YouTube, not WeTube: Empowering Instructors to Create and Deploy Media

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Information about YouTube, not WeTube: Empowering Instructors to Create and Deploy Media

Published on March 24, 2009

Author: jmakevich



This presentation provides some background as to how to establish an environment in a community college setting in which faculty are empowered to create and edit their own content without the need for additional assistance.


The reason for this presentation  At our school, many faculty expressed a hesitance to creating media because of: Lack of support staff  Fear of the time it will take  Worry about doing it “right”   Objective: to introduce methods and strategies by which an individual faculty member can successfully create valuable content for students without any support.

The Myths: Are They True?  I don’t have time to set up the camera and tripod every day I teach to capture my full lecture.  I need to produce quality recorded content, so my amateur filming with a camcorder won’t cut it.  Where’s my lapel microphone?  I teach five classes. I just don’t have time to edit the content I produce and make it available to students in the same term.

The Assumed Equipment – Do you need all this?  Professional video camera, possibly HD  Lapel mic for quality audio  Tripod  Audio/visual staff (perhaps) to do the filming  Audio/visual staff (perhaps) to do the editing  Captioning?  And, in the words of James Hutton, famous geologist, “time, immeasurable time”

Wow! Really?  If your school has all these resources: great!  Many schools do not  Instructors have to do it on their own  Based on previous description, very difficult

What do the students need?  Fundamental questions  Do students expect a studio-quality production?  Do student benefit from this quality, or does it take away? Full lecture video (math) Short lesson on linear equations (math)  Don’t think about the presenters in these videos nor the topic. Focus instead on the delivery methods

Is there a Better…Is there a Worse?  Questions to ask yourself?  Which videos did effective teaching?  Did the “professional” recording of the lecture serve as a better teaching tool than the screen capture recording?  Which video required more resources (likely)?

From Problem to Solution  At our school, we have limited resources  1 Instructional Designer (me), spending much of my time training and meeting individually with faculty…not much video time  Small, helpful A/V staff; calendar full  Larger, also helpful computer support staff; calendar still full  Though we could piece it together for a video occasionally, it’s tough to get all these resources on a frequent basis for production  Solving the problem: find a way to get each faculty to be confident enough to make content alone!

Some equipment  Portable audio recorder  Flip Video (Olympus audio recorders) (  Audacity (free audio editing  Camtasia (screen capture; application for Windows captioning) and Mac)

The Production Steps  We’ll use audio as an example.  Record (with tripod if you like)  Upload (easy to do with Flip or portable audio recorders)

The Editing Steps  May or may not need to edit  What kinds of editing?  Basic splitting of clips and reorganizing content  Full on sound editing, adding still images to clip, etc.  How do you choose?

Other advantages  Media becomes more “live”  Are there advantages to creating more spontaneous content?  Examples?  Avoid having to work out schedule conflicts with the rest of the staff  What else?

Let’s try this out…  Quick audio recording  Upload  Edit, if you like  Put into online course

Finding me and this presentation John Makevich Instructional Design Coordinator College of the Canyons The presentation is located on SlideShare:

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