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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: tayninhlht



CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND From the company: “Clear perceived to be “a cool brand” amongst teenage and first jobber at 18-25 year old which is its main target market.” From the customer: “Travel is a trend now, from the inspiration of “Phượt” movement and especially the book Xách ba lô lên và đi.”

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE 1. Bridging brand “cool” experiences 2. Iterating offerings 3. Collecting & activating an interaction community for customer Strengthen the Kool and Confident personality of brand Stimulate the Patrionism and Explore spririt of youngster

TARGET AUDIENCE Vietnamese youngsters, aged 18 – 25, in urban areas, who are confident, energetic, love to travel and highly appreciate the “cool” personality.

OBSERVATION Foreigners love traveling in Vietnam & know traveling locations more than Vietnamese youngsters. Why? Vietnamese youngster prefer traveling abroad. Why? They think it sounds cooler than Vietnam – their country, it’s always about Nha Trang, Da Lat, Ha Long... Why? Vietnam is too familiar to be cool.

CORE INSIGHT I’m Vietnamese, I want to be cool in everything I do. Thus, although I love my country but I want to travel abroad, because my country is so familiar and I don’t know is there any “cool” places in Vietnam.

STRATEGY: Digital-lead The digital channel is the leading channel. It holds the core direction for the other channel such as outdoor, print, event… Phase 1: Awakening Introduce the core message through the digital media and activate the viral interest of the target audience to that. Other channels will be use as the support to attract the interaction. Phase 2: Experience Encourage the target audience to directly take part in the experience to be bounded with the core message by important activities such as events, outdoor… They are also encouraged to shared that to the digital platform. Phase 3: Amplify Strengthen the benefit of the brand to the community by the recommendation from the real experience in the digital platform.

CONCEPT MY KOOL VIETNAM The concept is all about encouraging Vietnamese youngster to be confident to explore and share the interested (“kool) places of Vietnam with everyone to prove that Vietnam is also Kool! Creative idea: Landing page check-in “kool” places of Vietnam Key message: Tự tin khám phá, tự hào Việt Nam

DEPLOYMENT PLAN Phase 1: Awakening Stimulate the interaction through the viral clip of Kyo York about Vietnam tourism, followed by the discussion of influencers such as Miss Vietnam Ngoc Han, government member… Opinions from influencers Viral clip from Kyo York Stimulate the discussions of the community about the key hook: “Why do foreigners recognize Vietnam as a “cool” place, but Vietnamese young people don’t?”

DEPLOYMENT PLAN Phase 2: Experience Release the main events to invite the interaction from the target audience as well as encourage them to share their experienced to digital platform. MV My Kool Vietnam Press meeting on Bitexco Clear Kool Hunter contest

DEPLOYMENT PLAN Phase 3: Amplify Continue to invite the target audience shared their “kool” experience – the cool places of Vietnam – to the digital platform Landing page check-in Travel diary of Kool hunters

CAMPAIGN OUTCOME Speadability: - Clip Kyo York: 263,605 Views - Clip «My Kool Vietnam»: 202,701 Views Engagement: - Cuộc thi Clear Kool Hunters thu hút hàng ngàn bạn trẻ quan tâm, tham gia và bắt đầu thói quen sử dụng landing page check-in Network Effect: - 4392 Spots was "check in” (28/02/2014) - 606 Hunters joined (18/12/2013)

KEY LEARNING • Strong key-hook, rooted from a strong inside conflict of target audience Love Vietnam but prefer travel abroad • Single-minded flow to develop the bound of audience to the core message Why you think Vietnam is not cool?  Prove that Vietnam is cool  Share! • Understand the driven behaviors of target audience to make it the main viral action of the campaign. Go and share habit all over the social media • The digital channel plays the true leading role and others channels are supportive role. Everything is started in Digital platform and amplified by other channels

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