You can make life happier 你可使人生更快乐

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Information about You can make life happier 你可使人生更快乐

Published on December 30, 2008

Author: ipohteh



You can make life happier 你可使人生更快乐
Source of Chinese text: Internet English translation : ipohteh Looking at a matter from another point of view, you can make lifer happier. 当你懂得从另一个角度看一件事时,你可以生活得更快乐。

Meeting someone who . . . . . 遇到一个 . . . . 的人时 -

1. 当你遇到你真正爱的人时─  要努力争取和他相伴一生的机会。 因为当他离去时,一切都来不及了 。 Meeting a true love – Siege the opportunity for life companionship with him. As once he is gone, it would be too late.

2. 遇到可相信的朋友时─  要好好和他相处下去。因为在人的一生中 ,可遇到知己真的不易。 Meeting a trustworthy friend - G et along intimately with him, because in life, meeting a confidant is really not easy .

3 . 遇到人生中的贵人时─  要记得好好感激,因为他是你人生的转折点 . Meeting a benefactor in life – Be grateful, as he is the turning point of your life.

4. 遇到曾经爱过的人时─  记得微笑向他感激 , 因为他是让你更懂爱的人 。 Meeting someone whom you loved before –Remember to smile and be thankful, as he let you understand more about love.

5. 遇到曾经恨过的人时─  要微笑向他打招呼,因为他让你更加坚强 。 Meeting someone you hated –Greet him with a smile, because he allows you to grow stronger.

6. 遇到曾经背叛你的人时─  要跟他好好聊一聊,因为若不是他,今天你不会懂这世界。 Meeting someone who betrayed you –Have a friendly chat with him, as without him, till today you would not understand the world.

7. 遇到曾经偷偷喜欢的人时─  要祝他幸福哦 ! 因为你喜欢他时 , 不是希望他幸福快乐吗 ? Meeting someone you were secretly fond of - Do wish him well ! Because when you liked him, didn’t you want him to be well & happy.

8. 遇到匆匆离开你人生的人时─  要谢谢他走过你的人生,因为他是你精采回忆的一部分。 Meeting someone who left you in a hurry – Thank him for having come into your life , because he is part of your wonderful memories.

9. 遇到曾经和你有误会的人时─  要趁现在解清误会,因为你可能只有这一次机会解释清楚。 Meeting someone whom you had misunderstanding with – Clarify the misunderstanding now, as this could be the only opportunity for clarification.

10. 遇到现在和你相伴一生的人─  要百分百感谢他爱你,因为你们现在都得到幸福和真爱 。   Meeting someone who is spending the life together with you now – Be utterly appreciative of his love, because both of you are now happy and have found true love.

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