Zondle presentation for The Languages South East Conference 2014

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Information about Zondle presentation for The Languages South East Conference 2014

Published on February 17, 2014

Author: Profesormills

Source: slideshare.net


This is a pdf of the powerpoint presentation I used at the recent The Languages South East Conference at Southampton University.where I gave a workshop on the benefits of using the excellent educational platform that is Zondle.

One of the main themes was the motivation of boys and the need to provide good role models and tap into their competitive side. Comparisons were made between famous sports stars who play or have played abroad. These included icons such as Gareth Bale, Jonny Wilkinson, Gary Lineker, Ian Rush, Paul Gascoigne and David Beckham. Who became fluent in another language and who failed to to do so was discussed. Why were the reason for this? The idea that' where there is a will there is a way' was promoted as a means to engender self belief and increase confidence.

Delegates were shown how to create topics which they could set as home learning tasks or use for team play in lessons.

The high score nature of the global gaming culture taps into boys' competitiveness and here is where Zondle with its wide variety of games and the fact that they students can compete with each other. The results are updated every 30 seconds on the leaderboard.

#ililc4 8th & 9th February 2014 From if Bale can do it to why we ! should all give Zondle a fondle :) Garry Mills! Subject Leader of MFL! Cardinal Newman Catholic School


empowering teachers, engaging students, enhancing learning MISSION: To become the world’s online platform for all things education.

Introducing zondle zondle is a free web and mobile platform that empowers teachers to engage students and enhance learning. • zondle empowers teachers: 
 enabling them to create and share educational content to meet the specific learning needs of individual students. • zondle engages students: 
 motivating them and giving them ownership of their learning, through their choice of web and mobile games. • zondle enhances learning: 
 consolidating classroom work, preparing for highstakes tests, all without any marking.

Zondle empowers teachers ! Teachers can (for example): • Create questions (any language, any subject, any level) or mash together any of the 1.4 million questions created by other users, to meet individual or group needs; • teach using our unique whole-class teaching game; • set questions for students to play in games or as summative assessment (no marking!); • monitor progress (in the zondle grade book); • connect with other teachers worldwide.

Zondle engages students ! Students can (for example): • play questions set by their teacher in any of 60+ games, online or mobile; • create, play and practice their own questions; • monitor their progress; • collect points and badges; • compete on leaderboards; • create their own reward games.

Zondle enhances learning ! zondle: • is grounded in education, psychology and neuroscience research (from the universities of Oxford and Bristol); • creates heightened moments of engagement (increased synaptic dopamine), which teachers can exploit for learning; • encourages students to engage with the learning content, to encode into long-term memory and automatize; • enables students to consolidate classroom learning, or prepare for high-stakes testing.

zondle topics and games Database of educational content zondle 
 interpreter 8,000,000+ topic and game combinations Database of 
 casual games

using zondle topics and games ! • Teachers create, choose, customise or mash together questions to meet specific learning needs. • Teachers set the questions to their students 
 (to consolidate learning, for formative or summative assessment, or to prepare for highstakes tests). • Students play and practise the questions in any of zondle’s games (on the web or a mobile device). • Teachers monitor student progress in the zondle gradebook (no marking!)

zondle topics ! • Supports any subject, any level and any language. • More than 1.4 million questions have been created on zondle (by teachers and students). • Questions are in a wide range of formats (including, multiple choice, cloze procedure, label the picture...) • Represents at least 10,000 hours of work freely given by teachers. • Started to add some partner- and teacher-created premium content.

zondle games ! • More than 60 short immersive or reward learning games 
 (web and mobile: Apple, Android, Kindle Fire). • Designed to be quick to play (so that they can be integrated in typical time-pressured classrooms). • Designed to be fun and engaging (to encourage students to engage with the educational content repeatedly, until they achieve automaticity). • Also includes a whole-class teaching game (zondle Team Play), grounded in neuroscience research.

web and mobile games (some examples)

zondle games

games-based teaching (Team Play) MCQ only.

games-based teaching

monitoring progress

monitoring progress

Case Studies ▪ A number of disengaged & sometimes ‘difficult’ pupils have embraced the competitive nature of Zondle. It has now become common place to overhear these pupils telling others as they come into class that they have been on Zondle & overtaken such & such….! ▪ Yes, pupils talking about ‘so called homework’ in a positive way. I say so called as pupils claim it does not feel like ‘real’ homework’ ! ▪ One particular pupil has moved his way up towards the top the leaderboard 18

Liga de campeones 19

! Celebrating Success !!! 20

▪ It’s not just a game!! ▪ Making the pedagogical case for Zondle! ▪ The variety of question types! ▪ HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) BLOOM’S TAXONOMY 21

possible zondle lesson plan WHERE WHAT TIME Discussion:What makes a good quality revision/review question? Using a previous topic studied in class (teacher’s choice!), each student creates one good quality question. 5 Students feedback to class. Classroom 5 5 Using the same class topic, each student creates a total of five good quality questions. Students log onto zondle, create a zondle topic and enter their five questions. Computer room 15 20 5 Students play a friend’s topic in any zondle game, and give votes for the topics. 5 Students create a zondle game. Computer room Students play their zondle topic in any zondle game. 20 Students play their topic in their zondle game. 5 Students play their topic in their friends’ zondle games, and give votes for the games. 5

creating zondle topics

creating zondle topics

using zondle topics and games


testimonials “I can’t praise you highly enough for your efforts with zondle, it reaches stdents that I teach EVERY day.” Mr Branchflower (Australia) “zondle has changed the way I look at teaching. An amazing tool and a vision of education that totally resonates with how I feel.” Mr Giotto (USA) “OMG I only recently found zondle and all I can say is WOW!! I teach HS biology to at risk students. Using zondle has added that extra spark they needed to prepare for our state test in 2 weeks. Some of my kids have even come during my planning period to play more games so they can be the zondle dollar leader in their class. Unbelieveable. I now dream in zondle!!!” Mrs Goshert (USA) “Thank you so much for your help and dedication to the current (and future!) students and teachers using your wonderful zondle program! You and your team are pioneers of a program that is bringing lots of fun in learning to all ages. :) A small team making a big difference!” Ms Tadsen (USA) “I am in awe of you and the platform you have created. I am so amazed: I feel it's a dream. Pinch me. Wonderful a teacher’s dream :)” Orlanda Cline (USA)


additional functionality ! • Zollars (zondle Dollars to reward student performance: 23 billion Zollars have been awarded). • zondle Teacher Community (teachers can now create their own profiles to help them find other teachers: 1,300 teachers have created profiles). • zondle Class View (a locked-down interface for use by younger children). • Others include: animated reward game development tool, SDK (software development kit), Raspberry Pi kit...

empowering teachers
 engaging students enhancing learning ! ! www.zondle.com

THANK YOU FOR GIVING ZONDLE A FONDLE :)! CONTACTS DETAILS. ! Email: peladomills@me.com! Twitter: @garrymillsmfl! Blog: profesormills.blogspot.com

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