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Published on November 29, 2008

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WELCOME TO YFE YFE Crusader I S S U E 1 I I , O C T O B E R 2 0 0 8 Youth For Equality Quiz contest 2008 A little help for Bihar Kosi broke banks in Besides our cam- Online Quiz Bihar and Nepal in september paign against caste based res- Contest 2008. 3.3million Indians were ervation, we initiated a cam- Writing on the Wall !! displaced, left homeless, and paign for Bihar Flood relief To play, visit our in despair the government and the overwhelming support website “ We can either was busy exchange blames we got from students, authori- move forward and create yfemovement.com with the state of Bihar and ties to extend our helping Centers of academic excel- Nepal. Who did it? What hand for Bihar flood victims lence, or go along with the Win prizes caused it? No one knows and is noteworthy. demands of identity poli- and goodies !! no one will, all everyone will tics “ remember is the rampage of Go to page 3 kosi and our helplessness to YFE Unit -Andre Beteille, for further deal with it. G. H. Raisoni Colleges, Member of National details !! Pune Knowledge Commission, It happens every year while resigning from the and we do nothing about it, body. nothing at all. 30 years ago INSIDE THIS plans floated of diverting the waters of kosi, Brahmaputra, ISSUE: Mahanadi to the states of An- dhra Pradesh, Madhya A little help 1 Pradesh, Gujarat and Ma- for Bihar harashtra. Our politicians were more engrossed in petty YFE Contest 3 politics and these grave issues were too unimportant for How long can 4 them. political class fool OBC’s, Now after the floods SC’s & ST’s no one talks about a perma- with quota? nent demographic change. Bihar cried for help and the Case of 8 country answered generously. affirmative action in US Youth For Equality law schools also joined hands with Indian Railways and sent teams of How long will 10 relief workers to Supaul in brave officers Bihar. This encouraged us in die & for Pune and we too collected Atharva,Pratik,Piyusha,Mayuri.T,Bhargav,Mayuri.P,V. whom ? some money in our campus. Shekhar,Ishan,Saideep,Sino,Kamal,Kaustubh,Neha (G.H. Raisoni Colleges, Pune) (YFE unit of G.H. Raisoni Colleges, Pune) Letters to the 12 we were greatly supported by editor our principal in this event.

P AG E 2 News Bar -October Heat !! Income limit for creamy layer OBCs is increased to Rs 4.5lakh p.a. in cen- tre and Rs 5 lakh in UP. Legality of raising creamy layer bar questioned in SC : Educationist P V Indiresan on Tuesday threw an open challenge in the Supreme Court ques- tioning the legality of the UPA government's recent decision to raise the creamy layer income limit from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh for OBCs. Health Minister Ramadoss forces 'reservation agenda' on AIIMS: 95 posts of Faculty positions are reserved. SC poser on need for OBC quota in civic bodies: Take up a caste-wise census in the country and complete the exercise in a time-bound manner. The per- centage of SC, ST and OBC reservation shall be proportionately increased on the basis of the census. This is the directive the Madras high court gave to the Centre. SC poser on need for OBC quota in civic bodies: Reservation in Education and Jobs is OK but Reservation for OBCs in Panchayat and civic body elections is not needed: SC Congratulations to Vishwanathan Supreme Court will not stay Tamil Nadu’s 69 p.c. quota law: The Supreme Court declined to stay the Tamil Nadu Backward Classes, Scheduled Caste Anand ... and Scheduled Tribes (Reservation of Seats in Private Educational Institu- tions) Act, 2006, providing for 69 per cent reservation. … For winning the Apex court stays JNU students’ union polls: The Supreme Court on Friday World Chess stayed the Jawaharlal Nehru University Students‟ Union elections due on Championship 2008 November 3 on the ground that they were being held contrary to the guide- lines and recommendations of the Lyngdoh Committee. at Bonn (Germany) OBC MPs make out case for a caste-wise census in 2011: MPs from OBC outfits met home minister Shivraj Patil to demand a caste-wise census in 2011. Do away with quota mindset in higher education: Advani : L.K. Advani, wished to do away with the “quota mindset” in the field of professional and higher education. Central Universities Bill introduced: Govt introduced legislation seeks to es- tablish 12 new Central Universities and upgrade four existing State univer- sities as Central university. PU to finally free vacant OBC seats for general category: It took more than a fortnight and a contempt case in the High Court for the Panjab University (PU) to comply with the directions issued by the Supreme Court to de- reserve seats lying vacant under the OBC quota. YFE CRUSA DER

P AG E 3 Youth For Equality Quiz contest-2008 Know Youth For Equality Movement……… Who can participate? Anyone ranging from a student of 11th class to a senior citizen can take part Selection Criteria: Based on the performance in the quiz , selections will be made for YFE Brigade-08 Prizes: All the participants, who score more than 60% marks will be given a certificate of participation. Five prizes will be given (1st , 2nd 3rd & two consolation prizes) First prize: A book on life sketch of Swami Vivekananda, A YFE memento, A Country First CD, A YFE T-shirt. Second Prize: A book Falling Over Backwards, A YFE Memento, A Country First CD, A YFE T-shirt. Third Prize: A book Wings of Fire, A Memento, A Country First CD, A YFE T-shirt. Two Runners up: Each will get A memento, A country First CD, A YFE T-shirt Prizes will be sponsored by EFFORT FOUNDATION(NGO) Notes: 1. Online Quiz Contest available on the website www.yfemovement.com 2. Each participant has to register into YFE Community on the website or on the link http://www.yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_comprofiler&task=registers 3. Certificate of participation will carry the name, which is filled up by the participant during registra- tion into YFE community 4. Before proceeding for the contest participant can visit Must read and News room links on www.yfemovement.com as a preparative part 5. The duration of this online quiz contest will be from CHILDRENS‟ DAY (14th November 2008) to YOUTH DAY (12th January, 2009). Result will be declared on YOUTH DAY. 6. Decision of Judges will be final and binding REGISTER & PLAY ON WWW.YFEMOVEMENT.COM YFE CRUSA DER

P AG E 4 How long can political class fool OBC’s, SC’s & ST’s with quota? class wants to expand the ground realties. There have India‟s education quota system in appointing been umpteen studies, re- sector should be admitted to teachers at IITs, IIMs, IISc, ports, commissions, expert intensive care unit. For all etc. despite the strong oppo- committees to look into the practical purposes it has sition by all their directors. problems of education sec- collapsed. This is happen- Is any political leader pre- tor both at national and state ing at a time when we want pared to have a major surgi- levels. But nothing of sig- to become knowledge econ- cal operation done by a nificance has happened to omy. Instead of worrying doctor based on his caste to bring about the needed im- on ways to improve our help the OBCs? Why is he provement in education education system, our po- then asking parents to send sector. We want to help the litical class is more con- their children to be taught down trodden classes and cerned about quota to by teachers selected not the poor. We want social “help” the people belonging based on merit but on caste? equity while trying to reach to OBC, SC and ST. This An incompetent teacher can excellence. Today we have should remind us of Nero hurt the future of entire neither. fiddling while Rome was generation including that of burning. OBCs. It is with depress- ing accuracy we can predict Another way to Studies after stud- Result of appalling ine- the level of education one ies have showed that even quality in access to pri- will attain based on one‟s divide India….. after 60 years Independence economic status independ- mary and secondary quota system has not helped schools: ent of caste or religion or By region the very people which it is gender or region as shown supposed to help. In some in the following Table-1. We need sound cases it is more than 100 strategic thinking and years. Now the political greater appreciation for Praantvaad YFE CRUSA DER

ISSUE 1II, O CT OBER P AG E 5 In the table-1, schools aided schools. But these are of joining even an ordinary pro- are arbitrarily classified into 8 exceptions. It is not that the fessional college leave alone categories. In the top class we government is not capable of IITs and IIMs? It is only the have expensive residential managing a first rate high children belonging to creamy schools charging from Rs. school. At one time the central class with high income level can 80000 to Rs. 2 lakhs a year. government-managed Demon- afford the expensive coaching The next category is the private stration Multipurpose School in classes and tuition to take com- schools. They are either private Mysore was the best in the city. petitive examinations. How are unaided or aided. However today it does not have they socially or economically such high standards of yester backward? Does the current years. A child going to residen- quota system help in the short or tial schools is likely to graduate long term to help the downtrod- with a probability of near- den people belonging to eco- ly100% and is likely to go for nomically and socially back- professional college with a high ward classes? probability of 80%, whereas a child attending a poor or aver- age government schools is Shocking revelations of dread- likely to complete high school ful quality in rural schools by with 25% to 35% probability Pratham’s ASER : Dr. Bhamy V Shenoy and he or she is likely to have less than 1% chance of attend- Since 2005, Pratham ing a professional or degree has been conducting ASER college. These statistics should (Annual Status of Education shock any society. But all our Report which can be viewed at political leaders shed crocodile www.pratham.org) to provide All unaided do not give similar tears on this sorry state of af- district level estimates of the kind of education and they are fairs while sending their chil- status of basic learning. further classified into top tier dren to private schools. and second tier. In the private Across the country, 31.9% of aided also there are two tiers – the children cannot even recog- good and bad. The bottom of the It is admirable and praiseworthy nize alphabets while only 6.9% school system is government that our political class wants can read above level-1. In stan- schools which are grouped into poor children belonging to dard V, only 58.3% can read at good, average and poor. There OBC, SC and ST category level-2. The following Table-2 are some government schools should be able to join premier gives the arithmetic levels for which are better than or equal to institutions like IITs and IIMs. children I to VIII standards. top tier aided or second tier un- When one looks at the above This is not a pretty picture. table, what chance do they have

P AG E 6 ASER has rein- forced what we already Most teachers are From first day in knew that while the govern- trained mainly to cover the the class to the last day, ment has succeeded in great syllabus in a mechanical, teachers emphasize how to measures in creating rea- exam-oriented manner. secure high marks in the sonable amount of educa- Teachers encourage rote public examinations con- tion infrastructure (number methods and drilling. The ducted by faceless people of primary schools exceed- quality of education is a through an inhuman and ing 1.2 millions) quality of reflection of the quality of anti-learning system. This education our children are teachers. Still our political was the system originally getting is at abysmal level. class wants the appointment implemented by Macaulay of teachers based not on to produce clerks for East While ASER has merit but on caste. Even India. When most of the showed high enrollment those who are for social developed world has given ratio at primary levels, drop equity and are concerned up on such examination out rates climb to depress- about the development of system, we in India are un- ing levels as children to go the backward classes do not able to reform or drop it. to higher standards. As a agree with these measures. Teachers while critical of result India has a poor en- The Indian government has the present day examination rolment of 7 per cent stu- earmarked a whopping Rs system are against the ex- dents in higher education. It 850 billion ($21 billion) for amination reform since the is an average of 25 per cent the education sector in the status quo gives them ample in developing countries. 11th Five Year Plan, which opportunities to earn money Ratan Tata had to ends in 2012. The budget is through coaching, tuition leave Singur due to almost five times more than and grading papers. We Need for million mutinies the budget allocated for the need to drop public exami- incessant protests by to reform education sector education sector in the pre- nation system and move vious 10th Five Year Plan. over to a more student and Trinamool Congress learning oriented examina- ASER has also Unless three strate- tion system. showed the wrong priorities gic reforms, namely, elimi- of the political class in im- nation of public examina- 73 r d and 74 t h plementing caste and class tion system, total decen- amendment to the constitu- based quota system for in- tralization by forming local tion was based on total de- stitutes of higher education level education autonomous centralization to achieve the like IITs, IIMs, IISc, AIMS, body consisting of educa- dream of Mahatma Gandhi. etc. Experts have showed tionists, and appointing One of the topics to be de- that such quota system will heads of the institutions centralized was education. help only those who are who are properly selected Since education sector gives from higher income levels for their managerial compe- ample opportunities to earn who can attend either resi- tence and training, any huge money under the table dential schools, or top tier other measure like DPEP, through transfer of teachers, private schools or can af- Serv Sikshan Abhiyan , new recruitment of staff, selec- ford to pay huge fees to N a t i on a l C ur r i c u l um tion of text books, etc po- attend coaching classes. Framework etc will not litical class would like to What is of critical impor- have any impact. We need keep all the levers of power REA LLY ?? tance is to improve the stan- million mutinies in different at the state capitals. We dards of education in gov- parts of India. There are need to dismantle the elabo- ernment schools both in thousands of NGOs work- rate centralization and allow rural and urban areas. To- ing hard to improve the city or taluk level formation day teachers working in the quality of education. Their of education autonomous government schools are efforts are a drop in the body to take over the re- better paid, more qualified ocean of state indifference sponsibility of education and have more training. and wrong centralized poli- sector. Still students are getting cies. Partly literate citizens relatively better education are also to blame who have Finally we need to appoint in private schools. remained indifferent. YFE CRUSA DER

ISSUE 1II, O CT OBER P AG E 7 heads of the institutions not tions. help the OBCs. But are they based on some “donkey years” really interested in helping the service system. Such a system None of the three strategies sug- OBCs or more concerned about forces the educational institu- gested is easy. But they are ab- the vote bank politics? tions to appoint the senior most solutely necessary. Instead of teacher as the head irrespective working on these reforms to Dr. Bhamy V. Shenoy, an of his or her competence. We impart better primary and sec- alumnus of IITM is an need a new cadre of teachers ondary education to the children who are selected on a competi- of OBCs, SCs and STs, our po- advisor to Pratham My- tive basis. They should have litical class are more interested sore and was former management ability as well as in providing higher education member of the governing pedagogical competence. They and jobs to the creamy class in council of Manipal Insti- should be held accountable to the name of redressing the civi- tute of Technology carry on their responsibilities of lizational blunders of discrimi- imparting quality education to nating against them. The exam- all while giving them all the ple of Democratic Presidential power to hire and fire the teach- candidate Barrak Obama should ers like in any well run institu- teach our political class how to ATAL BEHARI VAJPAYEE FORMER PM—INDIA MESMERIZING POETRY HAPPY DIWALI TO ALL READERS!!

Case of Affirmative Action in US Law Schools P AG E 8 The caste based were more than twice as ary student was more likely reservations in India are likely as the whites to drop to succeed if he was al- highly criticized not only out. These black students lowed to take admission in because of its methodology who were given admission a college matching his aca- or „process‟ but also be- because of the quota were demic calibre – i.e. where s/ cause of its „place‟. And six times as likely as whites he would have got admis- hence there is a general to fail the bar exam after sion solely based on his/her apprehension about whether multiple attempts. merit, rather than s/he be it is serving its „purpose‟ of given admission to an insti- not. While in India few Based on the tute where the teaching rig- credible researches have analysis, Prof Sander ors are much higher than gone into assessing this, a reached to the conclusion what s/he can cope up with. similar study was done in a that racial preferences in the US law school in 2004. admissions resulted in a This points out at counterproductive mis- the fallacy in „place‟ ele- In his research match between the abilities ment of the quotas. And this titled “A systematic analy- of the black beneficiaries research result makes a very sis of affirmative action in and the law schools which strong advocate for removal American law schools”, gave them admission under or non-inclusion of any Professor (Dr.) Richard H. affirmative action. In the reservation policy in insti- Sander made a path break- case where black students tutes of higher learning. If ing study and came out with were given admission pref- India has to succeed, the eye opening results which erably under affirmative foundation has to be made have been widey discussed action, their failure rates strong – focus should be on The Gujjar saga is and debated. Dr. Sander is a were much higher than the primary education and let just an harbinger professor of Law at Univer- law schools which matched the best talent grab the op- sity of California Los Ange- their academic abilities. portunity to get through the of times to come... les (ULCA) law school and This in turn harms not only competition and access the analysed the law school the law schools but also higher education, irrespec- admission data and the fail- these very black students tive any bias like caste/ ure rates of the black stu- for whose benefit such poli- gender. It is time we stop dents. cies are made! for a moment and see if our 3Ps are correct: Purpose, A copy of the report can be Process, and Place of any accessed at: such reservation policies. http://adversity.net/Sander/ Systemic_Analysis_FINAL.pdf Kumar Rahul In the US, affirma- NMIMS University, tive actions are the policies Mumbai meant to promote the access of historically socio- politically non-dominant groups to education and A very similar employment, are also called condition is prevailing in racial preference policies or the case of caste based res- simply racial quota. ervations in institutes of higher learning in India. The data showed From Prof Sander‟s re- that around 50% of black search it comes out that a students formed the bottom preference-policy benefici- 10% of the class and these YFE CRUSA DER

ISSUE 1II, O CT OBER P AG E 9 AROUND THE WORLD BA RA CK O BA MA IS SET TO BE T HE FIRST AFRICAN A MERICAN TO BE ELECTED T HE P RESIDEN T O F T HE UN ITED ST AT ES MA RT IN LUT HER K IN G HA D S A I D I N H I S F A M O U S SP EECH O F 1963 “ I HA VE A DREA M T HAT If quotas are O N E DA Y O N T HE RED introduced for HILLS O F G EORG IA T HE SO N S O F FO RMER SLAV ES the poor, will A N D T HE SO N S OF FO RMER SLA VE OW N ERS W ILL BE there be a mad A BLE TO SIT DO WN T O- rush to be G ET HER A T A T A BLE OF BRO T HERHOO D” called poor as T HIS DREA M MIG HT SO ON has happened CO ME T RUE !! in the case of caste based reservations ?? Dr. Y.K. Sharma Dussehra –A Victory Day Delhi University Dussehra is a Victory Day, Victory of Lord Ram over Ravan, Victory of almighty God over devil, Victory of good over evil, Victory of dharm over adharm. It is a victory of life over death. A victory of hope over despair, A victory of creation over destruction, A victory of light over darkness, PROTEST MODE A victory of knowledge over ignorance. CHENNAI A victory of justice over injustice, Victory of dignity over oppression, Alas! This victory will remain incomplete, Till all the Kabeels, Sabeels and Afzals are hanged

P AG E 10 How long will brave officers die & for whom ?? . YET ANOTHER not as culpable as the ones faces of our leadership and brave man laid down his who commit the dastardly represent the decision- life while performing his acts of terror? making apparatus of the duty. Delhi police‟s most country. decorated inspector Mohan Terrorists will win, Chand Sharma‟s sense of if an unspoken religious Our ministers are duty can never be forgotten subtext defines and divides busy playing their cards by a true patriot. When the our political class. The main right to improve their entire nation is sceptical of opposition party is leaving chances at the next elec- the response by the state no stone unturned in harp- tions; but none of them has machinery to terrorists, it‟s ing on the reintroduction of ever shown any interest in the presence of such brave the Prevention of Terrorism pushing for reforms in the officers which provides a Act (POTA) and in criticis- police force or giving more glimmer of hope. May his ing the Centre; but it has no power to our security agen- soul rest in peace and may time to focus on the prob- cies or bringing in stringent his valiant act not go in lem and find a solution. At laws or modernising our vain. times I feel why the terror security apparatus. The in- attack failed on December formation and broadcasting But my only point 13, 2001. I don‟t want as- minister P.R Dasmunshi is how long should brave surances and condolences said that there was no need and patriotic officers lay anymore. for special powers for the down their lives for the police to deal with jihadi blunders committed by an At the present mo- terrorism. He even ridiculed incompetent government ment the state looks weak, the concern raised by the and coward politicians? The helpless and paralysed. public over the recurring death of innocent people Politicians are only concen- jihadi terrorist strikes across doesn‟t matter to them; they trating on their vote banks the country. The English are busy playing their own and delivering parochial daily ‟Hindu‟ quoted him as politics. The Central gov- speeches to strengthen their saying, quot;Can anyone predict ernment has shown no incli- position before the general a terrorist strike? No gov- nation to counter terrorism elections. They just can‟t ernment can prevent it.quot; So, and there is a complete ab- act strongly in an hour of going by his words, the sence of leadership. More- crisis. Shivraj Patil was innocent civilians of this over, allies of the govern- more interested in dressing country have no option but ment, like Mulayam Singh himself up when he was to keep dying at the hands Yadav and Laloo Prasad inspecting the blast sites. of the terrorists. Yadav have gone on record He is the wrong man for the as saying that the Student job. The Prime Minister Do I need to say anything Islamic Movement of India hasn‟t addressed the nation more? (SIMI) is being targeted in for years on television now the country. So they are and is shying away from his I just want all of us trying to convey that our responsibility and credibil- to come forward and de- investigation agency and ity by not convening the mand action from the gov- our intelligence is a total monsoon session of parlia- ernment. A nation‟s collec- failure and they are right. ment. This is the new face tive will is the biggest of the world‟s largest de- weapon against fissiparous Should not action mocracy. The nation, as a tendencies. America and be taken against these two matter of serious planning China have shown that. leaders for openly support- and vision, has simply van- There should be a policy of ing the revocation of ban on ished from the agenda of „no compromise‟ on inter- SIMI? Are these politicians those who are the known nal security. to eliminate YFE CRUSA DER

P AG E 11 .this weed; we must get revolt under one banner, and sadly it could be so this ready to face the wrath of namely the tricolour. If you time too. these malevolent elements cannot, then I don‟t want with the confidence of a another inspector like Come on!! BA NK S T UMBLE victor. People‟s power has Mohan Chand Sharma to MA RK ET S FUMBLE shown the way before and lay down his life for the Rishabh this is the right time for all welfare of the callous citi- Srivastava concerned citizens to come zens of the country. This is forward and gel as a force very true because only five Mumbai to reckon with. We have to per cent of Indians partici- decide how many more pated in the freedom strug- lives will force us to rise in gle; the rest were too lazy Increase in creamy layer limit is Anti Poor and divisive: Sign online Petition To all well meaning citizens of India Govt‟ s decision of increasing creamy layer limit to 4.5 lakhs will defeat the very purpose of reserva- tion phenomenon. This way we are overlooking, a significant section of backward class who feel dif- ficulties to even manage their daily meal. They can never be benefited through this reservation pol- icy. During the arguments on legality of 27% Quota for OBCs, we have seen the examples of Rikshapull- ers, Sweepers etc but when it came in fixing the creamy layer limit, we totally forgot them. In support of 27% reservation for OBCs, it had been submitted that, 97.5% of OBC population had a daily income of less than Rs 80 but when it came for distribution of reservation benefits, income of Rs 1200/- per day will be beneficiary of reservation. Govt‟s argument for hike in creamy layer limit to keep with economic changes sounds absurd, as if the economy is changing for particular caste. If there is inflation, that is for whole Indian society irre- spective of caste. The transition of creamy layer limit from 1lakh to 2.5 lakhs to 4.5lkahs and now in Uttar Pradesh it is up to 5 lakhs, looks, as if our backwardness is increasing along with our economy. The whole decision of hike in creamy layer income limit will snatch the benefits from poor among back- ward class and widen the social disparity. This is fully a political gimmick to garner vote bank. The need of the hour is to register our strong protest against such undemocratic and antipoor policy. Please come forward and sign the petition and forward it to others. http://www.petitiononline.com/YFE/petition.html Editor YFE CRUSA DER

ISSUE 1II, O CT OBER P AG E 12 Asato ma Sad gamaya; Tamaso the aim of this e-paper. Articles can be mailed to YFE ma Jyotir gamaya Crusader at The need of the hour is Lets share the light of to spread our views and keep yfemovement@yfemovement.com happiness, brotherhood and everyone integrated to challenge knowledge, to remove the dark- the divisive forces who are try- Write in to YFE Crusader and ness of caste based discrimina- ing to divide this nation. make your voice heard by all. tion and build a nation of new dimension. I appeal all like minded N.Agasti citizens to come forward and - Editor Welcome to the third raise their voice against injus- issue of YFE Crusader. This tice. As a part of our awareness The editor can be reached at editor@yfemovement.com “YFE wishes u issue covers articles on reserva- campaign against ill effects of tion policy and its effects on present reservation policy we a very happy society. Also a news section on have taken this initiative and I various issues related to educa- welcome the scholarly contribu- Dussehra & tion and reservation has been tions from all the well meaning included. Hope it will make the citizens who oppose caste based Diwali. May readers aware of certain relevant reservation. This e-paper will be every day of facts on reservation, which is made available on our website. your life be happier than the passing one” we know very well that this caste based Any democratic Govt. will Voice from Kolkata reservation in 21st century will push find it difficult and can not solve it. It - Dr. Chaitali Sen India back to 19th Century. is now out of limits. Best wishes Dear Agasti, Voice from Mumbai For long days I am getting your mails. Sometimes I think we are Voice from America - Sonal Kapadia unable to work along with dedicated - Dileep Ayachit workers like you and your friends in D.U. We are just helpless onlookers- Sir, -who know very well that our fight Sir, will never succeed in the uneven Creamy Layer hike for OBC‟s battle with the Government. Reservation issue will be a is a shocking betrayal of the People of water gate for Congress and a long long India by the Government of India. However, we will always problem for India. render our moral support to you as www.yfemovement.com

E DITOR IAL BOARD CONTENT EDITOR: N.AGASTI, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI CONTENT DESIGNER: RAVISHANKAR DUVVURI, NMIMS, MUMBAI Mail: editor@yfemovement.com How you can be a part of YFE You can be a part of the team to collect wrong/unjust implementation of reservation policy at your place and send us the data You can express your views on YFE discussion forum on the website http://yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=78 You can contribute your articles on various socio economic and public issues to the e-paper YFE-Crusader, which will be available on website http://yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_weblinks&catid=22&Itemid=100 You can forward our sms /e-mails among your friends time to time You can support us financially (please go to support us link on the website for details) http://yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=93 Please come forward to fight the battle against caste based division of this nation Visit us at: www.yfemovement.com

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