing users, features, setting up phones, augmenting your capacity, and even changing your messages, in 17 languages using our text to speech engine. Our secure interface allows even the most novice users and administrators to make changes to their call handling, find me follow me and just about every feature, from any internet enabled location. Features, features and more features: Want more ? Zultys’ ONE kits come PRELOADED with our MAC or PC or Linux Desktop Software Call (CTI) that handles Call Record, Fax Server, Conferencing, Find me Follow me, Cell Phone Twinning, Unified Messaging, Soft Phone (PC only), Basic ACD, Call Accounting, Call Detail Reporting, Visual Voice Mail, Call Logging, Secure Chat, Presence, Teleworker support, AND SO MUCH MORE – Dial from Outlook or ANY application, POP Records from Outlook, and that’s OUT OF THE BOX without needing Servers or anything from your infrastructure or your IT guy. We are SIMPLE to roll out, and SIMPLE to keep and WE BLOW THE SOCKS OFF OF HOSTED SYSTEMS WHEN IT COMES TO FEATURES Practical Reasons:Need more reasons ? Zultys is build to SCALE. How about to 10,000 users ? Ask your Hosted provider if they can grow to 10,000 users and watch their expression. The facts are, unlike ZULTYS, the topology and Network of hosted systems are generally not an enterprise class system and were never designed for scale. Will your company grow to multiple sites ? Have Teleworkers everywhere in the world or just next door ? Will you add a CALL CENTER ? Zultys is ready for you and ready to scale anytime you chose. Add features that Hosted systems can NEVER touch – like MXmeeting which allows you to schedule and invite users to see your screen (webinars), take over someone else’s PC (or MAC), collaborate on documents ON LINE (such as a word, excel, PowerPoint, etc…). .Present interactively to a crowd and even remote access to your own PC when you need it. Need IVR ? Zultys is ready to step up to these advanced features on demand as well. Even archive your recorded calls for convenience, compliance and other reasons for decades to come ! WE SCALE IN SIZE AND FEATURES (on demand) What’s more ? Hosted systems is a COMPLETE redo of your infrastructure. Translation of your phone lines, and a complete forklift upgrade of your methods. Zultys leverages your existing lines and infrastructure and requires little to no change, which drastically simplify deployments and insures DEPENDABLE installations. Zultys systems are EASY TO USE, dependable, (We can failover to another unit at anytime) and backed with a company that has been in business since 2001 !!!! Our Engineering, R&D, Support, Back-office and administration is in Silicon Valley. We are sharply focused on selling telephone systems and nothing else. Conclusion: Zultys has received more awards than we can possibly fit the graphics on this page and references companies such as American Express, Mitsubishi Motors, SonicWall, Amazon.com and thousands of others, ranging from small businesses to International Enterprise organizations. For the past 8 years, they have relied on Zultys’ advanced systems, that are rock solid reliable, and often priced at 1/3 rd the cost of hosted systems with sound quality far superior and much easier to deploy, without ripping your existing infrastructure or a Fork lift upgrade, without changes to your numbers, and backed by local fast support and training.

Financial Reasons

Technical Reasons

Practical Reasons

Financial reasons:

Their phones

Their routers

Their switches

Technical Reasons

Practical Reasons:

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