Your Guide to Paleo – Over 6000 copies sold in 10 weeks

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Information about Your Guide to Paleo – Over 6000 copies sold in 10 weeks
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Published on February 22, 2014

Author: benpopov



6,135 copies have been sold in 10 weeks! Get Your Guide to Paleo NOW:

Here’s what you will get:

Paleo Nutrition

Get informed on how to balance your nutrition so that you can experience optimal results, especially if you’re looking to shed some extra pounds.
New to the diet? Be prepared, as some of this information is bound to shock you!

Paleo Foods

The lowdown on all the “Grey Area” foods. Dairy, coffee, potatoes, chocolate, alcohol, … Tips for specific nutritional challenges (FODMAPs, Nightshades, Histamines)
Avoid making the common mistakes right off-the-bat and reach your dietary goals that much quicker.

Foods to Avoid

You’ll understand why you should never be eating certain foods.
Get informed before eliminating anything. Foods you thought were no good in the diet may just be extremely healthy essentials.

Paleo Cooking

Cooking real food doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive or time-consuming. Learn how to make the most of your time in the kitchen.
Get excited about your lifestyle! Paleo doesn’t have to be boring, or monotonous and it certainly doesn’t mean steak for dinner every night.

Paleo Lifestyle

Apply the best Paleo principles to the rest of your life! Life is about much more than food after all.
Hack your sleep, your exercise and your stress with simple techniques. You’ll sleep like a baby and train like a beast.

Here’s what you’re getting…

The perfect introduction to Paleo. All you have to know in one beautiful and easy guide.
All of our accumulated knowledge. The closest you’ll get to literally downloading the information directly to your brain.
The Guide is an instant access eBook so you can get things started right away and don’t have to wait to start improving your life.
An essential resource for anyone who’s already Paleo. All the key information in one place. Reach your goals faster, avoid the mistakes almost everyone makes on Paleo.

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