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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: MichaelRada



ZERO WASTE ENVIRONMENT project utilize the LOGISTICS EFFICIENCY DESIGN metodology to achieve best results in return of investment (if any) and in decreasing the negative environmental impact at the same time.

Project partner 1

LOGISTICS EFFICIENCY DESIGN „L.E.D“ „L.E.D.“ is strong tool which serve to identification, implementation and optimization of Global Supply Chain Efficiency. It works on process complexity utilizing synergic effects of multiple environments. We establish unexpected connections to reach the goal of highest possible efficiency. Designers are independent professionals with rich practical experience connected to pool of suppliers and producers being named L.E.D. PARTNERS. All members helps to ralize the final image. ZWE project resulted from L.E.D. principles and its expansion was result of strong cooperation of all L.E.D. members so as clients which benefit from environmental approach so as profitability of the project Best results has been reached in production facilities, Distribution and Logistics centers so as On-line shops Project partner 2 / +420 728 492512

PROCESS– FROM RTP & OWWP TO ZWE RTP – proper management and development of optimised Returnable Transport Packaging units. Project result in Cost, HC and CO2 reduction. Prevent losses of RTP units in GSC. OWWP – secondary utilisation of One Way Wooden Packaging units. Prolong the life cycle of OWWP units, efficient final utilisation for electricity and heating production. ZWE – open a way of secondary utilisation of packaging, consumable and surplus material other than OWWP units. The main advantage for client is not only the possibility to achieve ZeroWasteEnvironment, but to generate additional profit from already existing SCM. Client will be GREEN and CASH RICH with low inicial investment ratio. Project partner 3 / +420 728 492512

BEFORE / AFTER COMPARING BEFORE AFTER Material consumption Material consumption Production Production Waste generation On site material processing Waste collecting Material sale Waste dispatch The main difference in ZWE project is the minimalization of third party (Waste Processing Company) services. This is possible through processing on client´s site. The client change from Waste generator to Raw material producer and is able to benefit from raw material price development on Local market. BOP Partner position is the Project Management and as Logistics provider he provide an efficient system by colaborative logistics and project setup. Project partner 4 / +420 728 492512

PROCESS COMPARING B E F O R E Current process (Mainly applied in CZ) External warehouses storage Consumption in production Pre-processing for waste despatch Production company New Process External warehouses storage Waste processing Storage or Sale Waste container despatch Waste processing company Cost A F T E R Waste container unit Material sale profit Consumption in production Baling Press Production company Material Storage Material despatch FTL (MR) P.L. Raw material for new production Consume Material sale profit for production company 5 / +420 728 492512

HOW TO ACHIEVE ZWE • Continuous increase of RTP units • Continuous increase of packaging efficiency • Efficient RTP management • OWWP project • Implementation of Baling and Bundling machinery on site • Setup of efficient raw material supply chain • Advanced management of all ZWE projects Project partner 6 / +420 728 492512

FACTORY RELATED ZWE POSSIBILITY BALLING PRESS APPLICATION – „ONE FOR ALL“ ALUMINIUM COPPER Biggest compression ratio Big compression ratio Reduction of storage space Reduction of storage space Easy manipulation Easy manipulation Reduction of „dirt“ Reduction of „dirt“ PLASTIC, CARDBOARD C O M B I N E D M E TA L P R O D U C T S Good compression ratio Big compression ratio Reduction of storage space Reduction of storage space Easy manipulation Easy manipulation Reduction of „dirt“ Reduction of „dirt“ Project partner 7 / +420 728 492512

BALLING PRESS - DETAILS HSM VL 500.1, USED HSM HL 12G, NEW Pressing presure 540 kN ( 54 ton) Pressing presure 140 kN ( 14 ton) Main electro-engine 4,0 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz (possible 7,5 kW) Main electro-engine 7,5 kW / 400 V / 50 Hz Weight of machine 2300 kg Dimmensions 1824 x 1500 x 2987 mm (W x L x H) instaled machine Press chamber dimmensions 1200 x 800 x 1520 mm (W x L x H) Binding 4 x steel wire Weight of machine cca 1280 kg, mobile – equiped with wheels Dimmensions 4.300 x 1.030 x 1.630 mm Press chamber dimemnsions 800 x 600 x 900 mm Binding 3x bands, Some materials do not need binding Max package size 800 x 600 x 900 mm Max package size 1200 x 800 x 1000-1200 mm (W x L x H) Weight of package – according to material 100-200 kg Weight of package - height 1200 mm cca 300-400 kg valid for plastic Pressing capacity 2 - 3 packages / hour Pressing capacity cca 2 - 3 packages / hour Size of filling door 800 x 1200 mm (cca 800 - 1200 kg) Possibility to fill directly from collection containers Size of filling door 1150 x 565 mm (W x L) Project partner 8 / +420 728 492512

BALLING PRESS FOR DIRECT SALE SPOT PRICE 11.2012 HSM VL 500.1, USED HSM HL 12G, NEW Price: 399.900,-CZK/w VAT Price: 279.900,-CZK/w VAT Project partner 9 / +420 728 492512

IMAGES OF PRESSED MATERIAL Project partner 10 / +420 728 492512

PROCESS LOGISTICS BEFORE ZWE 1. INTERNAL LOGISTICS – the flow of waste inside the factióries and warehouses is usually not designed properly. In some cases Waste Processing Company have full responsibility, but cost are being charged to client. 2. PROCESS LOGISTICS – process is usually being outsourced to Waste Processing company. Cost charged to client. 3. OUTBOUND LOGISTICS – waste despatch realized usually in Waste containers. Cost are charged to client. Waste management is realzed as DDP. All cost covered by client. Partner Projektu 11 / +420 728 492512

PROCESS OGISTICS WITH ZWE 1. INTERNAL LOGISTICZ – exact plannning, mapping, route and time setup will optimize the flow of waste inside factory and reduce cost. Internal MR possible. 2. PROCESS LOGISTICS & OUTBOUND change of business condition (DDU to EXW) transfer responsibility and cost from client to supplier 3. Client eliminate one Cost center and in favour to establish Profit center instead (no fixed cost for client anymore). Zero Waste Environment is realized as EXW. All cost .covered by consignee. Partner Projektu 12 / +420 728 492512

ZWE CLIENT PROPOSAL - DETAILS For the ZWE project deeper current waste logistics analytics has to be realized, but based on experience and data provided we would like to suggest following 1. Change the responsibility (cost) from client to ZWE supplier 2. Streamline the flow of waste from factory to processing locations (client´s operations) 3. Reduce the number of Waste containers and simple waste pressure machines to „Zero“ remains just communal waste 4. Implement 2 balling press machines in indicated locations (or if available inside WH) 5. Change the provider for Waste management services to provider of ZWE services Project partner 13 / +420 728 492512

CLIENT – ZWE NEXT PROCESS PROPOSAL • Meeting refering to presented proposal including factory tour • Sampling of „generated waste per cathegory“ (1-2 pcs/kg/per cathegory) • Up to Date price offer based on provided samples (Expected TTL price to increase by 30 – 50% including all materials) • 3 way meeting with NWE suppliers • APPROVAL of PROJECT • Detailed analytics of „current waste logistics“ • Detailed proposal of NWE logistics • Tender (if any) for NWE supplier • Contracting • Start of project Project partner 14 / +420 728 492512

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