You can’t put in what god left out: The solution

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Published on March 16, 2016

Author: HRTechWorld


1. © Henley Business School 2011 Centre for HR excellence You can’t put in what God left out – The Solution

2. Strategic HRBPs are a rare commodity

3. “In terms of our development environment we’re like a hairdresser with a rubbish barnet” WHY?

4. CSFs

5. Issue 1 Sustained L/T Commitment to developing individuals and function (esp from CEO):

6. Issue 2 Depth vs Breadth

7. Issue 3 Maintaining time and space despite pressure to downsize

8. Issue 4 How/what to assess and develop especially at senior levels

9. Issue 5 Strategy Guru vs Doing the Basics

10. Implications Issue Organisational Individual 1. Long Term View Time generating support vs designing/implementing HR development programme Build a long term career view 2. Depth vs Breadth Create career opportunities for both Move outside comfort zone 3. Time and space Invest even in the downturn Don’t be busy, busy, busy 4. Assess Invest in assessment and development Understand what they’re looking for and build the relevant experience 5. Strategy vs basics Deliver the basics first Get operational experience and develop a reputation for delivery

11. Conversation: What do you need to do personally and functionally?

12. ‘I interviewed a lady recently for an HRBP role. She said she was a strategic thinker, but when I explored what she meant by the term strategic, for her it was reading the business plan every quarter. I asked her about a longer time frame, and she thought I was speaking in tongues!’

13. Cultural Fit

14. Conversation: Where could you find them?

15. Releasing the Pressure • Understand the pressure • Look for the tell tale signs • Provide resources and support • Prioritise your asks • Support them to navigate stakeholders • Keep the CofE off their backs • Deal with the politics

16. Conversation: How do you relieve the pressure?

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