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Published on April 2, 2010

Author: krisbthompson

Source: authorstream.com

Yorkshire Terrier Training Tips : Yorkshire Terrier Training Tips By: Jen Jameson - http://YorkshireTerrierTrainingTips.com Slide 2: Training a yorkshire terrier can sometimes be a difficult thing to do. Especially when you're not sure what you should be doing to get your yorkie to do what you tell them to do. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some Yorkshire Terrier training tips. This way, you'll know exactly what to do when training a yorkie. Slide 3: The tips that will help you are: Slide 4: 1. The first thing you can do that will help you when training your dog is to make sure you show positive reinforcement. This will let your yorkie know that what they're doing is good and that it's something that you expect them to do. This will get them to want to do the command whenever you tell them to do it. When doing positive reinforcement, you should praise your dog and also give them a small treat. You don't have to give a treat every time, but be sure you do reward your Yorkie when they're doing what you say. Slide 5: 2. Another tip has to do with Yorkshire terrier potty training. When potty training your dog, make sure you put them on a schedule. Take your dog outside to potty every few hours. This will get them use to potty at certain times of the day. When this happens, they won't potty in the house and will know to hold it until you take them outside. Slide 6: Now, if you're training your Yorkie to potty on a pad in your house, then make sure you take them over to the pad every couple of hours. If your dog poops in the house, take a piece of the poop and put in on the pad. After doing this, show your dog where the poop is. They'll know that the pad is the place to potty. Slide 7: 3. The third thing you can do that will help you when training a Yorkshire Terrier is to be consistent. You have to be sure that you are consistent when training your dog. This is the only way they'll learn the commands and do what you tell them to do. Also, be sure that you are consistent with the commands you give. This will make it easier for your Yorkie to learn the commands and tricks that you're teaching them. Slide 8: These are some tips on how to train a Yorkshire Terrier. If you want to have the best trained Yorkie that listens to all of your commands, make sure you use the tips above. Also, if you want other secrets on Yorkshire Terrier training, go to http://YorkshireTerrierTrainingTips.com

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