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Published on March 12, 2008

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Slide1:  YTB Overview Who is YTB? Your Travel  Who is YTB? Your Travel 6 years old (founded in 2001) 100% Debt Free Publicly traded company: YTB International (stock symbol – YTBL) Partners with::  Travelocity Wal-Mart 4th largest Travel Agency in the World #1 booker in the world for Carnival Cruise Lines #3 booker for Partners with: Slide4:  Your Own Travel Agency Travel Booking Website Marketing Website Virtual Back Office “Deals & Steals” Travel Newsletter e-mailed to your customers weekly Full Commission Tracking Fulfillment of your customer’s travel Credit Card Acceptance Weekly Pay – Visa Debit Card or Check Outstanding Customer Support Your Own Travel Booking Website:  Your Own Travel Booking Website You Earn of the commission for travel booked on your site Slide6:  ADVERTISING Expedia spent 62% of its profits in Advertising! Travelocity spent $267 million in Advertising! YTB Invests their Advertising Dollars in “Word of Mouth Advertising” which means the money is given to you instead of the media! Your Marketing Site Automated Travel (ATM) Builder Weekly Specials (a back office email tool that markets your business for you):  Automated Travel (ATM) Builder Weekly Specials (a back office email tool that markets your business for you) From Baltimore to St. Lucia Hotel with Air Package All Inclusive Club St. Lucia 5 Nights from $929 per person You Earn $112 Slide8:  Cruise Reservations Airline Reservations Hotel Reservations Vacation Packages Weekend Escapes All-Inclusive Packages Island Resort packages Rail Trips Rental Cars Sightseeing Tours Sporting Events Concert Tickets Theater Tickets Theme Park Tickets Wedding Travel Registry Online Flowers, Candies, Steaks Limousine Services Golf Vacation Packages Golf Tee Times Restaurant Reservations Spa Finder Reservations and more. YTB is like other Travel Agencies but much more… Let’s Compare Round-Trip :  Let’s Compare Round-Trip Wilmington, NC to St. Louis, MO AIRLINE COMPETITIVE PRICING UNIVERSAL APPEAL & DEMAND You don’t have to explain Travel; Everyone Loves to Travel People spend more time planning their vacation and less time planning for their retirement Let’s Compare Retail Pricing:  Let’s Compare Retail Pricing From Chicago – 2 People – 7 Nights All Inclusive Caribbean Resort $3,022 $3,117 Commercial Pricing vs. Travel Agent Pricing RTA Discounts & Perks:  Commercial Pricing vs. Travel Agent Pricing RTA Discounts & Perks Remember the All Inclusive Caribbean Resort From Chicago – 2 People – 7 Nights Travel Agent Price $1,404 Difference $1,618 $3,022 FAM Trips:  FAM Trips FAM Trip (or Familiarization Trip):  Many resorts, hotels, cruises, and vendors offer deeply discounted trips to Travel Agents to Familiarize them with their location.  These trips are offered as “Perks and Courtesies” to Travel Professionals.  There are generally hundreds of FAM’s at any given time. Some are FREE, and some have a Fee.     Slide15:          CELEBRITY MERCURY Outside Cabins! Ports of Call: Board in San Francisco, Victoria British Columbia, Inside Passage, Ketchikan Alaska, Vancouver British Columbia (depart) Member Rate: $299 6 Night Alaska Cruise Slide17:  PRIVATE BUNGALOS IN TAHITI AND HER ISLANDS. Tahiti Bungalow $4,242 for 7 days Is it Worth it? Slide18:  Includes: Air, Bungalow & Meals for Two Slide21:  IMAGINE… Slide22:  RTA – $895 pp (including round trip air , room, and meals for a 7 day stay) Tahiti Bungalows $4242 for 7 days (includes: air, room & meals for two) $3,452.00 Savings as a Travel Agent YTB COMPARISONS OF PRICING:  YTB COMPARISONS OF PRICING AIRLINES: Purchase the cheapest ticket you can, & then ask for the Travel Agent Upgrade (if available) to 1st Class – FREE. CAR RENTALS: Rent the ECONOMY car and then ask for the Travel Agent Upgrade (if available to Luxury) or rent the Luxury and ask for the Travel Agent Discount. THEME PARKS: When purchasing tickets, tell the person you are a Travel Agent and ask if there is a courtesy discount for Travel Agents, normally 50%. GOLF COURSES: When visiting courses, ask if they have a courtesy discount (or comp) for Travel Agents. Normally you get to play FREE for the day. Hotels PRICE RTA Holiday Inn & Suites $179 $159.00 $60 Wyndham Anatole $200 $169.95 $75 NOW… “Turn FUN into FORTUNE,”:  NOW… “Turn FUN into FORTUNE,” Enjoy incredible TAX Savings & YTB Guarantees Your Success :  YTB Guarantees Your Success Enroll in “Success From Home Magazine Program” (12 month program) Distribute 5 to 6 Magazines Weekly for a Total of 25 Magazines Monthly. What do You need to do? YTB guarantees to pay you the sum of $6,000, less IMR commissions received, during the 13th calendar month. Tax Savings…:  Tax Savings… How Would You Rather Pay Your Taxes? Tax Advantages*: Travel Expenses Home Based Business * Make sure your activities support the fact that you are in business to make a profit. Seek advice from your CPA or tax professional. We Sell ……:  We Sell …… We earn money by doing both! We also do: Group, Corporate and Non-Profit Travel… Travel and we sell Travel Agencies Who Likes to Travel in Groups?:  Who Likes to Travel in Groups? Clubs Organizations School Groups Golf Groups Military Reunions Dancing Groups School Reunions Senior Groups Churches Youth Groups Family Reunions Charity Groups Civic Clubs Radio Listener Groups Businesses And more… Is there any Money in Group Travel? Why Sell to a Business?:  Why Sell to a Business? To assist with the implementation and simple set up of a company owned “virtual travel agency. Businesses can book through their company owned virtual travel agency and… Save money every time they book employee travel Save money on trips or vacations booked for their employees Generate an additional revenue stream for their business by getting paid back on their own travel bookings. Every time your client books travel for their employees, YOU get paid (and so do they!). How would you like to earn this kind of money from a Publicly Traded Company?:  How would you like to earn this kind of money from a Publicly Traded Company? Travel Compensation: 60% Travel Commissions 10% Travel Over-Rides $500.00 & $5,000.00 Matching Travel Bonuses “There’s more!” I’ve been in the industry 25 years and I’ve never seen a compensation plan that pays out so much money! …Brad, Tx:  I’ve been in the industry 25 years and I’ve never seen a compensation plan that pays out so much money! …Brad, Tx Marketing Compensation: Paid Weekly First Team (Your Qualifying Team) * 50% Matching bonus personal referrals * $50.00 Personal Referrals * $25.00 Over-Ride Slide32:  Power Team: * 50% Matching bonus personal referrals * $100.00 Personal Referrals * $1,350.00 - $1,600.00 for every 6 people that come into your Power Team to infinity! …. That’s every 6 people and it can happen several times a day! - PLUS- 4% residual income per month on your entire organization - Dream Team Over-Rides to Infinity! $30 - $20 -$10 - $5 - $5 - $5 Slide33:  1st Company in the industry to pay out Million Dollar Bonuses! LEADERSHIP BONUSES $10,000.00 Bonus for every 100 people in your group to infinity! $50,000.00 Bonus - Level 2 Director $100,000.00 Bonus - Level 3 Director $250,000.00 Bonus - Level 4 Director $1,000,000.00 Bonus - Level 5 Director Level 6 Director gets another $1,000,000.00 Bonus and $1.00 per month for every person in their organization! Slide34:  In ADDITION to all the money we’ve already talked about… Achieve Director and get… A Salary from $2,000 to $12,000 per month! Group Health Insurance…Guaranteed issue-No pre-existing conditions- Dental- Medicines- ALL PAID by the Company! Guaranteed issue $100,000.00 Life Insurance “Paid By The Company” Stock Options! Corporate Benefits in a Home Based Business! Slide35:  Barry Diller paid over 7 Billion Dollars for Expedia, and Cheap Tickets! YOU can have the same thing for a One Time Set Up Fee of only $449.95 …. And a monthly Website fee of $49.95 Refer 6 people and that goes away making your business free! TAX Deductible: .48 cents per mile auto-deduction Write off your vacations and part of your house payment, part of your utilities, phone expenses and a lot more…. What Will You Do?:  What Will You Do? Circumstances stay the same Exchange hours for Wages Pay Higher Taxes Pay Full Price when you travel Miss a once in a lifetime opportunity Change your circumstances Unlimited Income Potential Franchise Support System Experienced Mentors Virtual Business - open 24/7 No Experience Required Tax Deductions Travel Perks and Advantages YTB Guaranteed Profits The Timing Is Now:  The Timing Is Now Change Your Circumstances Unlimited Income Potential “Franchise Support System Experienced Mentors Virtual Business . . . Open 24/7 No Experience Required Tax Deductions Travel Perks and Advantages YTB Guaranteed Profits! Slide38:  Based on what you have seen… Do you see an Opportunity? Slide39:  Get Started Today! CLICK HERE Or call Dr H 806-792-4164

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