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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: Joefrancher

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Tanning makes your skin have a healthy glow, as everyone knows. There are numerous other positive effects tanning can have on your body though. Tanning can conceal blemishes, prevent sunburn, and manage pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

When dealing with acne, it seems like there is no great solution. Cover-sticks, creams, and other makeup solutions clog your pores and aggravate your skin even more, making the situation worse. This acne can be present on your face, back, neck, or shoulders. The healthy glow you get from indoor tanning beds reduces the contrast between red spots and the rest of the affected area without causing additional problems.

Positive  Effects  of  Tanning     Tanning  makes  your  skin  have  a  healthy  glow,  as  everyone  knows.  There  are       numerous  other  positive  effects  tanning  can  have  on  your  body  though.  Tanning  can       conceal  blemishes,  prevent  sunburn,  and  manage  pre-­‐menstrual  syndrome  (PMS).     When  dealing  with  acne,  it  seems  like  there  is  no  great  so lution.  Cover-­‐sticks,       creams,  and  other  makeup  solutions  clog  your  pores  and  aggravate  your  skin  even       more,  making  the  situation  worse.  This  acne  can  be  present  on  your  face,  back,  neck,       or  shoulders.  The  healthy  glow  you  get  from  indoor  tanning  beds  reduces  the       contrast  between  red  spots  and  the  rest  of  the  affected  area  without  causing       additional  problems.  Of  course,  you  don’t  want  to  overdo  the  healthy  glow.  Balance       when  tanning  is  essential  so  you  do  not  burn  your  skin.  Five  to  ten  minute  sessions       are  the  best  way  to  start  with  sessions  once  or  twice  a  week.  The  goal  is  always  to       blend  your  complexion,  not  to  over-­‐tan.  Tanning  is  also  not  a  complete  cure  for  acne    

  because  the  benefits  are  superficial.  Tanning  only  reduces  the  visibility  of  the  acne.       You  should  still  listen  to  your  dermatologist  regarding  UV  exposure,  tanning,  and       skin  product  usage  to  determine  what  is  best  for  your  acne.     The  dangers  of  UV  rays  occur  from  continuous  over-­‐exposure  and  burning.       Burning  is  actually  the  worst  cause  of  damage  to  the  skin  and  you  are  more  likely  to       get  sunburn  from  tanning  outside  than  from  tanning  indoors.  This  is  due  to  the  fact       that  indoor  tanning  allows  you  to  control  how  much  direct  light  you  are  exposed  to.     Tanning  can  help  manage  PMS  due  to  its  various  effects.  Tanning  helps       increase  the  production  of  serotonin  in  the  body.  This  hormone  is  known  for       enhancing  moods,  but  it  also  reduces  carbohydrate  cravings  and  controls  appetite.       Exposure  to  the  UV  rays  in  tanning  helps  reduce  muscle  aches  and  tension  and  the       rays  also  stimulate  thyroid  function  and  metabolism.  This  helps  combat  exhaustion       and  weight  gain.  

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