Yasemin Dalgali, Medical Devices are the Future of Healthcare

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Information about Yasemin Dalgali, Medical Devices are the Future of Healthcare

Published on December 8, 2016

Author: yasemindalgali

Source: authorstream.com

YASEMIN DALGALI ETHICON: YASEMIN DALGALI ETHICON Medical Devices are the Future of Healthcare Slide2: Since the beginning of time, humans have had to battle disease, from the Black Death in 14th century Europe, to the Ebola outbreak in present day Africa. Yasemin Dalgali , Director of Global Reimbursement and Health Economics at Intrinsic Therapeutics, is one of these professionals Slide3: Yasemin Dalgali believes that the future of modern medicine is reliant on the production and advancement of medical devices, which have become an integral part of providing patients with the care they need to function in their daily lives. Slide4: Yasemin Dalgali has developed reimbursement strategies and execution plans for each strategic market to enable patient access to Barricaid technology, a product developed to address the type of defects in the disc annulus that are most at risk following lumbar discectomy Slide5: Yasemin Dalgali is extremely dedicated to promoting medical devices to improve healthcare nationwide, demonstrated by her successful establishment of coding and coverage for Barricaid in five strategic markets. Thank you for watching: Thank you for watching

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