Yellow fever vaccination

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Information about Yellow fever vaccination
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Published on February 20, 2014

Author: EdwinKruys



The ins & outs of yellow fever vaccination in 10 slides


What is it? Image source: Wikipedia

What destinations? Source: WHO

How big is the risk? * in unvaccinated travellers during a 2-week stay in an endemic area Source: Yellow book CDC

How do you prevent it?

What are the risks of vaccinating? * Risk increases if age ≥60 Source: Australian Immunisation Handbook/ Yellow book CDC

PRECAUTIONS What are the contraindications? Source: Australian Immunisation Handbook •Age >60 •Pregnancy & BF <9m •Live vaccines

About the vaccine Stamaril is a live attenuated vaccine. Children & adults: 0.5 mL, IM or SC injection. Reconstituted by adding contents of diluent syringe to the vial & shaking until powder is completely dissolved. Booster: 10 years. Efficacy: 90% after 2 weeks, almost all by day 28. Source: Australian Immunisation Handbook. Image: Mims

YF vaccination certificate

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