Yoga: A Natural Way to Happiness

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Information about Yoga: A Natural Way to Happiness

Published on November 7, 2017

Author: RishikulYogshala


slide 1: Yoga: A Natural Way to Happiness ‘The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things’. Yoga is the natural remedy to all the mind and body related problems and a healthy mind and soul are the true expressions of a happy being. ‘A yoga teacher explains how to find contentment on and off the mat’ says Rebecca Pacheco. Yoga is perceived as a form of self-discipline which is an expression of contentment or ‘santosha’. ‘Happiness or contentment is an inside thing’. It is best achieved with the ability to focus on the breath to revitalize or relax. Researches have suggested that the ability to become aware of and regulate the breath is key in terms of lowering stress and anchoring oneself in the moment--both of which are needed to feel happier. Yoga in its all forms make the brain-body connection stronger. A person practicing yoga feels strong and positive when the body sends messages to the brain. Yoga is known to create a dramatic impact on the moods and postures of individuals. Those who stick with regular yoga practice experience themselves to be happier and healthier. Researches reportedly suggest the usefulness of yoga in decreasing fatigue anxiety and anger. Yoga is an accolade in the stressful lives of people. It is a happiness-booster. There’s no scientific breakdowns that claim particular yoga poses to make individuals happy but research shows that certain body posturing respiration and thinking positively influence our physiology. When we feel any emotion at all i.e. happiness unhappiness anger etc. we experience specific hormonal reactions that feed each feeling and prompt unique mental and physical manifestations such as smiling when happy crying when sad or crossing our arms when angry or defensive. slide 2: Yoga triggers the release of the essential hormone oxytocin which floods your body with feelings of happiness and well-being. This hormone further relieves anxiety increases sexual intimacy encourages positive emotions reduces stress by regulating cortisol levels stimulates social interaction and lowers blood pressure. Yoga is even seen as a remarkable remedy to cure depression. It is a pixie dust that just fades all the sadness and depression away from our lives. Camel pose Crescent pose Cat and Cow poses warrior 2 pose Reclined bound angle pose Goddess pose Simple spinal twist pose Head to knee pose Puppy dog stretch and Seated inner-thigh twist are some of the yoga poses that intensifies the lives of individuals with positivity and happiness. Yoga retreats India and all over the world preach the importance of yoga as an essential tool for a healthy and happy living. slide 3: Contact No. - 7060060954 Email- Website- Address- Narayan Kunj Village Joink Swargashram Ramjhula Rishikesh Uttarakhand 249304

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