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Published on January 25, 2008

Author: Stella

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National mobilization campaign about energy savings and climate change 2004-2006 Marie Jaudet – Interministerial Task Force on Climate Change :  National mobilization campaign about energy savings and climate change 2004-2006 Marie Jaudet – Interministerial Task Force on Climate Change Slide2:  1- Context and strategy Context:  Context French national Climate Plan: national awareness raising campaign is one of the 8 major pillars ► Energy management and climate change prevention are a huge national challenge ►Climate change has to be understood by all the players in society ► Social acceptance for measures is depending on raising awareness ►Post 2012 is a general interest issue Implementation of the campaign by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME); overseen by the ministries of the Ecology And Sustainable Development, Industry and Research Communication objective :  Communication objective It is urgent to act and promote best practices The communication objective is not only to transform the public behaviour  – especially household, 50% of French CO2 emission – by informing about the alarming consequences if we don’t act but also to give concrete solutions. It should provide answers to the question asked by French citizens “What can I do ?” Key messages:  Key messages « Stop postponing the right practices we can follow today » Despite French people awareness of their consumption effect on the environment, they don’t act properly Thus creation of a popular and direct slogan It induces to act for general interest and show the urgency without drama and the link between what we must do (energy savings) and the reason why (it is heating up). General strategy:  General strategy This is a long-term strategic campaign from 2004 to 2006, which includes 3 objectives, with a annual budget of 3 millions Euros: Create an unbreakable and unforgettable link between energy savings and climate change Give the best practices to follow today and generate partners’ initiatives Build a sustained and lasting effort and stimulate communication according to current events Slide7:  2- Action scheme A media planning with strong advertising impact:  A media planning with strong advertising impact TV  : 30 seconds’ commercials showing by testimonies taken in the streets that French people know what to do without doing it 3 commercials in 2004 1 summer spot, including air-conditioning 1 winter spot, focused on heating and insulation 1 commercial specially created in nov. 2004 , because of the oil price raise, to deal with vehicle consumption 2 spots in 2005 1 commercial including solar energy testimony 1 commercial focused on equipment allowing 2005 tax credit Radio : 30 seconds’ spots : energy savings’ best practices dealing with transports, air-conditioning, insulation, heating and household appliances and also… Specific spots on vehicle consumption Specific spots on 2005 tax credit before the advertising campaign on TV Press : in 2005, the economy management campaign includes “le Plan Soleil”, a program dedicated to promote solar energy for heating applications (domestic and sanitary water heating) Publications including several type of press (TV broadcast, house and do-it yourself magazines, news) TV advertising:  TV advertising A campaign amplified by PR:  A campaign amplified by PR Objectives Boost the campaign’s restart in the media including general public press Adopt a concrete approach to ensure energy savings in consumers’ daily life Operations One conference for the launch of the campaign and another one to evaluate the campaign six months after its launch Specific topic files (including heating, transports and general public press dossier) Circulation of two files on transport and heating for the local radio stations Press releases linked to current events and seasonal information Valuing Ademe partnerships Covering new government measures encouraging energy savings (Climate plan, tax credit…) Local radio stations information General public press information Partnerships and Energy Info points mobilization:  Partnerships and Energy Info points mobilization Creation of the “Healthy Planet” Club Bring different king of partners together (national and regional authorities, local communities, businesses and representatives of civil society,…) around concrete operations to increase dissemination of best practices, promote energy management and induce changes in economic players and individuals’ behaviour Value Ademe Partners through the creation of an annual meeting: the “Healthy Planet Awards” Organization of a meeting event to inform and enable Energy Info points network to relay the messages Launching of the « Défi pour la Terre » in 2005 organized by the the Fondation Nicolas Hulot for nature and mankind, and by ADEME A national mobilization operation to encourage people commitments on action Famous ambassadors Partnerships with public authorities and economic players Practical tools for partners Communication kit to spread the campaign identity and adapt the logo according to the topics Monthly newsletter dealing with key initiatives sent to the partners and the press Specific heading on the website campaign including the opportunity to download information and tools Information about individuals’ CO2 emissions : on and off line CLIMAcT test 2004 Schedule:  2004 Schedule Slide13:  Dec. Nov. 2005 Schedule Slide14:  3- Results First convincing results:  First convincing results Climate plan initial objectives : 1,4 MtC02 eq annual reduction of emissions on a total of 72,3 MtC02eq A campaign that has been appreciated and understood by the majority: 54% of French mentioned that they have changed at least one of their daily routines, following advice given through the TV ads last released last June (Ipsos) The press positively relayed the national mobilisation challenge and the urgency to act National and local initiatives are growing with a lot of new expected partnerships 2004 post-test results*:  2004 post-test results* A highly visible advertising campaign 57% of French people remember having seen on TV some ads dealing with energy management and energy savings in the last few months 54% of people surveyed said they heard at least one of the spots on the radio People appreciate the creative approach (80%) The idea to give several best practices to save energy is the main driver of approval among 46% of French people An effective campaign that influences French peoples’ behaviour beyond the message 86% of French who remembered having seen the ads on TV mentioned they felt disposed to care more about energy savings in their daily lives 54% of French mentioned they have changed at least one of their daily routines to make energy savings. This percentage climbs to 64% when people have seen or heard the 2 campaigns (TV and Radio) *IPSOS study based on « CAPIBUS » method carried out in July and December 2004 Slide17:  « Healthy Planet » Club -> initial objectives increased by 7 Almost 1500 operations in 2004 1/3 national, 2/3 local Various types : animations, visits, conferences, brochures, exhibitions, press operations, online programs and training,… More than 50 national and local committed or initiated partners Various sectors involved : Energy, Transport, Consumption, Environment, large-scale retailing,… Multiple targets 60 % operations dedicated to the general public 18% operations dedicated to a younger demographic Creation of the Healthy Planet Awards : an event to reward the most innovative actions of the year 5 categories : Private companies / Societies / Local administrative units / Energy Info Points / Special Award 1 jury gathering ADEME members and personalities Energy Info Points’ attendance increasing:  Energy Info Points’ attendance increasing Six months after launching the campaign, there has been a clear increase of the Energy Info Points’ activity. This shows the effectiveness of the campaign among the French population. Activity increases during the campaign Even if it is difficult to assert that this increase is completely attributed to the campaign, more than 3 of 4 Energy info Points have seen a clear increase in their activity level since May 2004. 70 % mention having increased activity since the beginning of the campaign. Realisation of specific local operations in the context of the campaign 55 % of the Energy Info Points surveyed experienced an increase in their level of operations.

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