Your visual journal - for Visual Art (Gr. 10 -12)

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Information about Your visual journal - for Visual Art (Gr. 10 -12)

Published on January 4, 2017

Author: CarinaTurckClark


1. Your Visual Journal The place where you can - indicate all your research -explore ideas - experiment with materials / techniques - explain all your ideas - indicate the step-by-step process and - practice

2. • Always stick in the assignment. • Read the whole assignment for the practical project. • Pay attention to homework and due dates. • Make sure to complete each separate activity and hand it in on time – this will boost your marks!

3. Example 1 Always start with – Research Example For a portrait painting First find various possible images that could be used. Print and put all the images in your journal. Then decide on the final choice.

4. 2. Research what other artist are doing in the same style or theme

5. Try to copy the technique of other artists

6. Final choice is made 3. Explain your idea Use thumbnail drawings / words/ collage / other photographs / found objects 4. Drawing- When you make your final choice together with the concept – make a thorough drawing which is connected to the final choice. You can often combine the explanation with the drawing.

7. 5 Experiment with materials/ colour combinations various textures or brush strokes

8. 6 Practice Focus on certain areas that you may find technically very challenging. - Do a practice run in your journal. - Practice the colour mixes and combinations. - Practice the different types of brush strokes.

9. Example: Final painting

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