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Published on January 24, 2008

Author: Penelope

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Slide1:  DoD NESHAP Compliance through P2: Implementing Environmentally Compliant Alternatives to VOC/HAP Solvents Mr. Wayne Ziegler US Army Research Laboratory wziegler@arl.army.mil Outline:  Outline Regulatory Background Joint Solvent Substitution Working Group Approach DoD HAP/VOC Solvent Substitution Vision Summary Back Up Slides Long Term Objectives – SERDP Individual Service Efforts Regulatory Drivers:  Regulatory Drivers Many Petroleum-based Solvents are: - Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) - Photo Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Clean Air Act National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) Requires tracking of 189 HAPs National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone Air Quality Management Districts regulate VOCs Require emission control equipment Limit VOC content of solvents Process ban Slide5:  DOD Major HAP Sources NAS Jacksonville NADEP Jacksonville MCAS New River MCB Camp Lejeune MCAS Cherry Point NADEP Cherry Point NAS Oceana NAVSTA Norfolk NSY Norfolk NSWC Indian Head NSWC Crane NTC Great Lakes NSY Pearl Harbor FISC Pearl Harbor NAVSTA Pearl Harbor PWC Pearl Harbor NAS North Island NADEP North Island MCLB Barstow NAWS China Lake NSY Puget Sound NAS Whidbey Island SUBASE New London Hill AFB Tinker AFB Edwards AFB Eglin AFB AF Plant 4 Robins AFB AF Plant 6 Arnold Eng. Dev. Center Wright-Patterson AFB Sierra AD Fort Lewis Fort Carson Fort Riley Lake City AAP Fort Hood Corpus Christi AD Iowa AAP Rock Island Arsenal Crane AAA Lima Army Tank Plt Tobyhanna Army Depot Letterkenny AD Fort Bragg Radford AAP Holston AAP Fort Knox Fort Campbell Milan AAP Redstone Arsenal Anniston AD Fort Benning Fort Rucker Fort Stewart Fort Gordon Fort Jackson Pine Bluff Arsenal McAlester AAP Red River AD Lone Star AAP Schofield Barracks Fort Wainwright Fort Richardson Prior 2003: What NESHAP is it?:  Prior 2003: What NESHAP is it? Pre-2003 Coating NESHAP Applicability for DoD:  Pre-2003 Coating NESHAP Applicability for DoD Source: Kim Teal, CCPG EPA DoD Compliance:  DoD Compliance What is a coating? What is a coating operation? Coating operations on what? Coating operations where? Compliance was going to be a disaster. Slide9:  Materials Included Wash primers Paints (topcoats, primers) Inks Lacquers Sealants Adhesives Caulks Working Defn: Any organic-based material that leaves a solid film Included? Dry Film Lubricants? CPCs? NDIs? Materials / Processes Excluded Metal Plating Inorganic Pretreatments What’s a coating? What’s a Coating Operation?:  What’s a Coating Operation? Process that results in application of coating Includes all activities that result in coating application Cleaning of part/system Cleaners and solvents Strippers Coating application Coatings Thinners Post coating clean-up Overspray removal Line, gun, brush and roller cleaners Paint booth cleaners Coating Operations on What?:  Coating Operations on What? Maintenance and production of weapon systems Not already covered by aerospace or shipbuilding Combat vehicles & Tactical vehicles Engineer equipment Communication equipment Support equipment Personnel items Medical equipment Armament Munitions (not missiles and rockets) Maintenance of installation items? Fork lifts, trucks, buses, vans Rail equipment On-site containers Coating Operations Where?:  Coating Operations Where? Industrial operations sites Motor pools Hangars Maintenance shops Production shops Commercial tenants Paint booths Installation operations sites? Not those already covered by architectural Not operations on quarters or ‘hobby shops’ Industrial facilities Industrial process equipment But…….What is facility maintenance? New Source Category:  New Source Category Source: Kim Teal, CCPG EPA Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group Objectives:  Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group Objectives Facilitate open communication and collaboration Implement P2 solutions to issues of NESHAP compliance (HAP Free) A coordinated response to solvent issues related to NESHAPs Support DLSME working group Joint Group on Pollution Prevention Chartered by Joint Logistics Commanders Why HAP Free?:  Why HAP Free? Reduced Record-keeping Lowers Potential To Emit (PTE) Improved ESH properties (Safer materials) Production Issues Three Prong Approach Reformulation/Qualification/Implementation of Alternatives Field Reformulated Materials Work With EPA Through Stake-holder Process Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group Approach:  Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group Approach Develop Framework Maximize Coordination Joint Service Solvent Substitution Working Group Joint Service Solvent Substitution Methodology Joint Service Solvent Substitution Tracking Database Industry Participation Collaboration:  JG-PP Execution Committee Joint Tracking Database Army Air Force Marine Corps Navy NASA DCMA Collaboration Common Defense/NASA Market:  Common Defense/NASA Market Solvent Substitution Process:  Solvent Substitution Process Processes not requiring extra record keeping & control measures Screening Methodology Test Protocol Lab Testing Field Testing Process Approval Update Manuals User Awareness Implementation Support Candidate Solutions Aqueous Solvents Biobased Solvents Ozone Etc. Targeted Processes Aircraft Maintenance Ship Maintenance Facility Maintenance Etc. Partners NAVSEA NAVAIR Marine Corps Army Air Force NASA Joint Services Solvent Substitution Methodology Joint Service Solvent Substitution Methodology:  Joint Service Solvent Substitution Methodology Information contained within Document: Description of Methodology Procedures to follow (Start to Finish) Flow Chart Acceptance Criteria Environmental Parameters Health and Safety Parameters Cleaner Characteristics Compatibility Tests and Methods Cleaning Efficiency Test Methods Slide21:  Database Requirements: Web Based Tracks Project Status Stores Project Information Stores Developed Acceptance Criteria Stores Historical Information Industry Access (Populate and Retrieve) DoD Solvent Substitution Vision:  DoD Solvent Substitution Vision Industry 3rd Party Analysis Industry Where are we now?:  Where are we now? Finalizing Joint Service Solvent Substitution Methodology Developing Joint Service Solvent Substitution Tracking Database Identifying and Quantifying Solvent Usage within the Defense and NASA Continuing Coordination Recruiting Participants Summary:  Summary Defense/NASA Committed to P2 Solutions Pursuing Near, Mid and Long Term Solutions Joint Services Solvent Substitution Tracking Database Defense/NASA Efforts Coordinated thru Web Based Information Exchange Tool Seeking Industry Participation thru Web Based Tool Provides a Common Defense/NASA Market Back Up Slides:  Back Up Slides SERDP Special Study – Solvent Issues Related to NESHAPs SPOTA – Sustainable Painting Operations for the Total Army Navy Depot Solvent Use Study Air Force Tech Needs Survey Solvent Substitution Methodology Details Special Study -Solvent Issues related to NESHAPs:  Special Study -Solvent Issues related to NESHAPs Identify green chemistry or technology gaps Status quo and state-of-the-art relative to military use of “green” solvents and technologies What is the future of DoD cleaning? Summary:  Summary Results Support Development of New Solvent Chemistry Problem Statement Supporting FY05 SON Handwipe FY05 SON Number: PPSON-05-01, “HAP-FREE SOLVENTS FOR DOD HAND WIPE CLEANING APPLICATIONS” Leaders who engage in thinking strategically begin with where they want to go. Then they look backward from the future and ask, “What will it take to create that new tomorrow?”” SPOTA Sustainable Painting Operations for the Total Army:  SPOTA Sustainable Painting Operations for the Total Army The Army strategy for addressing issues related to NESHAPs Army’s #1 Priority under Army Environmental Requirements and Technology Assessments (AERTA) Purpose – to ensure continued operations at impacted Army facilities SPOTA Technology Thrust Areas:  SPOTA Technology Thrust Areas Solvents/Cleaners/Thinners CARC/Non-CARC Coatings Rubber-to-Metal Bonding De-Painting Miscellaneous Coatings, Adhesives & Sealants Munitions Coatings Army Solvent Survey Findings:  Army Solvent Survey Findings In 2002, the 14 Army facilities surveyed reported using over 46,000 gallons of HAP-containing solvents containing almost 215,000 pounds of organic HAPs. 95% of the 125 HAP-containing solvents identified at these facilities have a HAP content of 5% or greater. If the EPA sets the solvents limit at 5% immediately, the Army will have significant compliance issues. Many off-the shelf alternatives have been identified, but will require validation prior to Army acceptance Navy Solvent Survey:  Navy Solvent Survey Air Force Tech Needs Survey 300+ New AF Needs CY00:  Air Force Tech Needs Survey 300+ New AF Needs CY00 Solvent Substitution Methodology Flowchart:  Solvent Substitution Methodology Flowchart Stakeholders Develop Implementation Strategy Process Evaluation Acceptance Criteria Market Research Demonstration Plan Demonstration Validate Implementation Approval Start Approval Approval Approval Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health, and Chemical Parameters:  Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health, and Chemical Parameters Common Material Compatibility Test Types :  Common Material Compatibility Test Types Corrosion Flash Point Flammability pH Appearance Toxicity Nonvolatile Residue Biodegradability Chloride Cleaning Efficiency Storage Stability Cleanliness Test Methods:  Cleanliness Test Methods Wetting Behavior Breath Test Water Break Test Spray Pattern or Mist Test Atomizer Test Talc Test Copper Displacement Test Potassium Ferricyanide Test Fluorescence Test Dye Test Clock Reaction for Copper and Its Alloy Spreading Wetting Test Slide37:  Joint Group on Pollution Prevention Chartered by Joint Logistics Commanders JGPP Solvent Substitution Execution Committee

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