Youth First Texas: This is Who We Are

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Information about Youth First Texas: This is Who We Are

Published on November 14, 2008

Author: judith.dumont


Slide 2: In July of 2008, Youth First Texas surveyed youth who attend. This is what we learned… Slide 5: 50% do NOT use protection when engaging in sexual activities 40% have NEVER been tested for a sexually transmitted disease Slide 8: 29% have smoked pot 27% have used heroine 90% have used alcohol 30% have used cocaine 35% smoke cigarettes daily Slide 11: 36% have self-mutilated 53% have been to therapy 43% struggle with eating habits & body image Slide 14: 16% have performed survival sex 43% have been forced to have sexual intercourse 26% have exchanged sexual intercourse for drugs or money Slide 17: 30% have reported physical harm at the hand of a family member 42% have experienced some type of abuse in their family 97% hear homophobic remarks on a daily basis where they attend school. Slide 20: 47% have attempted suicide in their lifetime 17% have attempted suicide in the last twelve months Slide 23: Youth First Texas Is often the safe home that was never provided by their family… Slide 24: Simply put, I'm outrageous. I yell. I'm antsy. I'm impatient, loud, vulgar, and straight-forward—almost to a fault. Still, the people I encounter at YFT embrace me for my strange activities and heavily obscene humor. They gladly welcome me with open arms, regardless of my peculiar antics. --Charley, 20 Slide 25: “I speak for a lot of lost souls when I say hope is what we need and that is YFT. I owe them everything because they saved me from my demons and built me up to be a strong and kind person for all who cross my path who were once lost like me.” ---Cristobal, 20 Slide 26: “You're online one day searching 'gay youth groups Dallas TX' and 'Youth First Texas' shows up…you've got nothing, so you figure then you got nothing to lose. You get there and a tall, lanky white man in a striped polo and tan cargo shorts says, ‘Make yourself at home…..’ ---Chaaz, 22 Slide 27: “Youth First Texas is a second home for me, and it is a place where I can be safe and be who I am. YFT has helped me to raise my confidence, helping me get my GED. Now, I will be the first person in my family to go to college.” ---Jimmy, 20 Slide 28: “YFT means everything to me. YFT is my family, YFT is my friend, and YFT is my protector. Without YFT, I would be living on the streets…my parents kicked me out because of my orientation, and it helped me find a place to live that was safe and accepting. ---Scotty, 18 Slide 29: “YFT is my home in every sense of the word. I have found a place where I know that I am heard, acknowledged, and loved. Despite ignorance, abuse, and intolerance, I have found my family.” ---Sarah, 22 Slide 30: “My mother showed my faults to me. My father showed my failures to me. Youth First Texas showed my potential to me.” ---Amber, 20 Slide 31: How can YOU create peace? How can YOU inspire change? How can YOU make a difference? Slide 32: Y O U T H F I R S T T E X A S

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