Yasuni Green Gold : Life (f)or Oil ?

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Information about Yasuni Green Gold : Life (f)or Oil ?

Published on December 11, 2008

Author: VivaYasuni

Source: authorstream.com

Yasuni National Park Ecuador : Yasuni National Park Ecuador www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 2: Yasuni is one of the most bio-diverse places in the whole world. Virgin rainforest at its most resplendent, boasting around 1 million hectares of incredible genetic diversity & beauty. During the last Ice age, it was a haven for animals & plants. It then played a crucial part in repopulating the Amazon area . www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 3: Yasuni is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve and heritage site due to its exceptional diversity and the presence of the Taromenane and Tagaeri people The World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) has called Yasuni one of the world's most important protection areas and scientists from all around the world have written calling for its preservation. www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 4: Yasuni was declared an 'Untouchable Zone'. This designation implies that the zone is to be protected from any mining, oil activity, logging, colonization or anything that might tamper with the biodiversity and ethno-cultural nature of the area. wwwyasunigreengold.org Black Gold : Up to 920 million barrels of crude oil have been located underneath this piece of paradise! Black Gold www.yasunigreengold.org However, despite the extraordinary biological and cultural importance, Yasuní's conservation is by no means assured… Yasuni poses one of the most important questions of our time… : Yasuni poses one of the most important questions of our time… Life (f)or Oil…? Life in Yasuni : Life in Yasuni The true wealth of Yasuni does not lie below the ground or in gold or minerals. Yasuni’s wealth lies with its extraordinary and unique bio-diversity and the indigenous people that choose to live, un-contacted, under it's canopy. It is a cherished home to a host of trees, plants, animals, birds, insects, and people. www.yasunigreengold.org The forest : The forest Yasuni is a haven for at least 73 mammal species, representing 40% of all mammal species in the Amazonian’s forests. www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 9: The park harbors a total of 25 mammal species protected under CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) and / or listed as endangered, vulnerable or near threatened as well as many other “species of concern” in groups such as amphibians, reptiles birds and plants. http://www.yasunioroverde.orgwww.yasunigreengold.org True Colours : True Colours The Park contains 44 % of the species of the Amazon Basin’s birds, making it one of the world’s richest avian sites. http://www.yasunioroverde.org Slide 11: Yasuni has more then 100,000 species of insects per hectare & 6 trillion individuals per hectare. Most are new to science and many new genera are being discovered. www.yasunigreengold.org Trees of Yasuni : Trees of Yasuni There are more species of trees in 2.5 hectares of the reserve than in the entire United States and Canada combined. www.yasunigreengold.org A climatic refuge : A climatic refuge www.yasunigreengold.org Yasuni National Park is likely to be one of the regions least effected by climate change Protecting it is crucial on the global scale because it may serve as a refuge of the Amazonian species that cannot continue to thrive in other parts of the Amazon basin. Slide 14: www.yasunigreengold.org The People : The People Also living inside and around Yasuni National Park are the people of Yasuni including three different indigenous groups – Waorani, Kichwa and Shuar. For centuries indigenous people have lived in harmony with Yasuni. Now many have lost their heritage due to the loss of the forest, their home. www.yasunigreengold.org Past… : Past… The region is protected by indigenous people descended from ancient warriors: The Tagaeri and the Taromenani. These are two of the last communities to live in isolation from the rest of the world. www.yasunigreengold.org Present… : Present… www.yasunigreengold.org Future…? : Future…? www.yasunigreengold.org Effects of oil on Yasuni National Park and its inhabitants. : Effects of oil on Yasuni National Park and its inhabitants. www.yasunigreengold.org The impacts of oil exploration in the areas surrounding Yasuni have been well documented. Effects of oil on Yasuni National Park : Effects of oil on Yasuni National Park Drilling for the oil will have devastating and irreversible ENVIRONMENTAL and SOCIAL IMPACTS destroying the home of the non-contact indigenous people most likely causing their death. Exploitation of Yasuní will cause mass deforestation and the further production and burning of fossil fuels – the two main causes of CLIMATE CHANGE. www.yasunigreengold.org The Impact of petroleum extraction. : The Impact of petroleum extraction. Environmental impacts : The extinction of known and unknown species and an alteration in the relations of ecosystems. Birds, plants, insects and other animals will have to move or die out, as will the social fabric of ancient human cultures. www.yasunigreengold.org Impacts : Impacts Cultural impacts: the final extermination of ancestral non-contact indigenous tribes through disease and violence. Political impacts: repression, violence and conflict. Social impacts: high levels of disease particularly cancers and children born with deformities, alcoholism, prostitution and sexually transmitted diseases. Economic impacts: loss of livelihoods due to environmental impacts, i.e. crops and cattle destroyed by contamination. www.yasunigreengold.org The proposal : The proposal The president of Ecuador has made a proposal: If the International community create a trust fund to the amount of $350 million dollars a year for the next 10 years ( half the ‘worth’ of the oil), they will leave the oil in the ground. This trust fund money could then be spent on the regeneration of the country and work towards a sustainable future. www.yasunigreengold.org The possibilities : The possibilities In December ‘08 the National Government of Ecuador will make a decision to drill or not to drill the oil below Yasuní. This is the first time a national government had sought international support to keep its oil underground. The idea that rich nations would help a developing country withstand immense pressure from the oil industry, enabling a country to stand firm in the fight against climate change has the potential to be revolutionary. www.yasunigreengold.org The potential : The potential This is a pinnacle moment in history… A viable option in the transition away from the dependence and effects of crude oil extraction & use on this planet and its inhabitants. If successful, it could become a model for other developing nations across the world. Giving them the opportunity to save their own environmental and cultural treasures without having to sacrifice their economic development. www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 26: Yasuní Green Gold is an active international campaign co-ordinated by Movimiento Idun. www.movimientoidun.org www.yasunigreengold.org The campaign : The campaign Yasuní Green Gold campaign calls for the unlimited extension of the deadline and for international support for the government of Ecuador to improve the proposal by committing to unconditionally conserving Yasuní. www.yasunigreengold.org The deadline has been extended to December 2008! Slide 28: Yasuni Green Gold was created with the support of the national government of Ecuador and the province of Francisco de Orellana as well as local & indigenous people, in the Yasuní region. Yasuní Green Gold aims to raise awareness of the region and create a network of support for the conservation of the park and protection of the local people of the Yasuní. www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 29: Allowing the local and indigenous people of the Yasuní to participate in the decision-making which effects their lives and making sure no parallel agreements are made which conflict with the preservation of Yasuní. www.yasunigreengold.org Get involved : Get involved Check out the website : English : www.yasunigreengold.org Spanish : www.yasunioroverde.org Get involved with your local /national campaign Contact : info@yasunigreengold.org Buy/donate a book – Yasuni Green Gold. Become a Yasuni Ambassador / Cyber Ambassador Donate money. Sign the petition / declaration. Spread the word; contact friends, family, colleagues, Write letters to politicians, organisations, press and celebrities. Any form of help would be very much appreciated. Buy a book : Buy a book Yasuní Green Gold, the Campaign book, celebrates the unique beauty and diversity of the indigenous groups and the flora and fauna which are home to the Yasuní. The book contains a simple message in photographs from the people of the region: leave the oil in the ground and protect the Yasuní rainforest forever! www.yasunigreengold.org New Internationalist join the campaign. : New Internationalist join the campaign. The New Internationalist dropped everything to help publish the campaign book in under half the normal time in order to help the campaign onto its feet. They are collaborating on the UK part of the campaign and their support has been invaluable. www.yasunigreengold.org Support : Support Yasuní Green Gold is a network of diverse people throughout Europe and internationally who are working together with the support of local people, to try and help save Yasuní. www.yasunigreengold.org Join together : Join together The campaign is calling for attention, support and help from all areas and in all forms. Their activities are diverse and dynamic. www.yasunigreengold.org We have a voice : We have a voice JOIN US NOW to make sure that this cannot happen! www.yasunigreengold.org Slide 36: 982,000,000 Hectares UNTOUCHED PRIMARY RAINFOREST 5 DAYS OF OIL SOMETIMES CHOOSING IS EASY Slide 37: www.yasunigreengold.org

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