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Published on August 18, 2014

Author: absolutmind

Source: slideshare.net


Your brand social | Social media packages for SMC Small and medium companies. [for EU].

Your brand social, is a range of packaged services to bring your brand, company, organization, public figure, cause, Ngo-Npo to [Social Media] from the beginning to the most advanced services.

With the packages you access:

Part One: "Your brand social"

[1- Creation #Identity]

[2- #Community #Management]

Part Two: "Take care about your brand"

Social media #Monitoring #Trends #Influence #Influencers

Part Three: "A blog for your brand"

Corporate Blog & content

Part Four: "Advertise social"

Social media #Advertising [View the slides attached]

Over these packaged services - The shown packages are available separately and beyond you can consult us for a tailored service offer - Advices.

Get 10% off until September 10 by mentioning the article in Slide share [Code: SSHAREAugust14]

These services are offered by Sovereign-Knight .COM

#community presentations

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