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Published on January 15, 2008

Author: Vital

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ZOO Team Presentation:  ZOO Team Presentation Sept 5, 2003 ZOO Team Projects:  ZOO Team Projects “Operation” Game CD Animal Twister New 1 New 2 “Operation” Game:  “Operation” Game Team Members: Yuansuo Cai Joelle Fleck Andrew Lee Frank Lin Physical Game Layout:  Physical Game Layout “Operation” Game :  “Operation” Game Last Semester Accomplishment Purchased hardware for circuit Purchased map and animal pieces Obtained game case Found sounds on internet Recorded sounds onto sound chips Bought prototype materials Constructed timer circuit and oscillator Built amplifier Connected amplifier, speaker and sound chip Built the working prototype “Operation” Game :  “Operation” Game This Semester Circuit all animal sound chips Use either PCB or bread board for timer circuit Obtain metal screen contacts and Plexiglas Add LED to circuit Build a close-to-finish version of the game Animal Twister:  Animal Twister It will be 6’x4’ mat made out of scrim vinyl. The spinner will be hand painted. The 4 categories are: Mammals, Birds, Fish, Amphibians & Reptiles. The pictures used are as follows: Mammals: monkey, elephant, prairie dog, tiger, horse, and bear. Birds: flamingo, parrot, cardinal, eagle, falcon, and canary. Fish:3 different small fish, swordfish, hammerhead shark, and sting ray A & R: snake, frog, lizard, alligator, turtle, and toad Animal Twister:  Animal Twister This project will be completed by week 4 so that the Zoo can try it and see if they have any problems. A set of rules will also be included with the mat, spinner, and box. Puzzle Map :  Puzzle Map This would be a new project. Make a large puzzle map of how the new zoo will look like. We can show the children a picture of the zoo and have them put the puzzle together. Suggested materials: Corkboard, Cardboard, Styrofoam, Wood. New1 Team:  New1 Team Subteam members: Sean Liao Matthew Kwan Megan White Rachel Smith Bingrui Foo Ideas:  Ideas Trivial Pursuit game Who wants to be a millionaire? type game Virtual tour of the zoo – CD-ROM Magnet fishing game Animal slot machine Oceanic habitat Prairie dog whack-a-mole game How to be a zookeeper game Puzzles Trivial Pursuit game:  Trivial Pursuit game Based on trivial pursuit with questions on animals. Random number generator instead of dice. Electronic question or category generator. Question database can be modified in the future and be classified by age/difficulty. Millionaire game:  Millionaire game Question format similar to millionaire game. (e.g. multiple choice) But instead of monetary reward, use endangered animal totem pole. Virtual tour of the zoo:  Virtual tour of the zoo Simulate closed zoo environment in a CD-ROM. Clips of animals in the zoo pop up as user clicks on the animals in the virtual zoo. Simulate walking through the zoo using pictures. Places in virtual zoo can contain other mentioned games. Magnet fishing game:  Magnet fishing game Revolving fishing pond (Or other scenario) where players try and catch the fish with a fishing pole and magnet attached to the end. Fishes’ mouth open and close to increase difficulty. Another perspective is to feed the animals instead. Animal slot machine:  Animal slot machine Matching animals instead of normal slot machine pictures. Can use machine as reward for other games (e.g quizzes). Reward can be animal stickers, animal erasers, animal candy… Reward can be based on what animal is lined up. Oceanic habitat:  Oceanic habitat Fish tank with mechanical/electrical animals Animals in different water levels (deep sea animals at the bottom and surface animals) Animals move around using simple mechanics Try to demonstrate how animals interact/move. Prairie dog whack-a-mole:  Prairie dog whack-a-mole A fun way to keep kids busy and tire them so they won’t bother the adults. A break from sedentary activities that allows kids to vent their energies. Improves reflex (dexterity) and hand-eye coordination. How to be a zookeeper game:  How to be a zookeeper game Could be incorporated with other games mentioned. The main purpose is to educate children what is involved in zoo keeping. Could be an activity instead of a game. Puzzles:  Puzzles Numerous ideas such as Spot the difference between 2 pictures Jigsaw puzzles with animal shaped pieces “Moving scrambled pieces with one empty square” puzzle Puzzles could be mechanical or electronic (in cd-rom). We can work either way  New2 Team:  New2 Team Subteam members: Sarah Adams Mike Mendel Jake Griffin Maryam Afaf Abdul Karim Animal Train:  Animal Train This game will involve a working train model with animals on the boxcars. Children will have to guess the animal on the boxcar when it pops up. The children must push a button that corresponds to their answer, a wrong guess sounds a buzzer and makes the animal pop back down, a right guess makes some information about the animal play through a speaker. Slide23:  Quiz LED Board This project will consist of a board with four buttons and two lights. Quizzes can be programmed in the device with multiple choice answers. The children must push the button that corresponds to the right answer, if they are wrong, the red light goes on with a buzzer. If they are right, the green light goes on and the device dings, and the child moves to the next question. Where’s my mommy? Memory:  Where’s my mommy? Memory This would be similar to the card game memory. The child must match the baby to its mother for many animal species. If the child is correct, he/she gets to go again. The person with the most matches at the end wins. Jigsaw Puzzle:  Jigsaw Puzzle Jigsaw puzzle would be large enough for several students to work on at a time. Puzzle will contain pictures of several animals. Animal Sound Simon Says:  Animal Sound Simon Says This game will test a child’s memory by making animal sounds that correspond to buttons on a game board. The child must correctly push the buttons in the same order as he/she heard the animal sounds. The board would be colorful and the buttons would contain pictures of the animal making the sound. LiteBrite LED Board:  LiteBrite LED Board Similar to LiteBrite, we would design an LED board with custom designs for many animals. The child would place the correct lights on the board to form the animals. Facts could be included along with the animals for educational value.

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