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Information about Youth Development Programme

Published on February 26, 2014

Author: PedMenCoach




1 Youth development programme DFB • BERND STÖBER

2 German Nationalteam 2000 DFB • BERND STÖBER

3 German Nationalteam 2010 DFB • BERND STÖBER

4 Problems ahead of the World Cup DFB • BERND STÖBER

5 Team characteristics ᭤ New hierarchy ᭤ Responsibility ᭤ Confidence DFB • BERND STÖBER

6 Technical and tactical abilities ᭤ Quick transition ᭤ Optimal passing • vertical • direct • change of pace ᭤ Basic and footballspecific quickness DFB • BERND STÖBER

7 Development through teamwork Regional associations DFB School system Clubs DFB • BERND STÖBER

8 Youth development chronology Youth academies 1st division Preliminary development programme EC Netherlands/ Belgium 1998 1999 2000 2001 Elite football schools Optimised development programme Licensed youth academies ᭡ WC France Adjusted development programme Youth academies 2nd division 2002 DFB • BERND STÖBER 2006 2008

9 Organisation Development programme 366 Regional bases 1.000 Coaches 14.000 Players between 11-15 years 29 Coordinators 600.000 Scouted players Systematic training DFB • BERND STÖBER

10 Goals Development programme Encouraging players to practice at home Support for regional club coaches Individual promotion without pressure to succeed DFB • BERND STÖBER Scouting and promotion of regional talents Additional individual training Technical and tactical perfection

11 Organisation Centers of excellence Promotion of the most talented players 45 Centers of excellence ca. 200 full-time coaches Required since 2002 Licensing-system since 2008 Further education Manual of best practices DFB • BERND STÖBER

12 Standards of excellence Highly qualified coaches Optimal field and practice conditions Promotion of the most talented players Extensive scouting system Integration of academic and vocational training Housing for external players Optimal injury prevention and rehabilitation DFB • BERND STÖBER

13 Organisation Elite football schools Holistic promotion of the most talented players 28 Elite football schools There of 7 for female players Additional training Coordination of academic and athletic concerns 18 Accreditation criteria Standardised practice plans Regional teams DFB • BERND STÖBER

14 Goals Elite football schools Training Football training/ Individual promotion Studying Academic and vocational training OPTIMAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Living Personal development DFB • BERND STÖBER

15 Elite promotion (15-20 YEARS) 1. Youth national teams 2. Centers of excellence DFB • BERND STÖBER

16 Goals ᕡ Individual promotion of the most talented players/international titles ᕦ Development of a team structure and hierarchy ᕢ Training and playing on the highest possible international level ᕧ Exemplary behaviour and representation ᕣ Integration of international trends and developments ᕨ Coordination of athletics as well as academic and vocational goals ᕤ Promotion of high levels of professionalism ᕩ Optimal regulation of individual training loads ᕥ Promotion of team-oriented players with a strong personality and will to win DFB • BERND STÖBER

17 Bundesliga-analysis - Age 2000-01 season ᭤ 36 of 443 players appearing in the German Bundesliga in the 2000-01 season were under the age of 21 36 (8%) Total: 443 players 407 (92%) DFB • BERND STÖBER ᭿ U18 - U21 ᭿ > U21

18 Bundesliga-analysis - Age 2009-10 season ᭤ 76 of 489 players appearing in the German Bundesliga in the 2009-10 season were under the age of 21 76 (16%) Total: 489 players 413 (84%) DFB • BERND STÖBER ᭿ U18 - U21 ᭿ > U21

19 Professional youth coaches 2000 2010 ᭤ 60 regional development coaches ᭤ 100 regional development coaches ᭤ 50 professional academy coaches ᭤ 271 professional academy coaches ᭤ 29 youth development coordinators (DFB) DFB • BERND STÖBER

20 Prospective challenges Transition period Youth to Senior Level Football for children U11 and younger DFB • BERND STÖBER

21 Youth development programme THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! DFB • BERND STÖBER

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