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Published on September 22, 2019

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slide 1: Individualized ZIZANIA Nutrition Counseling Zizania founder Dominique Hoffman offers engaging informational nutrition talks to a variety of audiences. Her speaking experience includes television appearances professional conferences and community groups. As a result she can tailor her presentation to meet your audience’s interests and needs. Dominique’s professional presentations have helped doctors understand the link between autism and diet so they can better care for their patients. In more informal settings she teaches seniors to make healthy food choices in order to avoid disease and enjoy retirement. Tweak your metabolism with a fork delicious food. all you can eat. no hunger. no gimmicks. Healthy Eating Without Pain Are you suffering from IBS Leaky Gut Syndrome headaches bloating constipation or just a Sluggish and inefficient digestive system If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then you may have a food allergy. We develop special diets to help circumvent allergic reactions. At Zizania we work to identify the source of the allergy by examining your food intake symptoms and how long you’ve had these symptoms. In the most serious cases our doctors can run specific tests to zero in on the allergen and recommend a course of treatment. What is an allergy really An allergy is the immune system’s reaction to some kind of particle that it interprets as a foreign invader. The body releases histamine which in turn causes inflammation. That’s why you take antihistamines to get relief from the symptoms. slide 2: Lose Weight the Smart Way It’s NOT About Counting Calories It’s About Results “You changed my life” is the most common thing our clients say. Unlike other diet plans that lock you into a restrictive program our method is simple yet effective. We balance macro and micronutrients to produce customized meals that are high in nutrients low in calories without you having to do anything. When you lose weight on our nutrition plan it stays off. Imagine all you can eat and still lose weight Our Nutrition Plan Includes:  Assessment of your eating habits favorite foods dislikes  Review of your blood work if applicable  Evaluation of your symptoms  Additional tests if necessary  Recipe development so you eat only the food you like  Step-by-Step meal planning  Daily monitoring of your progress  Weekly checks to improve results  Evaluation 1 month post-program completion Meal Planning Simplified The tips below will show you how to be prepared and proactive in order to stay ahead of temptation and follow a healthy eating plan that will become your lifestyle. 1. Create a meal plan for a day a week or a month. Whatever is doable for you. Meal planning simply means knowing what you will be eating for the upcoming days. It also means that you have that food on hand. You may use your meal plan to draft a grocery shopping list as well. 2. Every day refer to your plan and make sure you know what you will be eating for that day. Small variations are OK as long as they fit your health or weight goals. 3. Review your meal plan daily and make sure you have the foods indicated on it. If you don’t then it is time to go shopping again or modify your plan. 4. A lot of people eat leftovers for lunch. So when making soups stews and casseroles make sure that you make enough so you get more than one meal out of that dish. 5. Develop very simple recipes with 5 ingredients that you can make in minutes when in a hurry slide 3: 6. Learn to read food labels and buy foods that are already made but free of toxic additives. Dips soups veggie burgers are all available from a variety of manufacturers and vary in quality taste and price. 7. Frozen vegetables Amy’s soups Dr. McDougall soups Engine 2 bean salads are all healthful foods readily available at Whole Foods. If you don’t have time to cook these products are a good replacement. Freezing: 8. All my clients ask about freezing the recipes that we make. Unfortunately fresh foods does not freeze well. Frozen food loses some of the flavor and the texture often changes and becomes less appetizing. However you can use a lot of frozen vegetables such as peas green beans edamame corn spinach cauliflower and broccoli. Restaurants 9. If you like eating out include that in your meal plan. Know which restaurant you will go to and put down what you will eat in that restaurant. 10. Before going to the restaurant try to view the menu on the web. Side dishes and appetizers are often healthier than the main meal. Chose more than one from these items and make sure they don’t have cheese butter sugar and they are not fried. Zucchini fritters sound good but they are fried and pack on more calories that a zucchini can handle. 11. If you often buy lunch develop a routine. Find 2 to 3 restaurants you like chose a healthy dish in each one. Each day go to a different restaurant from this short list and eat the same healthy dish there. This will ensure variety both to increase nutrient intake and prevent food boredom. Select restaurants or stores that have healthy options that you enjoy. 12. Planning is even more important when socializing. If it is a potluck take a healthy dish with you. If you don’t have a choice in the menu let the hosts know about your dietary changes as soon as you receive the invitation. Offer to help. You can also eat before you go so when you get there you are not ravenously hungry so are able to keep away from heavy and unhealthy foods. 13. If desserts are your downfall don’t have a taste. It will trigger an avalanche of cravings and you will not be able to stop. You cannot afford to ruin a whole week of work with one evening. Skipping Meals: 14. Don’t skip breakfast rather make it your largest meal. 15. Don’t skip lunch. It should be a substantial meal that will keep you satisfied for the entire afternoon slide 4: 16. Don’t force yourself to have 3 or 6 meals a day. Eat when hungry and make every meal count 17. Don’t skip dinner but don’t make it into a large meal either. Dinner should be light and eaten 2 hours before going to bed. Remember you will not be spending any calories during the night. The old adage applies here: Eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. 18. Decide on your dinner meal for the week based on your schedule. If you are going to eat out enter that in your meal plan. 19. Snacks should be healthful mostly in the afternoon 3 hours after lunch and 2 to 3 hours before dinner. Avoid snacking without being hungry boredom stress cravings etc.... 20. Snack on fresh fruit crackers and a nut butter of your choice By following these simple tips you will develop habits that will last years. After a while you won’t need to make meal plans anymore a lot of this information will be natural to you and you will enter a new and healthier lifestyle. Have any questions Or simply want to chat with a pro Contact Dominique at this email: Dominiquezizania.com. I would love to hear from you So what are you waiting for Start now and feel good today. Contact us today for your free initial consultation 703-639-7063 Email: infozizania.com Website : www.zizania.com Falls Church Office Address: 150 Little Falls Street Falls Church VA 22046 Fairfax Office Address: 3022 Javier Road Suite 105E Fairfax VA 22031

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