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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: anthienquoctran


1. CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND In the context of reaching the goal of making Vietnamese lives better with sustainable living, Unilever has committed to reduce its environmental impact by 2020, in this case is reducing water use in laundry process by easy rinse product (Comfort 1 rinse). In 2012, Comfort 1 rinse was launched but the awareness of using it due to its positive environmental impact has not been raised yet. In 2013, Unilever want to do a big campaign to raise the awareness of saving clean water by simple action of using Comfort 1 rinse.

2/ CAMPAIGN OBJ & ROLE OF PR 1/ Raise awareness & call for action from society towards the serious (but somehow hidden) problem of water scarcity in Vietnam. 2/ Bring the Brand Image into a whole new/higher position in customers’ minds, different from other competitors: not just functional, not only a part of your life (as Downy). Comfort is now on the social level, where people are connected for a common and meaningful purpose. 1/ a mean of transportation: spreading and escalating the images/activities/messages throughout the campaign 2/ a space for customers to know  understand  love  build the brand on their own CAMPAIGN OBJ ROLE OF PR

3/ BRAND/CONSUMER/COMMUNICATION CONTEXT 2/ Consumer Context: - Current customers understand about the benefit of product but they do not realize the water shortage. They will feel motivated if they know that their daily usage can help solve a macro/national problem. - Non-users: they will have 1 more (impactful, meaningful) reason beside functional benefit to use Comfort. 1/ Brand Context: Comfort need a way to help raise voice and hand in dealing with water scarcity problem in Vietnam. This will help the community and at the same time differentiate them with other competitors 3/ Communication Context: -Young generations (students) are the one who willing to spread the message without hesitation if it is meaningful and impactful. - Others will feel motivated, especially adults (mom, young grand-mom), and act when they see their children act with passion.

4. STRATEGY: Take the whole first year to focus on RAISING AWARENESS for WATER SCARCITY in Vietnam from children to student and household women. Co-operate with Ministry of natural resources and environment and Department of water resources of management to strongly tell the serious situation of water scarcity in Vietnam. Invest heavily on DIGITAL PLATFORM to attract modern audiences to conversation by interesting experience to engage in saving clean water because of dangerous water scarcity in Vietnam.

5/ CONCEPT “TOGETHER WITH COMFORT 1 RINSE SAVE 1 BILLION M3 WATER” Follow strictly with strategy, the journey of saving will choose Young Generations (students) as the spreading source. They will use their own enthusiasm to influence others. PR will play a significant role in expanding information (knowledge, activation, promotion, events…) of the campaign and leverage them.

Deployment plan TRIGGER EXPERIENCE AMPLIFY Kich off event at Can Tho city Website Core topic of UFLL Leverage water scarcity in Vietnam as serious needed concern Engage them in raising awareness action to their community by specific commitment of supporting Comfort 1 rinse for saving clean water for the needed Strengthen awareness of water scarcity as a big concern to the future and the world Objective Key hook Other Tactics Nationwide children painting contest “Bảo vệ nguồn nước là bảo vệ sự sống” PR Video contest “Tôi yêu nước sạch” Mini contest “1 rinse ambassador” University talk show tour with Van Mai Huong & Dinh Hương singer PR PR How Co-operate with Ministry of natural resources and environment and Department of water resources of management to create “saving 1billion m3 water” Fund Target Children Student Student Household women Student Create a creative digital platform where them can easily perform their action as supporting saving clean water with Comfort 1rinse by click to vote 1000 VND to “saving 1million m3 water” fund and chose the place where clean water should flow. Co-operate with Unilever future leader league - worldwide business competition to strengthen the awareness of water scarcity and the importance of saving clean water with Comfort 1 rinse by using it as core topic for competing

.418 click to vote for saving clean water with Comfort 1 rinse 118.418.000 VND was donated to “saving 1 billion m3 water” fund from digital click in website 48912 votes for water flow into Son La province 52680 votes for water flow into Quang Tri province 50.283 votes for water flow into Ben Tre province 60 clips join “Toi yeu nuoc sach” video contest 153 persons join “1 rinse ambassador” Over 200 teams join UFLL 7. CAMPAIGN OUTCOME/RESULT

1/ Brand Love: in this age, owning good functional benefit is not enough. Bringing the benefit onto whole new emotive level (which is relevant with individual, customers can feel and see their own reflection in the brand) or even aspirational level (a common point, spirit in macroscope) is the key that lead to brand success. 2/ PR: now is the time for PR as customers gradually don’t believe in advertising anymore. PR create a story where brand and customers connected, understand each other, feel the beauty within and finally, attach without conditions. Let the customers build brand is becoming the trend. 3/ Content: only when your Brand is confident and feel “amazed” by your own content then it can be escalated to engage customers. Garbage in – Garbage out, do not imagine that with one silly/irrelevant/out-trend idea that you can make customers inspired and follow. 8/ KEY LEARNINGS:

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