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Published on January 14, 2009

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Youth Sports : Youth Sports Youth Sport Participation : Youth Sport Participation The National Council on Youth Sports estimates that as many as 52 million American youths participate in at least one organized sport. This equals 65% of youth. An estimated 3-7.5 million volunteer youth sport coaches. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1999) : Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1999) Despite the involvement in sport Almost half of America’s youth do not take part in regular vigorous exercise 14% of youth report no physical activity 19% of high school students get the recommended level of physical activity Ethnicity and GenderGordon-Larsen, McMurray, & Popkin (1999) : Ethnicity and GenderGordon-Larsen, McMurray, & Popkin (1999) African American youth engaged in more inactivity per week (by about 7 hours) than white youth. Ethnic minorities also engaged in less physical activity Females tended to partake in less physical activity than their male counterparts Three Important Areas : Three Important Areas Physical Development Psychological Development Social Development Physical : Physical Overuse injuries Caused by repeated stresses on joints and muscles Gymnastics wrist Swimmer’s shoulder Pitcher’s elbow Epiphyseal Injury : Epiphyseal Injury Bone growth takes place through primary ossification in the bone center and secondary ossification at the end of the bone. In adolescence the two loci for growth fuse, and the bone is fully developed. Injury at the epiphysis is serious because of the risk of permanent disability Psychological : Psychological What examples were presented in the videos that would lead to psychological dysfunctions? Social : Social What examples in the video illustrate the dysfunctions in youth sport to social development? Eusfunctions : Eusfunctions Good sportsmanship Development of cooperative behavior Acceptance of all persons regardless of race, creed, and origin Leadership and follower ship Self discipline Provides avenues for social acquaintances Fitness and skill development Dysfunctions : Dysfunctions Ego-centered athletes: inflated ideas Winning at all costs False values: overemphasis on athletics Harmful pressures Dworkin, Larsen, and Hansen (2003) Study : Dworkin, Larsen, and Hansen (2003) Study High School students involved in sport: Participants viewed the activity as contributing to goal setting, time management, and emotional control Seefeldt, Ewing, & Walk (1992) : Seefeldt, Ewing, & Walk (1992) Survey of 8000 youth The reasons for participation: To have fun To do something I am good at To stay in shape To learn new or improve my skills To play as part of a team Disengagement : Disengagement No longer interested in the sport It was no longer fun The coach played favorites/was a poor teacher Wanting to participate in other activities

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