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Published on January 2, 2009

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YFE Crusader is the mouthpiece of Youth for equality
Youth for equality is a civil society organization working for eradication of inequality and discrimination in india in the fields of education. The purview of YFE is expanding overtime to include human rights and social causes. We fight against the social evils to make india a free and fair society.

YFE Crusader WELCOME TO YFE ISSUE 1V, NOV-DEC SPECIAL 2008 >World “Declare War On Terror” awakens to a new reality of global terror > Reflected What started as an initiative to keep the issue of terrorism in the public consciousness till the gov- throughout ernment delivers on its promises has now become this issue is a national movement with over 90,000 people the desire for taking the pledge to fight and finish off terror peace from the country. > Wish all our People from all parts of the country, including readers a celebrities, have shown extraordinary commit- very happy & ment while taking the pledge. peaceful 2009 India Today Group's 'Declare War on Terror' fo- rum under the aegis of its non-profit foundation CARE TODAY will carry on the movement even after the Mumbai terror attacks have vanished INSIDE THIS from the headlines. ISSUE: This forum will push for change in policy and Declare War 1 law. It will study and present detailed proposals On Terror for upgradation of our anti-terror institutions. It will serve as a watchdog body to demand effi- Peace March 3 ciency, governance and alertness from our civil administration. It will ensure that the heroes in Terrorism in 4 this war are honored. It will, through debate and Mumbai. Is it discussion, try and build a national consensus on all over for this issue. Above all, it will not allow the issue of India? - Shashi terrorism to fade away from the public domain Tharoor and the national agenda Saviors of the 6 Creamy layer Poetry Corner 9 Techniques 12 For Action Letter To The 14 Editor

PAGE 2 News Bar - As it happens !! 15.26% avails 27% Quota in Himachal Himachal Pradesh government has decided to increase the income limit of the creamy layer of Other Backward Classes (OBCs), from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh per year. Apex court serves to government on quota creamy layer; Bench wants to know why definition of privileged was changed. The Supreme Court sought a reply from the Centre on a batch of petitions challenging the move to raise the annual income ceiling for the creamy layer among the OBC can- didates, seeking admission to central educational institutions, from Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh. Reservation has to be finished now: HC Plurality of seats must for reservation: SC In a significant ruling, the Supreme Court held that for reservation to apply there must exist more than one post/seat. Applying this rule, a scheduled caste candidate was denied the job of a History At Christmas, all Lecturer in a private college in Karnataka, as there exited a single post in the college’s History department. roads lead home - Majorie Holmes DR. ABDUL KALAM’S SPEECH IN HYDERABAD —AN EXCERPT Why is the media here so negative? Why are we in India so embarrassed to recognize our own strengths, our achievements? Welcome 2009 !! We are such a great nation. We have so many amazing success stories but we refuse to ac- knowledge them. Why? We are the first in milk production. We are number one in Remote sensing satellites. We are the second largest producer of wheat. We are the second largest producer of rice. YOU say that our government is inefficient. YOU say that our laws are too old. YOU say that the municipality does not pick up the garbage. YOU say that the phones don't work, the railways are a joke. The airline is the worst in the world, mails never reach their destination. YOU say that our country has been fed to the dogs and is the absolute pits. YOU say, say and say. What do YOU do about it? 'ASK WHAT WE CAN DO FOR INDIA AND DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE TO MAKE INDIA WHAT AMERICA AND OTHER WESTERN COUNTRIES ARE TODAY' YFE CRUSADER


PAGE 4 Terrorism in Mumbai: Is it all over for India? There is a savage irony to getic thrust into the 21st lodestar of Indian tourism the fact that the unfolding century. They struck at to Rajasthan; Ahmedabad is horror in Mumbai began symbols of the prosperity the primary city of Gujarat, with terrorists docking near that was making the Indian the state that is a poster the Gateway of India. The model so attractive to the child for India's develop- magnificent arch, built in globalizing world -- luxury ment, with a local GDP 1911 to welcome the King- hotels, a swish café, an growth rate of 14%; Delhi Emperor, has ever since apartment house favoured is the nation's political capi- stood as a symbol of the by foreigners. The terrorists tal and India's window to openness of the city. also sought to polarize In- the world; Assam was lo- Crowds flock around it, dian society by claiming to gistically convenient for made up of foreign tourists be acting to redress the terrorists from across a po- 2009 is the Chinese year and local yokels; touts grievances, real and imag- rous border. Mumbai com- of the OX hawk their wares; boats bob ined, of India's Muslims. bined all the four elements in the waters, offering And by singling out Brit- of its precursors: by attack- cruises out to the open sea. ons, Americans and Israelis ing it, the terrorists hit In- The teeming throngs around for special attention, they dia's economy, its tourism, 2008 was the Chinese it daily reflect India's diver- demonstrated that their and its internationalism, and year of the RAT. It was sity, with Parsi gentlemen brand of Islamist fanaticism they took advantage of the indeed an year of out for their evening consti- is anchored less in the abso- city's openness to the world. “RAT”IONALIZATION tutionals, Muslim women in lutism of pure faith than in A grand slam. in the true sense of the burqas taking the sea air, the geopolitics of hate. Goan Catholic waiters en- In dian s have word. joying a break from their Today, the plati- learned to endure the un- duties at the stately Taj Ma- tudes flow like blood. Ter- speakable horrors of terror- Markets, economies, hal Hotel, Hindus from rorism is unacceptable; the ist violence ever since ma- countries, individuals every corner of the country terrorists are cowards; the lign men in Pakistan con- are facing challenges chatting in a multitude of world stands united in unre- cluded it was cheaper and never ever seen or fore- tongues. Today, ringed by served condemnation of this more effective to bleed In- police barricades, the Gate- latest atrocity. Commenta- dia to death than to attempt seen before. way of India - the gateway tors in America trip over to defeat it in conventional to India, and to India's soul themselves to pronounce war. Attack after attack has What will the year of -- is barred, mute testimony this night and day of car- been proven to have been the “OX” mean for the to the latest assault on the nage India's 9/11. But India financed, equipped and world ?? country's pluralist democ- has endured many at- guided from across the bor- racy. tempted 9/11s, notably a der, the most recent being ferocious assault on its na- the suicide-bombing of the The terrorists who tional Parliament in Decem- Indian Embassy in Kabul, heaved their bags laden ber 2001 that nearly led to an action publicly traced by with weapons up the steps all-out war against the as- American intelligence to of the wharf to begin their sailants' presumed sponsors, Islamabad's dreaded mili- assault on the Taj, like their Pakistan. This year alone, tary special-ops agency, the cohorts at a dozen other terrorist bombs have taken ISI. The risible attempt to locations around the city, lives in Jaipur, in Ahmeda- claim quot;creditquot; for the Mum- knew exactly what they bad, in Delhi and (in an bai killings in the name of were doing. Theirs was an eerie dress-rehearsal for the the quot;Deccan Mujahideenquot; attack on India's financial effectiveness of synchronic- merely confirms that wher- nerve-centre and commer- ity) several different places ever the killers are from, it cial capital, a city emblem- on one searing day in the is not the Deccan. The Dec- atic of the country's ener- state of Assam. Jaipur is the can lies inland from Mum- YFE CRUSADER

ISSUE 1V, NOV-DEC SPECIAL 2008 PAGE 5 bai; one does not need to sail the Marriott Hotel proved that Bombs and bullets alone cannot waters of the Arabian Sea to the Frankenstein's monster is now destroy India, because Indians Gateway of India to get to the well and truly out of that gov- will pick their way through the city from there. In its meticu- ernment's control. The militancy rubble and carry on as they have lous planning, sophisticated co- once sponsored by its predeces- done throughout history. ordination and military preci- sors now threatens to abort sion, as well as its choice of Pakistan's sputtering democracy But what can destroy targets, the assault on Mumbai and seeks to engulf India in its India is a change in the spirit of bore no trace of what its pro- flames. There has never been a its people, away from the plural- moters tried to suggest it was -- stronger case for firm and united ism and co-existence that has a spontaneous eruption by angry action by the governments of been our greatest strength. The young Indian Muslims. This both India and Pakistan to cau- Prime Minister's call for calm horror was not homegrown. terize the cancer in their midst. and restraint in the face of this murderous rampage is vital. If Inevitably, the ques- these tragic events lead to the tions have begun to be asked: demonization of the Muslims of quot;is it all over for India? Can the India, the terrorists will have country ever recover from this?quot; won. For India to be India, its gateway -- to the multiple Indias Of course the answers within, and the heaving seas are no and yes, but outsiders without -- must always remain cannot be blamed for asking open. existential questions about a nation that so recently had been Former Undersecretary seen as poised for take-off. In- General of the United dia can recover from the physi- Nations Shashi Tharoor cal assaults against it. It is a land of great resilience that has Shashi Thuroor Huffington Post, Dec 1 learned, over arduous millennia, to cope with tragedy. Within 24 2008. hours of an earlier Islamist as- The Islamist extremism sault on Mumbai, the Stock Ex- nurtured by a succession of change bombing in 1993, Bom- military rulers of Pakistan has bay's traders were back on the now come to haunt its well- floor, their burned-out com- intentioned but lamentably weak puters forgotten, doing what elected civilian government. they used to before technology The bombing of Islamabad's had changed their trading styles. WR I TI NG ON TH E WA LL “It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement” - (Constitution of India, Part IVA Fundamental Duties, Article 51(A) (j))

PAGE 6 Saviors of the creamy layer J.S.RAJPUT The Ministry of logic put forward by the directive that the creamy Social Justice and Empow- NCBC or the government. layer has to be excluded and erment has done what it only those who genuinely considers politically oppor- The creamy layer deserve state support should tune and what is the main „uplift‟ comes in the wake get it. Government was not occupation of the political of certain alarming facts in favour of even defining a bosses, who refuse to think that are regularly docu- creamy layer. It has found a beyond the next election. In mented by various agencies via media. Now, this layer an elite-oriented system of and do deserve some con- between Rs.2.0 lakh to Rs. governance it surprises no sideration. An UN assess- 4.5 lakh will practically one that the union cabinet ment published recently reap all the benefits and has raised the upper limit of indicates that India would those unlucky enough to the creamy layer in the con- not be able to reduce the remain below Rs. 2.5 lakh text of OBC reservations. number of its hungry by will practically be no half even up to 2015. Sev- where. Let it also be known Apparently, the eral other Millennium De- that such a data will never union cabinet is more wor- velopment Goals would be published by the govern- “TIME” PERSON OF ried about those in the in- also remain unattainable for ment. THE YEAR 2008 !! come range of Rs.2.5 lakhs India. 46% of India‟s chil- to Rs.4.5 lakhs. In fact it dren are malnourished The UPA govern- “In one of the filed an affidavit in the Su- which is not unexpected ment has played havoc with craziest elections in preme Court that many when 27.5% people are schooling and higher educa- American history, he elected representatives de- classified under „below the tion for over four years in overcame a lack of manded the limit raised to poverty line‟! The projected the name of helping the experience, a funny 25 Lakhs! What a concept target to reduce it to poor, downtrodden and the of „equality of opportunity 18.75% appears distant. destitute. At present, in the name, two candidates of access and success‟ in a How will these people and MHRD, for every problem who are political insti- country with a population their children compete on in education, he only solu- tutions and the racial of over 30 crores classified par with those earning tion is reservations, more divide to become the under the BPL category! around Rs 4.5 lakhs per reservations and still more 44th President of the The existence of the Na- year? reservations. It is all for the United States “ tional Commission for the benefit of the Aam Aadami! Backward Classes (NCBC), Clearly, the Con- Further, at no stage; minori- - TIMEmagazine which recommended raising gress party, under pressure ties could complain that the limit, has come handy from within and also from they were not being given for the Ministry and the its allies who survive on generous dose of supportive government. Commissions caste politics, pretends to proclamations. After all of this nature are always help the poor and the weak what is the harm in making ready to substantiate the under an astonishing defini- announcements? It is an- desires of the politicians tion of the creamy layer. other matter why minority through „professional sup- The NCBC claims huge concentration areas were port and expert advice‟! support for enhancing the never provided with func- The present case is just one upper income limit. To tional schools, vocational of the umpteen other exam- judge the veracity of the centers and teaching learn- ples. Media reports do point claim, talk to common peo- ing materials in the mother out the impending elections ple in villages and towns tongue of the children for as one of the motivating who are not the beneficiar- all these years? They were factors responsible for this ies of the Sixth Pay Com- given the great Sachar decision. However, media mission, and they would tell Committee Report to re- has shown no inclination to you the real story. The en- joice and live under the analyze the situation and hanced limit is just another illusion, once again, that educate people on the un- way of circumventing the something substantial will tenability of the supportive spirit of the Supreme Court really be done for them! YFE CRUSADER

ISSUE 1V, NOV-DEC SPECIAL 2008 PAGE 7 One wonders how many of the syndrome‟ which limits the total that governs the least! minority community (read Mus- thinking and „vision‟ of the de- lims0 are still not disillusioned cision makers. Even apparently After six decades of with the innumerable measures right-looking decisions are independence, it is time to seri- announced for their benefit! twisted and truncated in the ously conduct a scientific as- What advantages have come to process of politicizing every sessment of the impact of reser- the Muslim Community because aspect of governance. Take the vations. Political exploitation of of the Sachar Committee Re- recent decision to ban smoking reservations takes place across port? At least the Muslim practically everywhere except the board. When political intents friends and families I know within one‟s own home. One overshadow every other con- could not tell me even a single would like to support it in prin- cern, it sends disturbing signals one! ciple but the manner of its pro- all around! Gandhiji wanted the posed implementation reduces it last man down the line to be in to another gimmick being focus, the present government played by the political bosses. thinks of the one who could tilt Harassment of the ordinary the balance in its favour at the would gain new dimensions. cost of the really weak and de- Another avenue for corruption serving. As for the expectations opens up. If the concern of gov- of political dividends are con- ernment was indeed genuine, it cerned, this venture is also would have improved upon the slated to meet the same fate as functioning of its health of several other adventures The OBC reservation schemes and improved the in- launched over the recent past. „Card‟ is another political mis- frastructure in health centers in adventure, like the farmers‟ loan the rural areas, which have been The author is the former waiver scheme. If there were languishing for ages to get Chairman of the National any doubts earlier, the newly- equipments, doctors and medi- Council for Teacher Educa- defined creamy layer should not cines!. This is one of the many tion (NCTE) and also a for- leave even an iota of doubt sectors that have seen no im- mer Director of the NCERT about it in any one‟s mind on provement at least during the how the real interests of the last four years. Who could re- weaker sections are sacrificed at mind the central government the alter of the „next election that the best government is one HOMAGE TO SHAHEED NSG COMMANDOS MUMBAI TERROR ATTACK NSG Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan (L) & NSG Commando Gajendra Singh (R)

Terrorism PAGE 8 Dr. Shivam Priyadarshi - Jaipur The battle against momentum going for our course of 3-5 years in or- terrorism needs to be fought fight against terrorism. We der to prepare them for might remember 26th Nov. at different levels. working at grass root level , as the Black/Anti terrorism improving communication Firstly, we need to improve day and debates and discus- skills, leadership qualities our intelligence, the internal sions should continue for etc. The big corporates may security, the crisis/ disaster finding ways to tackle ter- come together to form a management forces, mod- rorism. I feel that a separate corpus fund for such a pro- ernization of defense forces course in universities ject. and their arms with proper should start on Terrorism. coordination amongst vari- Students should be re- Lastly, the evil forces and ous systems and between searching on various sub- the negative energy like Centre and the states. jects related to terrorism. terrorism needs to be over- We should go into the powered by positive en- Secondly we need to create deeper roots and causes of ergy . We need to promote awareness amongst all citi- terrorism and the thought feelings of love, brother- zens. The fact that terrorism that terrorism has its root in hood, peace, spirituality , has no religion, no national Nationalism needs to be happiness & bliss. As we identity, no class needs to carefully looked into. all know darkness can only be emphasized feeling of be removed by bringing in brotherhood and love needs Fourthly, the political Light and not fighting with to be promoted amongst all class today is probably the it. This is the ultimate and religions and all nations. worst since our independ- most essential thing to let We must not allow anybody ence. We need to develop tranquility and happiness to divide us on the basis of an army of young dedicated prevail on this earth. . caste, religion or region. politicians. In every state a college to train such politi- Thirdly, we must keep the cians may be formed with a Let’s Promise MOHAN JINDAL Let us promise ourselves, we will all be Brave & take India where it deserves to be ! Brave in the hearts to execute positive energy... Till Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Azad, veer, and the uncountable, unnamed fight- ers... Till all of them Who gave us the free air of freedom... Till all of them say that they have given freedom to their future generations... Till all of them feel that we deserve the free Air Till all of them feel they have given meaning to us, to their blood! Till all of them feel good for themselves, for us and the Motherland! Come out of the shell, and shine like the star, like the SUN, Be Brave, Be Bold! Let Yourself Glow!!! Vande Mataram YFE CRUSADER

ISSUE 1V, NOV-DEC SPECIAL 2008 PAGE 9 IN D I AN S C A RL E T T - DR . Y .K.S H A R MA , DELH I UNI VER S I TY Aarushi, the poor girl, Met, a mysterious end. No dear ones to mourn, But, commercial mourners in plenty. Dead in her own closet, Was found the poor girl; By hemlok lover parents With a big question mark Parents cried out their pain, Were they parents? Doubt lingers. Was she taught about SANSKARS? Or walk to talk. Certainly not. Then, who is to blame? Aarushi was the poor girl, But poorer were thy parents: Who have nothing to give her She lived dangerously with snakes and scorpions, If the insect stung, who stand to blame? The mother cannot control the wind, The time passes by uncared. Humming goes in fire, Can one tame the time and winds? Oh! No, Why control it not before it flows, Poor Aarushi! The world is full of vultures. Land safely, cut their wings, Before they stretch their treacherous designs, If not so Millions of Aarushi will meet, Their poor sister Aarushi. Always love with care. Om Shanti Om.

PAGE 10 Salute the spirit of Mumbai ? As the fresh blasts wounds on camera and in- months. PM and inept rocked the financial capital terviewed family of de- Home Minister condemned of the country, Spirit of ceased and asked questions the attack. It was good to Mumbai has once again like: Where do they belong see PM addressing the na- quot;defeatedquot; the motive of to? When they are planning tion quot;after 18 hoursquot; of the terrorist to create painic. cremation and many other attack. Now in next few Even after 24 hours of the irrelevant and illogical days a probe will be set in, attack, battle is till going on questions but then that is we will await the results till at Trident Hotel and Nari- expected of our media the next terror strikes. man House (28th Novem- houses who are trying to get Meanwhile, everyone hailed ber, 00:33 hrs IST) but more viewer-ship. After all the spirit of the city and its Mumbai woke to the morn- this is also part of spirit of resilience. ing of the 27th with the Mumbai. same spirit as it has always It does take a great does. As I was reading the I saw many people deal of courage and a soul newspaper to get the latest in the campus listening to of steel to go back to work updates, I got a call from music, discussing latest the next day after an attack my colleague asking movies, having pastries and like this. But you were at whether office will remain giving weird views and the work because you have open ? I called up and was comments on the latest de- no other option. You don't told that my office is open. velopment at the battle have time to pause and Few of my friends offices' ground in South Mumbai. A think. An email is circulated declared holiday and so lady commented after the that quot;Terrorists, you cannot they enjoyed it watching news of chief chef being defeat usquot;. latest flicks on DVD. I killed in Taj Mahal Hotel, reached my office and there Are the terrorists fool, who But let me tell you, was an announcement of will cook food for them? my friend that if 150 people quot;Proud to be Working to- and entire group of hers of your city have been dayquot;. It gave great quot;solacequot; laughed loudly on this com- killed because they were at to my heart. ment. As I was returning wrong place and at wrong back to my home, I ob- time-- and you still get up There were few served that people have no early in the morning and people chatting about the fear and were carrying on behave as nothing has hap- terror attacks that hit the with their usual business pened, Sorry to say that-- city last night and few of with great quot;callousnessquot;. You are already defeated!! them were visiting website and watched news channels This is called The enemy has to find the latest update on Spirit of Mumbai. Well I broken your spirit and has the encounter between secu- just beg to differ and I call won over your soul. The rity personnel's and terror- this INSENSITIVENESS enemy has subdued the rage ists. and APATHY. that should boil over and it has taken the tears from As usual media The phrase quot;Spirit your eyes that should flow. was trying to give its latest of Mumbaiquot; has just be- The same soul will pretend updates by telecasting the come hollow in last few as nothing has happened quot;old footagesquot; and repeat- years and it just quot;sounds even when we as a nation ing the same stories and few nicequot; when we hear these will loose our identity, lines again and again. They days. The same chronology when we will be asked a wounded man, who was followed as in many of balaknized. This fatalism was hit by bullet and run- the terror attacks that have will ultimately lead us no- ning for help to show his hit the country in last few where. YFE CRUSADER

PAGE 11 I read one interview of Sir my country. It feels that pressurize our government VS Naipaul where he says anyone can come from any- to take some strong and that-- where and kill people at bold steps. This can perhaps will. I don't want condem- be the first step towards the quot;I feel all of this nation of attack but some long journey that citizens of tells people that they should concrete steps. I don't want this nation need to start. be defeated again, it s good reaction but some sort of for them to live with defeat, action. Can my government I would prefer to and that somehow beauty guarantee that? If not then die after killing an enemy of comes out of defeat. I don t let Defence take over the nation than being killed on think beauty comes out of reign of this country be- a street as a mute victim. defeat, I think the Indian cause our politicians have wretchedness comes out of become spineless and Remember, the Indian defeat, and this eunuchs like millions of us. idea of experiencing is ut- Patriotism is not terly wrong. I don‟t think Lightning candles, short, frenzied outbursts of the Sanskrit texts pre the observing silence, changing emotion, but the tranquil Muslim conquest, dealt in display pictures etc is not and steady dedication of a this kind of negation. I going to help. Neither gov- lifetime. think this negation has ernment nor future attackers come with the years of are going to see it. One - Rishabh Srivastava squalor and defeat. Defeat- thing is for sure that I am Mumbai ism, denial and helplessness not going to do this thing. I have become the defining want my conscience to con- . Indian traits and this is the tinuously pinch me till I do battle that needs to be something. fought.quot; As a blog post on Bharat-Rakshak by Sbajwa acidly says, They have attacked Red Fort, wives and children of Army personnel, Parlia- ment, Stock Exchange, Educational institutes and professors, Amarnath/ Ayodhya/Sankat mochan/ etc temples, mosques, bombs in buses/trains/ streets. What is left? I guess they will have to There is need to start exploding bombs atop send the Spirit of Mumbai Himalaya or Ganga to get on a vacation and it should Indians to wake up and do not come back unless gov- something.quot; Indeed. ernment has taken concrete measures to protect the citi- Does your con- zens. I as a citizen of the science pinch you? If yes country don't feel safe in then let's come together and YFE CRUSADER

Techniques for action PAGE 12 BHAWANA JOSHI, NEW DELHI as you have enough confi- follow that habit. dence in your own abilities 1. Concentration of M i n d . to be sure that you can put 7. Use success to boost Our brain is the Mas- the wrong things to right. your courage. ter computer of our body. It You must celebrate is well known that brain your large and even small 4. Have a strong de- cells like other body mus- victories achieved by you sire towards action. cles, need regular exercise Planning and creat- with your hard work. It will to keep healthy and work- ing situation is essential for boost your confidence and ing. To concentrate effec- action. When the right time help you to be successful in tively you are to sustain comes to act, then the per- even hard tasks. Peak per- your attention for a longer former goes for its full ac- fumers do celebrate all time and without any out- tion. This type of person is types of successes in their side distraction. It will be aware of how much time life. They seek opportuni- much better to maintain they devote to complete the ties to reinforce their efforts emotional balance during job, and he/she feels pride so that they are continu- this period to concentrate of such action and feels ously motivated and stay on for a longer period on one very much satisfied from track to perform at higher project in hand. his/her success. levels with high risks in- Countries across the volved. world condemned the 2. Try to k now 5. Use your happiness and Mumbai terror attacks what motivates you. love for life. 8. Realize that life is a Do- & showed solidarity Most of the intel- Success is moving It-Yourself Project. and support during lectuals, businessmen know towards the goal while be- Most of the successful these trying times. what makes them to know ing content and grateful for people in life don‟t wait for the correctness of the idea. what you have to day. Use anyone help them, or to Peace is desired by one They know what it takes to your happiness and love for train them. They of course and all. get the creative thinking life as springboard for even seek help as needed, but flowing. They know how to more success every day in first and foremost they take bring their passion and cre- future. Suck your dreams on pledge “ I must help ate the energy needed for with gifts you have given myself first approach to the project. They make their now and don‟t put happi- life”. They realize that suc- self-assessment what they ness off until something cess begins and ends with enjoy and what motivates “better” than before knocks them, and that they must them and then find opportu- your door. take the initiative in helping nity to avail the chance. themselves first. In learning Motivation of one‟s mind is driving you are to get little 6. Habits very important and useful We change ourselves training and then you are to for completion of any type and our environment to do it yourself to be a suc- of work or project in hand. attain maximum comforts cessful driver. of life. It is the effort that goes into these adaptive .9. Life is short, so 3. Self-confidence. Self-confidence is processes that forms habit. take full advantage of this. very important part of our The habit can be in good mental ability, which re- sense and it can be in a bad Life is unpredictable flects assessment of our self sense. The habit is intended and is of short span. It is to -worth. It plays important to prevent us from constant be lived to day, in the pre- part in the area of Self- experimenting and risk tak- sent. Most of the peak per- managem ent. Sel f- ing in our daily life. Actu- formers carry a continual confidence permits you to ally when we get used to sense of morality around to take all types of risks in life, something, we get used to remind them to remind YFE CRUSADER

PAGE 13 them from time to time that ployee in any organization, ance. every second of life is pre- then you are responsible for cious and so we should util- the completion of daily ac- 13. Understand yourself ize it up to the maximum. It tivities, obeying the orders and stop Procrastination. will be the best effort to of the senior staff and issu- change every second of life ing proper instructions to Best performer decides to into success of your activi- the staff working under you. have the mental discipline it ties and completion of your Prioritizing of activities is takes to make decision, to goals in life. very important function of hold themselves accountable being organized. It is an- and also minimize the num- 10. Always get ready to other method, which puts ber of tasks that they forget you in control of your re- about. If you ignore some- act. Successful people in sponsibilities towards your thing you must do is actually life are mentally prepared work in the organization. a decision you made not to do all the time to avail the it. They assess in reality what chance, and put all efforts 12. Self – awareness. is possible and note down into action to achieve the People are viewing a these tasks in there „To do target. They purposely take blurred picture; those who Diary‟. Identify your causes time before any “act” to are passing their day just of procrastination and start mentally, physically and like a racecar driver. You fighting with them from now. also emotionally get ready cannot slow down to see the The most important skill to so that they can operate new opportunities. This learn is the ability to beat optically for that special does not mean to move procrastination and laziness moment. slowly, but to create mental in your life. state of mind, so that you have clarity over the day. 11. Responsibilities. “As you climb the ladder of If you are a student, You can create this clear success, be sure it's leaning then you are responsible for focus by starting the day against the right building.” the submission of home and each activity with time assignments, regular in at- and clear purpose. Most of - H. Jackson Brown, Jr. tending the classes and pay- the successful people are ing respect to your teachers. aware of the peak time of Suppose you are an em- the day for their perform- How safe is the aam aadmi? YFE CRUSADER

PAGE 14 ISSUE 1V, NOV-DEC SPECIAL 2008 action has been proved as a raise their voice against injus- Wish you a merry threat to national integration. tice. As a part of our awareness Christmas and a very But if we see it from another campaign against ill effects of happy & prosperous new “Be always at angle, activities of MNS activ- present reservation policy we year ists are not at all different than have taken this initiative and I war with your the casteist politicians. The only welcome the scholarly contribu- Welcome to the fourth difference is, MNS violence led tions from all the well meaning vices, at peace issue of YFE Crusader. I am to instant reaction, on the other citizens who oppose caste based pleased to mention that, we side the caste based reservation reservation. This e-paper will be with your have reached to the 4th edition will give its result in long term. made available on our website. and with confidence I can say, Articles can be mailed to YFE neighbours, the vast response of contributors Let‟s not forget the Crusader at and let each will certainly take this initiative similarity between casteist poli- yfemovement@yfemovement.com to a new height. ticians who use casteism as their new year find vote bank and MNS, who use Write in to YFE Crusader and I am hopeful that this Regionalism as their vote bank. you a better make your voice heard by all. paper will serve its purpose in Days are not far, if this situation uniting more and more people to continues, all of us will witness man” N.Agasti fight against caste terror. Caste our nation‟s disintegration with- - Editor clash in Rajsthan and MNS out any doubt. violence in Mumbai should be Lets all join hands against caste - Benjamin The editor can be reached at an eye opener for casteist based division to take this na- editor@yfemovement.com forces, those who use caste for tion ahead. Franklin their narrow political gains. Perhaps this caste based politics I appeal all like minded has given birth to MNS, whose citizens to come forward and was candid when asked if it was pru- Allahabad HC’s Observation CJI: Time to ease creamy layer dent to extend reservation to children - Harish Kumar out of SC/ST Quota of Dalit IAS officials, constitutional - Vivek Singh post holders or those successful in Sir, Sir, business. I appreciate the comments The time has come to think quot;Caste prejudice cannot be laid by Hon'ble court. It's a handful about the creamy layer among Sched- totally wiped out only by high in- of educated intellectuals in India who uled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and come,quot; he told TOI, probably reflect- are driving the country... rest all are their gradual exclusion from quota ing on the ground situation prevalent in there to create obstacles in whatso- benefits, said Chief Justice of India K G many parts of the country. But he ever way on the road of progress for Balakrishnan, the first Dalit judge to agreed that quot;it is time to put on our the country. occupy the highest post in the judiciary. thinking caps about gradual exclusion of the high income group among SCs I wish such comments Politicians are ever so shy and STs from the purview of reserva- would someday make a difference in about touching this taboo subject, but tion benefitsquot;. the heart and soul of common man the CJI, who endured social discrimina- Hope some of our Politicians and things would change. tion and deprivation right through his will take a lesson from our honorable school days and into his judicial career, CJI www.yfemovement.com

equally. it's eyes and try to treat every person Voice from UK Yesterday i was listening to equally and fairly. - Shivam Markan the news where Star news told that the OBC system would come in place next I look forward to hearing Sir, year. I am totally against this system from you soon. and want to spread the word to the My name is Shivam Markan. Indian government that how unfair this Kind Regards I am a Indian living in UK. When this OBC would be. I want to show the bill was introduced I was very disap- Indian government this system is to- pointed that the stupid Indian govern- tally ridiculous. I would appreciate if i ment is trying to divide the nation the can join your organization or at least on the basis of caste and the educated help in some way so that Indian gov- deserving people would not be treated ernment can come out of sleep, open Homage to Brave Mumbai Police Officers Martyrs in the Mumbai Terror Attack Shri Ashok Kamte Shri Vijay Salaskar Shri Shashank Shinde Additional commissioner of police Police Inspector, Police Inspector, Anti Extortion Cell, Mumbai CST Railway, Mumbai Shri Tukaram G Omble Asst. Police Sub-Inspector D B Marg Police station

E DITOR IAL BOARD CONTENT EDITOR: N.AGASTI, UNIVERSITY OF DELHI CONTENT DESIGNER: RAVISHANKAR DUVVURI, NMIMS, MUMBAI Mail: editor@yfemovement.com How you can be a part of YFE You can be a part of the team to collect wrong/unjust implementation of reservation policy at your place and send us the data You can express your views on YFE discussion forum on the website http://yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_fireboard&Itemid=78 You can contribute your articles on various socio economic and public issues to the e-paper YFE-Crusader, which will be available on website http://yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_weblinks&catid=22&Itemid=100 You can forward our sms /e-mails among your friends time to time You can support us financially (please go to support us link on the website for details) http://yfemovement.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=50&Itemid=93 Please come forward to fight the battle against caste based division of this nation Visit us at: www.yfemovement.com

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