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Published on November 1, 2018

Author: Rephraser8


Slide1: Your Professional Guide for Effective Paraphrasing Slide2: Paraphrasing is a tricky way which helps you rewording the content. Why do we need paraphrasing ? First of all, we should use this method to avoid plagiarism when writing an essay. Slide3: Even if you have a citation it doesn’t protect you from the trap of plagiarism. Why? Slide4: Because you should write the text on your own and express your thoughts, using your personal style. If you are not sure - try the new service . Slide5: Let’s see some tips on how to make your rewording correctly: Use your personal vocabulary - do not copy the author’s words Move the end of the sentence to the beginning Follow the main point of the original text (do not add your personal opinion) Slide6: Being a teacher in a middle school, it is important to interact with kids and show them that each person should be thankful, kind and friendly to the world, other people. That is why writing prompts for thanksgiving might be a great solution. Slide7: There many different topics that can appeal kids’ attention. It might be: A postcard for parents during the Thanksgiving Day A letter to granny who is far away An essay on how my family celebrates Thanksgiving Day or other holidays An essay “What I am thankful for” Slide8: Both parents and teachers should be creative and talk to the kids, discuss important things which every person must respect, appreciate. Such topics will help to develop the imagination, and a positive reflection of the world in general. Slide9: Let’s find out how rewording tool works. Nowadays, there many special softs that were created by smart professionals to make our life easier. Writing an essay, we can google, for example “reword this for me” and we immediately get the answer. Due to such tools, we can paraphrase any sentence or even the entire text . Slide10: You can download reword tools directly on your laptop or use just online. If you need more features for your work you might pay a fee, but you can also use a free version. Slide11: Why do we need reword tools? To avoid plagiarism To make some sentences easier for the understanding To make text simple without quote Slide12: Rewording is a serious and complicated task. It needs a lot of time to think and pick appropriate words, which will not break the main idea and the whole content. If you are an advanced specialist - it is not that difficult, but in case you are a freshman, we strongly recommend you looking through the examples of paraphrasing . Slide13: Although, you can save your time using online services but to make your content live and bright try to rephrasing text material in your own words . How to cope with that task? Slide14: Read and understand the text. Close the original text and reword content Do not use the phrases from the original version Do not change the main sense of the subject Write it in a simple way. Avoid sophisticated sentences Slide15: How to reword to MLA? It is a special and challenging style, which requires to keep the original meaning, the idea of the article but having the new content at the same time. Moreover, the article should be intriguing and grab the audience. Look through the guidelines of paraphrasing mla here. Slide16: Have you ever tried to paraphrase the poem? In case you get such task - keep calm. It is not a big deal. All you need is to turn on your imagination. How? We will teach you. Slide17: There are some tricky tricks: Transfer yourself inside of the poem Realize what’s going on there. Make sure that you got it Make the first draft Slide18: 4. Don’t look at the original version 5. Compare two poems 6. Make a final version Slide19: When you are facing with the too difficult sentence or phrase that sounds rough and weird, use reword generator . This soft was created to make your work joyful and light. Slide20: Visit this website for more

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