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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: Zoolz

Source: slideshare.net

Zoolz Reseller Overview Start your own cloud business in 5 min. www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Benefits of becoming a Zoolz Reseller Tap on a $100 Billion SMB market by offering Zoolz Business Start a business with unlimited users for only $499.95/Year Add your own brand with a one time flat fee Easy to use and automated data protection Service backed with 10+ years of backup experience www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Sign up for your Account Go to https://www.zoolz.com/resellers www.zoolz.com Click on Create Account Sign up With an email, password, company name, and phone number ©Genie9

Add plans Home and Business plans Set unlimited storage or limit storage Sell servers with business plans Set Cold Storage or Instant Storage Create as many plans as you want Define any plan combination based on Type: Home or Business Number of users Number of servers Instant Storage Cold Storage For a complete comparison between home and business accounts, visit: http://wiki.zoolz.com/?p=7707 www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Manage your plans Add new plans Edit any plan, your changes will instantly be reflect on the users assigned to this plan Delete Plans www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Add Accounts Add account by setting: Full name Email Password (Optional) If you didn’t set a password an automatic customized email with you name and log will be sent to the customer to set his password Select plan You can also create accounts using reseller APIs, for more information, visit: http://wiki.zoolz.com/index.php/createaccount-api/ www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Manage Accounts Add single account Search accounts Delete account Suspend account Change Plans Account Details View user/ computer details under the account Used Space (Instant and cold) Used Users Used Servers Used Computers Change email Reset Password www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

API Zoolz Full Branding comes with FREE complete API, which can be used easily and be integrated with you exiting solution With the APIs you can Create account Change Account Expiry Date Assign Plans Update Accounts Delete Accounts Suspend Accounts For API Documentation, visit: http://wiki.zoolz.com/index.php/category/reseller/reseller-api/ www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Create your own brand Full Branded, co-branded, or no-branding One time flat fee Place your own logo Add your icon Customize your links No website required Your own sub-domain Automated emails with your logo Updates reflect automatically APIs to automate upgrades and registration Ability to add your own domain Ability to use APIs Ability to add your own digital signature For a complete comparison between branding options, visit: https://www.zoolz.com/resellers#branding www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

Upgrade your account Customize your storage, branding, business account needs and more Instantly upgrade your account Add Cold Storage Add Instant Storage Add Business Accounts At anytime and automatically you can buy more space, add business users All Business Accounts share space Business Accounts comes with Unlimited Users Unlimited Servers Unlimited Computers www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

You’re done For any inquiries, please contact us For a detailed walkthrough on Zoolz Business, visit: http://www.slideshare.net/Zoolz/zoolzbusiness-cloud-backup-with-cold-storagetechnology More information is available at: https://www.zoolz.com/resellers www.zoolz.com ©Genie9

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