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Published on October 19, 2008

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Honeymoons, Weddings & Anniversaries Registries : Honeymoons, Weddings & Anniversaries Registries The Wedding Industry : The Wedding Industry The wedding industry is a 72 Billion dollar a year industry $4,000.00 is the average spent on a honeymoon Each year in the US 2,400,000 weddings are preformed What percentage take a honeymoon? Honeymoon Industry : Honeymoon Industry 99% take honeymoons! The question is not IF they will take a honeymoon – but WHERE? The average length of a honeymoon is 11 days The average age of wedding couples is 28 They are computer savvy 80% of weddings are planned online Destination Weddings : Destination Weddings Destination weddings have an average of 63 guests flying with the wedding couple to the wedding Destination weddings (family and friends travel to exotic locations) went up 400% in the past 10 years ( Destination Wedding room nights should surpass honeymoon room nights in 3 years Why do today’s couples use a honeymoon registry? : Why do today’s couples use a honeymoon registry? With the younger generation not to concerned about receiving traditional China and Silver, and with the rising cost of the ceremonies going up towards $20,000, younger couples still want to take a honeymoon but need financial help. As more couples live together prior to marriage, are older when they marry or are on consecutive marriages, the need for more “things” is not as great as the need for a vacation experience. Second marriages comprise 37% of all weddings performed equaling just under a million second marriages a year in the US alone. The average wedding is extremely costly averaging $20,000.00 and honeymoons averaging $5,000.00. From Hallmark: • The average age of remarrying brides was 32 in 1980 and 34 in 2000. • The average age of the first-time groom is 26.8 and 37+ for the remarrying groom. • Four out of five brides are employed.• Money is the most-desired wedding gift. Couples don’t want to send out announcement cards asking to “Please send a check to my travel agent at” or “No gifts please; just cash”. How does the honeymoon registry work? : How does the honeymoon registry work? The gift registry happens totally separate from the travel booking. On our online honeymoon registry, Brides & Grooms list anything they want to do on their honeymoon – even portions of their trip. First they book their travel as normal, then they go online and create their own bridal registry list. It works just like a wedding gift registry.  Instead of buying pots or pans, toasters or towels, guests purchase portions of their dream honeymoon as a wedding gift. We do not book travel or make reservations. We provide Brides & Grooms a way to get more money to spend on their trip or to get reimbursed for monies already spent. Its free to the brides and grooms to set up, there is a 10% total processing fee (7% service, 3% credit cards) to cover management of the account, credit card processing, gift cards, wedding web page etc. The couple can choose whether to add it to the gift amount when the purchase is made or deduct it from the monies they receive. Slide 7: For example, rather than a crock pot – wedding guests can buy the couple “A night in a suite” or a “Couples Massage”. Using and promoting the honeymoon registry, the couple receives an average of $2000.00 in gift money to spend on their honeymoon. Guests can even contribute towards the trip itself. How does this benefit your wedding couples? : How does this benefit your wedding couples? They’ll have an extra money to spend on their honeymoon They can take a longer more luxurious honeymoon They have everything organized in one online account, no envelopes and accounting to do They can plan ahead/pre-book their activities or upgrades Don’t’ have to worry about cashing checks right after their wedding and then leave on their honeymoon It’s much more personal than asking “ no gifts please, just send us cash.” How does this benefit the wedding guests? : How does this benefit the wedding guests? It is convenient Guests don’t have to guess what the wedding couple really wants Guests don’t have to don’t have to drive to the store There is no sales tax There is no gift wrapping They even get a gift card so they don’t have to buy one at the store They can contribute money yet keep it personal How is it paid for? : How is it paid for? It’s a free service to you and your clients. There is a 10% total processing fee on the transaction (7% service fee and 3% credit card fee) – this covers all account management, order processing, the wedding web page, and gift cards. We are the only site where the couple can choose to take the service charge out of the gift amount they receive or add it to the gift amount at the time of purchase. $100.00 gift = $107.00 Or a $100.00 gift = $93.00 What does the service fee cover? : What does the service fee cover? We charge no set up fees – other registries charge $150.00 to $225.00 (to set up your registry and still charge service fees.   There are absolutely no ads, pop ups, etc. on our site so they can be sure that them and their guests are never bombarded by advertisements on our website. Other sites will send them and their guests advertising via email after they visit their registry site. There is a 7% fee that covers our operations. We are the only site that allows the couple to choose how they would like to pay the 7%, it can be deducted from the gift amounts that they receive, or they can add it to the total gift amount to be shown at time of purchase. Its totally up to them and your choice remains private. The Couples gets a “Wedding Web Page” where they can post three photos, tell their story, directions to the church, details about the reception etc. The couple gets to manage their account, they have a username and password so that they can view the list of gifts and givers anytime. They are able to see ahead of time how much money is in their account and pre-plan their activities. Their guests get to choose from gift announcements that they can fill out after the purchase and send to the couples. The couple is notified each time they receive a gift. There is no additional fees for sales tax, shipping or gift wrapping as charged by a store registry. And, when they get home from the trip, we keep those announcements organized for them so that they can easily scroll through them to write up their thank you cards. How do you sign your clients up? : How do you sign your clients up? How do you sign your clients up? Once you have booked the travel go to – its already set up under “YTB Weddings” or How do Brides and Grooms register for what they want they want to do?Direct them to the “Honeymoon Registry” link right on the book travel page! : How do Brides and Grooms register for what they want they want to do?Direct them to the “Honeymoon Registry” link right on the book travel page! The couple’s go online and register for anything they would like to do on their honeymoon, even portions of their trip. We walk them through every simple step. You do not have to do it for the bride and groom. We give ideas of what to ask for, or they can “create their own”. They just click on what they want. Your clients have their own Wedding Website : Your clients have their own Wedding Website Online Photo Album : Online Photo Album A : A How do the couples let their guest know where they are registered? : How do the couples let their guest know where they are registered? We give them downloadable announcement cards that they can type your website name in. They are in the “Let Everyone Know” section of the site. How are gifts purchased? : How are gifts purchased? Guests go to your site and then go to “honeymoon registry”. Once there they simply type in either of the Wedding couples last names. Slide 20: Guests go online, view all the gifts the couples wished for and then purchase a gift for the couple. Its safe and secure we never store or reuse their information. They can use all major credit cards, if they are not computer savvy, we will help them take the order over the phone. Remember –some gifts are not purchased until right before the wedding – the couple has all ready paid for the trip so they are essentially getting reimbursed for their expenses – they also have more spending money for their trip! What happens after a gift is purchased? : What happens after a gift is purchased? The guest sends a gift card via email, they can print it out from their computer to take with them to the wedding.. The gift money goes into our Merrill Lynch account We pay the Couple whenever they request it. The couple can view all their cards at anytime through their account login What’s new? : What’s new? THE BLOG : THE BLOG

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