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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Clarice

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Presentation Agenda:  Presentation Agenda Water Industry Structure Information on Water Restrictions Water Conservation – Longer Term Water Conservation Tips Slide3:  Water Industry Structure Slide4:  Melbourne’s Water Supply Slide6:  Approximately: 600,000 properties 1.6 M population 8600 km water main 8100 km sewer main Area 4034 sq km About Yarra Valley Water Water Restrictions:  Water Restrictions Slide8:  Accumulated rainfall October 1996 - April 2003 Rainfall Data Slide9:  Rainfall Probability Slide10:  Rainfall Forecast Current Situation:  Current Situation Into the 7th year of drought Voluntary reduction phase since early 2000 Stage 2 restrictions introduced 1 August 2003 for Melbourne Stage 2 to continue until ??? Melbourne’s Storage Levels:  Melbourne’s Storage Levels Slide14:  Process and Trigger Points for Restrictions Drought Response Plan developed by Water Industry in consultation with the community Series of “Trigger” points based on historical data, established for restrictions as a % of total storage levels 5 Stages of Reduction and Restrictions:  5 Stages of Reduction and Restrictions Voluntary Reductions Stage 1 Restrictions Stage 2 Restrictions Stage 3 Restrictions Stage 4 Restrictions Slide16:  Stage 2 Restrictions-Summary No watering of private lawns No watering of recreation grounds except for formal cricket pitches, golf and bowling greens and tennis courts. Vehicle washing of domestic, motor dealers and tankers – No hoses to be used. Buckets or high pressure water cleaning unit only. Stage 2 Restrictions-Summary:  Stage 2 Restrictions-Summary Paved areas must not be washed Filling of pools and spas – written approval from YVW must be obtained. Window cleaning – No hoses to be used. Bucket or high pressure cleaning unit only. Slide18:  Water Conservation Longer Term Water Resources Strategy:  Water Resources Strategy Strategic review of water resources for Melbourne until 2050 Purpose is to ensure: a safe and reliable supply environmentally sustainable acceptable cost community involvement Water Resources Strategy:  Water Resources Strategy Population growth 1.2 M (32%) to 2050 Household growth of 56%to 2050 Limited opportunities for new water sources Alternative supply options not financially viable except for large greenfields developments Slide21:  Melbourne’s Water Demand Water Resources Strategy:  Water Resources Strategy AAAA Washing Machines 27,000 Ml AAA Shower Roses 20,000 Ml Pricing 10,000 Ml Industry water audits 9,000 Ml New Subdivisions (substitute use) 9,000 Ml Garden Practices 4,000 Ml Ex.properties water tanks, (recycling) 4,000 Ml Measure Saving Government Objectives:  Government Objectives Looking to: reduce water use in Melbourne by 15% by 2010 Increase water recycling in Melbourne to 20% by 2010 Water Resources Strategy information on www.watersmart.vic.gov.au Slide24:  Each year, a typical Melbourne home uses about 240,000 litres of water or about one quarter of an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Melbourne’s average daily water consumption is about 1,315 million litres! How Much Water Do We Use? Water Conservation Tips:  Water Conservation Tips Slide28:  General Water Saving Tips take shorter showers buy ‘AAA’ or better products use a trigger nozzle update with dual-flush toilets only wash with a full load in the dishwasher & washing machine Slide29:  Water Saving Tips - Outdoors Check the four day weather forecast before watering your garden - let the rain do the watering Water your garden less often - but more thoroughly to encourage deeper plant roots Turn off your automatic sprinkler systems when it rains, and for a couple of days afterwards Sweep your paths and driveways, don’t hose them Spread mulch at least 75mm deep on your garden Slide30:  Water Saving Tips - Indoors Install a water efficient shower head (AAA rated) (9 l/min vs 22 l/min) Update your single flush toilet to a modern dual flush can save 35,000 litres a year Repair leaking taps and turn off dripping taps Install aerators on existing tap nozzles use washing machines and dishwashers only for full loads Slide31:  Install a Rainwater Tank No longer need a permit to install a tank. You may need one if you wish to have your tank on a stand. Check with your local council to clarify Typically over 120,000 litres of rainwater run-off per household goes down the stormwater drain each year. Tanks help to capture some of this resource If just 1% of YVW’s customers installed a 600 litre tank, over 3500 megalitres could be saved each year Slide32:  Greywater Diversion Greywater is household waste water from bathtubs, showers, basins, & washing machines. It is NOT water from toilets Installing a greywater system can be as simple as temporarily using a bucket to collect the washing machine rinse water for the garden There is no objection to the temporary diversion of greywater provided that adequate care with soaps etc are taken Slide33:  Greywater Diversion Permanent diversion of greywater for reuse requires approval from relevant authorities such as EPA, Local Councils & YVW All plumbing works on temporary and permanent systems must be carried out by a qualified plumber in accordance with the relevant plumbing codes and standards Be Rewarded for Saving Water:  Be Rewarded for Saving Water State Government is offering rebates on approved water conservation products purchased between October 2003 & June 2004 Permanent grey water systems $500 rebate Rainwater tank $150 rebate Rainwater tank to toilet additional $150 rebate Dual Flush Toilet $50 rebate Water audit or high pressure cleaner $30 rebate A $100 basket of products $30 rebate Be Rewarded for Saving Water:  Be Rewarded for Saving Water In addition, for 2 MONTHS ONLY, rebates are being offered (1 October to 1 December 2003) on white goods purchases as follows: AAAA (or better) rated washing machines $150 AAA (or better) rated dish washer $100 Slide36:  For more information visit: www.yarravalleywater.com.au OR www.savewater.com.au

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