Year 8 Physics Test Revision

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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: dantegabriele


Year 8 Physics Test Revision: Year 8 Physics Test Revision Chapter 10.1: Matter & Energy: Chapter 10.1: Matter & Energy Know the different types of energy: Electrical (as well as stored forms) Elastic potential Gravitational potential Kinetic Nuclear Know the Law of Conservation of Energy Know what efficiency means and what it means in terms of energy use/loss Chapter 10.2: Hot moves: Chapter 10.2: Hot moves Know how to define, and the difference between: Radiation Convection Conduction Know what happens to materials when they are met with heat energy: reflection, transmission, absorption. Chapter 10.3: A costly mistake: Chapter 10.3: A costly mistake Know what an insulator (good vs bad insulators) Know how houses are built to prevent heat loss/to keep in heat Chapter 10.4: Light energy: Chapter 10.4: Light energy Know the difference between luminous/non- luminous and incandescent/non-incandescent Know what bioluminescent is Chapter 10.5: Sound energy: Chapter 10.5: Sound energy Know that light travels faster than sound: light at 300 million m/s ( 300,000 kilometres per hour ) , sound at 340 m/s Know what pitch is Know that t he number of times that a sound makes air vibrate every second is its frequency (in H z ). Know what ‘ loudness ’ of sound is. Know that sound is measured in decibels (dBs) Know how sounds are made ( vibrations, compression, rarefaction ) How do we hear sound waves ? Can you hear in space? Why? Why not? Tips for studying: Tips for studying Do the quizlet flashcards http :// Password is: physics Re-write definitions of keywords Get family/friends to test you on definitions This class, work on your definitions, flashcards. Next class: Looking B ack questions (all)

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