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Published on January 14, 2009

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Partnerships in Youth Athletics – “Tying the Knot” : Partnerships in Youth Athletics – “Tying the Knot” “Investment” vs. “Entitlement” Movie Clip : Movie Clip Session Objectives : Session Objectives To obtain knowledge, skills, and tools, that will allow you to create a positive partnership with your independent youth league organizations. Identify the future of youth sports in your area. Create ways to share your story. Structure a Youth Sports Coalition. Fund your future. Identify your future in Youth Sports : Identify your future in Youth Sports ROUNDTABLE QUESTIONS What challenges are you currently facing in dealing with youth sport organizations? What challenges loom in the horizon? Share Your Story : Share Your Story How did we get here? Gathering your facts. The allocation process. Perception vs. reality. Allocation Process : Allocation Process Fields will be allocated to teams/organizations based on the percentage of verifiable total Roseville residents participating in that organization in relation to all teams in that priority group. The total number of organization participants that are City of Roseville residents will be divided by the minimum roster size for each sport to determine the total number of teams in each organization. Minimum Roster Sizes: Soccer: 14 (regulation) Baseball/Softball: 12 An example of this would be: Baseball Group A has 756 Roseville residents 756 divided by 12 equals 63 teams Baseball Group B has 900 Roseville residents 900 divided by 12 equals 75 teams 75 plus 63 equals 138 total teams 63 divided by 138 equals 45.65% of allocation for Group A 75 divided by 138 equals 54.35% of allocation for Group B Perceptionvs…. : Perceptionvs…. Turf does not cost much to maintain Fields cost the same as park turf to develop My property taxes “ENTITLE” me to use the fields Practice does not damage the fields We won’t damage the fields if we use it when it is wet! ….Reality : ….Reality Maintenance costs: 8K/year turf, 16K/year soccer, 24K/year ballfield. 350K/Ballfield - $195K/Soccer field (unlit) Cost $70/person for parks; Recover $7/person in property tax. 2/3 of property tax collected in the COR is from commercial property. 1Hr/Soccer = 2.5Hrs Turf Wear 1Hr/Softball = 1.75Hrs Turf Wear The Youth Sports Coalition : The Youth Sports Coalition Roundtable Questions What are the benefits of partnering with your youth sport organizations? What are the potential challenges? The Youth Sports Coalition : The Youth Sports Coalition Guiding Principles: Partnership & Cooperation Funding & Resources Community Involvement Public Awareness & Advocacy Funding Your Future : Funding Your Future $80,000 annual contribution to augment $2.5 million City spends on sports fields 50% earmarked toward general field maintenance 50% earmarked towards facility improvements & upgrades Establish Youth Sports Grants Program Youth Sports Coalition Recommendations Coalition chaired by P&R Commission Final Thoughts Next Steps : Final Thoughts Next Steps Questions?

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