, Building an audience by aggregation and seeding

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Information about, Building an audience by aggregation and seeding

Published on July 7, 2007

Author: onsustain



Thoughts on building an audience with new media. A non-profit organization requested me to expose its potential for them. It may also apply to you: simply substitute "you" by your name, brand, or organization. Building an audience by aggregation and seeding by Oriol Pascual -

Have you seen this? Video

Conversation Starter Video

Long-tail conversation Social meetings, coffe corner, personal foto albums Youtube, Flickr, private blogs, emails

Outline • What’s the value of conversations? • How you keep track? •

Value of Conversation Free expresion Spontaneous, real, honest Describes real concerns of the audience

Why does it start? Easy acces + broad distribution Entails proximity Engaging!

Keep track Aggregation empowers the value of conversation

Maximize value Seeding the conversation

Aggregation + seeding = engaged audience

You TV

Value-chain Volunteers Investors You Media Society

One-stop sharing Video Twitter Flickr responses Content video-text-pics e-mail

Aggregating Tools Live video + TV station Mogulus Archived video,YouTube Micro-blogging Twitter, Jaiku

Learning Curve audience-generated Engagement content seed with own production aggregate existing content Time

What’s for them? Actor Value Volunteers Sharing experiences Investors Performance indicator Media Genuine source of info Society Get to know you

What it is for you? Strong engagement with the audience Get to know what matters to them

What does it take? Platform - web developer Aggregation tools account sign-in Seeding content creation - production team

Do it!

Oriol Pascual

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