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Published on September 6, 2008

Author: jmika


Slide 1: Your Words You mean Beebe’s Technology Use Policy By Josh Mika LRC Director Beebe Elementary Naperville District 203 Can Hurt An Ancient Story… : An Ancient Story… Netsmartz iSafe iKeepSafe Disney Email, IM, Text, & Twitter : Email, IM, Text, & Twitter Once you write it, you lose tone Once you send it, you lose control Once they read it, you lose friends You are responsible for your words! Example : Example From: Sar Castic[] Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 9:00 PMTo: Mr. MikaSubject: Mika!!! Mika, Whatchudoin’ this weekend? I was thinking about heading to the Family Fun Center for some go-cart racing, but you’ve probably got to go to your class Saturday. I understand if you’re tryin’ to get all smart and stuff…. Sar What if I Said it in Person? : What if I Said it in Person? What if we were talking face to face? What else do you lose when you write your words down? Facial gestures Body Language Volume Your Response! What’s She Really Saying? : What’s She Really Saying? From: Ima Niceperson [] Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 6:00 PMTo: Mr. MikaCc: Mrs. BooknookSubject: NEED A VOLUNTEER? MR. MIKA, DO YOU NEED ANY HELP IN THE LRC THIS YEAR? I AM VERY FRIENDLY AND LOVE BOOKS! I AM TOTALLY FREE ON WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS AND WOULD LOVE TO HELP YOU SHELVE BOOKS AND ORGANIZE THE COLLECTION. MRS. NICEPERSON Instant Message (IM) : Instant Message (IM) What’s he texting me? : What’s he texting me? JustinFun: YT??? Mr. Mika: Yeah, what’s happening? JustinFun: YT??? NMH, U? Mika: What are you saying? JustinFun: U don't like ppl tlk in IM spk??? Mika: I just find it a bit difficult to read. Did you wanna hit D.Q. after school tomorrow? JustinFun: GR8 idea! G2G…WBS!!!!! Mika: CUL JustinFun: LOL, i WaS jUsT aBoUt tO sAy ThE sAmE tHiNg! Beebe Technology Use Policy : Beebe Technology Use Policy Where is it located? Beebe LRC Online What does it mean? Break the rules, lose your technology. References : References Slide Background Photo Chit Chat, by Dano (Creative Commons License: Attribution) Feathers in the Wind Screen Shot National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. (2007). Feathers in the wind. In Real life stories. Retrieved September 7, 2007, from NetSmartz Web site: Blackberry Photo on Slide #3 Text msg re:, by b_d_solis (Creative Commons License: Attribution)

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