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Published on September 6, 2007

Author: Crystal

Source: authorstream.com

The Trials and Tribulations of Reid Yantzi:  The Trials and Tribulations of Reid Yantzi Monday, Wednesday; 1:00-1:50 Sandeep Outline of Presentation:  Outline of Presentation Family Tree Timeline of my life Elementary school High School College Years Bronco Hockey Profile :  Profile My name is Reid Yantzi (far right) I am 18 yrs old I am a freshman at WMU I play for the WMU hockey team And I am from Canada, eh My Family:  My Family My parents are Ross and Rose My older sister’s name is Roslyn Her boyfriend doesn’t leave the house much We also have a family cat named Spunky The picture is my back patio My Family My parents are Ross and Rose My older sister’s name is Roslyn Her boyfriend doesn’t leave the house much We also have a family cat named Spunky The picture is my back patio Yantzi Family Tree:  Yantzi Family Tree Ross and Ross Mat aka Chewy Me Roslyn Spunky aka skitz My Timeline:  My Timeline June 13, 1984 Birthday 1986: first day of figure skating 1988: first time I played hockey 1989: -last day of figure skating -first day of school 1998: graduate from junior high April 2002: signed a Scholarship to WMU June 2002: graduate from high school Elementary School:  Elementary School Graduated from Sprucedale Public School Received best athlete award upon graduation 250 students from grade 1 – 8 attended my school My High School:  My High School Waterloo-Oxford D.S.S. Only picture I could find Known as the school with all the junkies We finished last in every sport Except field hockey My College Life:  My College Life I am at WMU on a hockey scholarship Finished my 1st semester with a 3.25 GPA I live in Smith Burnham Hall Wish I had more time to booze Bronco Hockey:  Bronco Hockey My position is defenseman We finished the year 8th, unfortunately I played 21 games last year I finished with 2 assists, ALRIGHT! The picture is sweet Marv THE END:  THE END If you have any questions… forget them

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