Z.P How many innocent people have died in Iraq?

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Information about Z.P How many innocent people have died in Iraq?

Published on April 23, 2008

Author: coroarea

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: How Many innocent people die in iraq and how ? Iraq and Iraq people Slide 2: Bombings in 2007 In 2007 there were seventeen large bombing incidents that killed over 50 people. Slide 3: Deaths ( March,10,2003) There were 7,400 civilian deaths, The violent death toll has steadily risen year on year Slide 4: Suicide Fatal suicide bombs, Car bombs and roadside bombing attacks have doubled in the last year ( from 7-12 to 14-76) Slide 5: Documented civilian deaths from violence 82,625 – 90,149 How many people died sence 2003 Deaths in each week from 2003-2007 Deaths per day from gunfire/Executions Deaths per day from vehicle bombs Slide 6: How they die Every year more and more innocent people die over in Iraq from bombing, starvation, slaughter, bad health and getting shot by guns.

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