You’ve got the funding. Now what? 5 ways to keep your investors happy

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Information about You’ve got the funding. Now what? 5 ways to keep your investors happy

Published on November 21, 2019

Author: cfproltd



2. 1. UPDATES THAT GIVE VALUE As an investible business, find out what the critical updates are that your investors expect of you. This includes how often they want to know about it, how involved they want to be in the day-to-day, and how they can contribute to help drive your business forward.

3. 2. DISCLOSE TO KEEP CLOSE. Nothing worries investors more than hearing bad news about their investment. But that doesn’t mean you should hide it. Surround them with positive news that balances out any negative press your business may be experiencing If bad news does break, be sure to keep them informed as soon as possible, and always follow-up with a suggested plan of action.

4. 3. SEEK THEIR COUNSEL Take time to seek their counsel – especially when it comes to strategically planning your next steps, managing ongoing risk and taking insight from their own experiences. But be careful of appearing needy – although they want to feel involved and valued, be careful not to create the impression that you’re unable to move at all, without their input.

5. 4. THEY’RE BUSINESS PARTNERS - BUT THEY’RE NOT YOUR PROBLEM- SOLVERS. All too often, a critical mistake made by first-time fund-receivers is to run to an investor for help before they’ve tried to rectify the issue themselves, or sought a solution first. Although they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience along with their capital input, they are not the people to step in when your plate is full – they’re there to see how you intend to grow your business, with the capital help they’ve invested to help you get there.

6. 5. BE ORGANISED Remember: Your investors are busy people. They have snapshots of moments in which they can engage and advise. Flooding them with unnecessary, disorganised information not only results in frustration, but non-action too. If you’re emailing them about something you’ve sent them previously, share it again. If you’re sending them updates, send a high level version, but give them an option to delve into the detail if they need to. Make it easy for them to help.

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