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Published on January 13, 2013

Author: kamal1768

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Happy Engineer’s Day: Happy Engineer’s Day Sri Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya In memory of Wireless that simply works: Wireless that simply works By, P.SAI KAMAL, 3 rd Year ECE. HISTORY: HISTORY Father of wireless mesh research projects MIT media labs in 1997 The ZigBee Name: The ZigBee Name Named for erratic, zig-zagging patterns of bees between flowers Symbolizes communication between nodes in a mesh network Network components analogous to queen bee, drones, worker bees Zigbee??????: Zigbee?????? Standard Created for Control and Sensor Networks Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 Standard Created by the ZigBee Alliance What Does ZigBee Do?: What Does ZigBee Do? Designed for wireless controls and sensors Operates in Personal Area Networks (PAN’s) Control of lights, switches, thermostats, appliances, etc. Lights and Switches: Lights and Switches Source: ZigBee Specification Document IEEE 802.15.4 & ZigBee In Context: “the software” Network, Security & Application layers Brand management IEEE 802.15.4 “the hardware” Physical & Media Access Control layers IEEE 802.15.4 & ZigBee In Context PHY 868MHz / 915MHz / 2.4GHz MAC Network Star / Mesh / Cluster-Tree Security 32- / 64- / 128-bit encryption Application API ZigBee Alliance IEEE 802.15.4 Customer Silicon Stack App PowerPoint Presentation: IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Applications IEEE 802.15.4 2400 MHz PHY IEEE 802.15.4 868/915 MHz PHY 802.15.4 / ZigBee Architecture ZigBee World’s Most Common Frequency Bands: World’s Most Common Frequency Bands PowerPoint Presentation: IEEE 802.15.4 PHY Overview Operating Frequency Bands 868MHz / 915MHz PHY 2.4 GHz 868.3 MHz Channel 0 Channels 1-10 Channels 11-26 2.4835 GHz 928 MHz 902 MHz 5 MHz 2 MHz 2.4 GHz PHY The 802 Wireless Space: The 802 Wireless Space Source: http://www.zigbee.org/en/resources/ Zigbee device types:: Zigbee device types: Coordinator Router End device ZigBee Network Configuration: ZigBee Network Configuration ZigBee Mesh Networking : ZigBee Mesh Networking ZigBee Mesh Networking : ZigBee Mesh Networking ZigBee Mesh Networking : ZigBee Mesh Networking ZigBee Mesh Networking : ZigBee Mesh Networking ZigBee Mesh Networking : ZigBee Mesh Networking Wireless Technology Comparison Chart: Wireless Technology Comparison Chart 356 m A 34KB /14KB PowerPoint Presentation: 3 BUILDING AUTOMATION Security HVAC AMR Lighting Control Access Control PERSONAL HEALTH CARE Patient monitoring Fitness monitoring INDUSTRIAL CONTROL Asset Mgt Process Control Environmental Energy Mgt ©2009 ZigBee Alliance. All rights reserved. PC & PERIPHERALS Mouse Keyboard Joystick & EFFICIENCY ZigBee Markets Demand Response Net Metering AMI, SCADA ENERGY MGT. TELECOM SERVICES M-commerce Info Services Object Interaction (Internet of Things) CONFIDENTIAL HOME CONTROL Security HVAC Lighting Control Access Control Irrigation CONSUMER ELECTRONICS TV VCR DVD/CD Universal Remotes Conclusion: Conclusion The next big thing Expected to hit the market with full force Companies have already invested millions

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