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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: julie1319



How to find and land work doing what you love, are good at, and want to do again.

Your ‘Right Fit’ Job: Guide to Finding Work You Love Julia Erickson

WHAT IS A “RIGHT FIT” JOB? One you absolutely love to do, that you’d do for free if necessary. • What do you love to do? • What do you do well? • What do you want to do again?

GET YOUR “RIGHT FIT” JOB Be specific! • • • • Know where you are going Can develop a plan to get there Help others to help you when networking Industry/job key words help others find you

WHAT’S YOUR “RIGHT FIT?” Uncover, reveal what motivates you • • • • Accomplishments Hobbies Work you gravitate toward What people tell you you’re good at

SPECIFY YOUR “RIGHT FIT” Create your Must Have List • • • • Bottom line for being happy at work Six different areas Based on your history and priorities Where attention goes, energy flows

“RIGHT FIT” EMPOWERS Use your Must Have List: • • • • Guide to assess job postings Build resume to get 75% of Must Haves Ask targeted questions in interview Evaluate job offers

MARKET YOUR “FIT” Make a match • What you want from an employer • Your unique value proposition • Jobs that need your skills, talents, experience

TRANSITION TO “RIGHT FIT” Transition into a new field • • • • ID skills, experience needed Do “gap analysis” Make a plan to fill gap & market yourself Consider “dual path”

“RIGHT FIT” MARKETING Create a consistent message and image • • • • Resume Cover letter “Intention statement” – written & verbal Social media presence

“RIGHT FIT” RESUMES Demonstrate your core value proposition • Simple, easily readable format • Profile yourself • So what? Show impact & results

“RIGHT FIT” COVER LETTER State case for why you and job are “right fit” • Your unique value proposition • Show how your past will help employer reach their goals • Enthusiasm for job/employer

“RIGHT FIT” GETS ATTENTION Create an intention statement • • • • • What skills do you love to use? Where do you love to work? What impact do you want to have? Give examples of employers, job titles Draft & practice 5-10 second statement

“RIGHT FIT” NETWORKING Your clarity will allow people to really help • • • • Start with your natural network Success is a referral to someone else Follow the trail Know what you want from each person

“RIGHT FIT” SOCIAL MEDIA LinkedIn, Twitter best to market yourself • • • • Employers do look at it Consistency and completeness are key “Informal reference check” Networking resource

FIND “RIGHT FIT” JOBS Apply for jobs that appear to meet at least one of your Must Haves • • • • Use keywords Assess job descriptions Read employer website Find someone who works there

“RIGHT FIT” GUIDELINES Use your brain and your gut • • • • Take and act on (most) suggestions Trust your gut Gather information Think of having a conversation with an employer

“RIGHT FIT” INTERVIEWING Bring your head and your heart to interviews • • • • Anticipate questions, prepare answers Rehearse for difficult questions Have informed questions for them Be enthusiastic – this could be your “right fit” job!

MORE “RIGHT FIT” TOOLS You can enhance & speed up your search • • • • Do volunteer work related to field Get consulting gigs, including unpaid Use a coach and on-line advice Build skills via free or low-cost classes

MANAGE “RIGHT FIT” SEARCH Job search is a process • • • • • Try things on Use market feedback Vent! Get support Focus on what you want

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