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Published on June 24, 2012

Author: ramanagaram

Source: authorstream.com

DESIGN OF TRANSCEIVER FOR Physical layer of zigbee Using IEEE 802.15.4 Specifications' USING SIMULINK: DESIGN OF TRANSCEIVER FOR Physical layer of zigbee Using IEEE 802.15.4 Specifications' USING SIMULINK Submitted by Tabassum unnisa Under the Guidance of Mrs. Rajine Swetha R Asst. professor Objective: Objective Understanding both transmission and reception process in ZigBee Transceiver. focusing on development of Simulink model for ZigBee transceiver at physical layer using IEEE 802.15.4 specifications. Introduction: Introduction Zigbee Transmitter: Zigbee Transmitter Zigbee receiver: Zigbee receiver PowerPoint Presentation: Methodology Circuit for inphase and quadrature data: Circuit for inphase and quadrature data PowerPoint Presentation: Receiver Simulation results : AT Transmitter: Simulation results : AT Transmitter Fig 1: input bitstream Fig 2: Symbol ‘ 0 ’ and 1 PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 3: pn sequence Fig 2: Symbol ‘ 0 ’ and 1 Fig 4: DSSS Output PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 5: clock Fig 6: Even clock Fig 7: Odd clock PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 8: inphase data Fig 9: quadrature data PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 10: pulse shaped inphase data Fig 11: pulse shaped quadrature data PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 12: Inphase data after modulation Fig 13: quadrature data after modulation Fig 14: Transmitted signal Simulation results: At Receiver: Simulation results: At Receiver Fig 16: inphase signal after multiplying with carriers Fig 17: quadrature signal after multiplying with carriers Fig 15: Received signal after passing through AWGN PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 18: LPF output inphase Fig 19: LPF output quadrature PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 20: Output of sampler inphase Fig 21: Output of sampler quadrature PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 8: inphase data Fig 22: Output of comparator inpha se PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 23: Output of comparator quadrature F Fig 24: delayed quadrature PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 25: reconstructed DSSS signal Fig 4: DSSS Output PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 3: pn sequence Fig 26 : delayed pn sequence PowerPoint Presentation: Fig 27: reconstructed symbol Fig 28: Reconstructed bitstream Conclusion: Conclusion Transceiver support data rate of 250kbps. Direct sequence spread spectrum helps to avoid interference. OQPSK with pulse shaping avoid Phase transitions and ISI in the channel. This reduces the power required in amplifier , which is one of the major consideration in ZigBee . References: References Maryam Alnuaimi , Mohamed Boulmalf , Farag Sallabi and Abderrahmane Lakas Khaled Shuaid , "Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4: Experimental and simulation Results," Journal of Communications , vol. 2, pp. 29-37, June 2007. K. Shuaib and I. Jawhar M. Alnuaimi , "Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.15.4 Physical Layer Using Matlab / Simulink ," in Innovations in information technology , Nov 2006., pp. 1-5. Farahani Shashin , ZigBee wireless networks and Transceivers . Amsterdam, USA: Newnes publications, 2008 Simon Haykin , Communication Systems , 4th ed. NewYork , USA: John wiley , 2001. ZigBee Aliance . (2006, December) ZigBee Specification.

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