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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Arkwright26

Source: authorstream.com

Oscillation physics at the Neutrino Factory:  Oscillation physics at the Neutrino Factory Contribution of this working group to the ECFA Neutrino Factory Yellow Report Mario Campanelli-Geneva The context:  The context This working group, like others, has been established under a two-year mandate from ECFA to establish the feasibility and the impact of a Neutrino Factory as a future machine for CERN. A large consensus emerged among the groups that the results of the study should result in a publication as CERN yellow report, as already happened for Perspective study of muon storage rings at CERN CERN 99-02 ECFA 99-197 This work contained three parts: Step 1: Neutrino Factory Step 2: Higgs Factory Step 3: High-energy frontier The old yellow report:  The old yellow report Looked with present eyes, the 99 YR (written before NuFact ’99 in Lyon!) looks really outdated. The Neutrino Factory section was 30 pages long, including oscillation-and non oscillation physics. In the oscillation section, very few topics are presented, there is no serious analysis of matter effects nor CP violation (only general asymmetries given), no study of SuperBeams etc. Since then, we had 4 NuFact conferences, and hundreds of papers on this topic, a good fraction of them originated in the context of this working group. All this work had to be summarized and collected to show the existence of a very active community in the field Other working groups:  Other working groups Almost all other groups have completed their studies: The Study of a Eutopean Neutrino Factory at CERN (still a draft) http://nicewww.cern.ch/~molat/neutrino/nf103.pdf CERN Nufact note 103 Physics with Low-Energy Muons at a Neutrino Factory Complex J. Aysto et al, hep-ph/0109217 http://xxx.lanl.gov/pdf/hep-ph/0109217 High intensity neutrino physics: Physics at the front-end of a neutrino factory: a quantitative appraisal M. Mangano et al, CERN-TH/2001-131, hep-ph/0105155 http://arXiv.org/abs/hep-ph/0105155 Kaon physics with a high-intensity proton driver G. Buchalla et al, hep-ph/0107046 http://arXiv.org/ps/hep-ph/0107046 Physics Opportunities at mu+mu- Higgs Factories C. Blochinger et al, hep-ph/0202199 http://xxx.lanl.gov/pdf/hep-ph/0202199 We know that many physics studies can benefit from a Neutrino Factory; several working groups were created to work around specific topics. What about us?:  What about us? The work on this document started after Easter, putting together work done by various people. A first draft was ready and announced before NuFact’02, then new ideas coming from that conference were also included. Three weeks ago, a final draft was circulated, with call for comments and authors We want to close the paper by today! I.e., I will send it to hep-ph after this meeting! Main goals of the document:  Main goals of the document Serve as reference point for neutrino oscillation formulae in our region of interest Provide updated experimental results and theoretical models for neutrino oscillations Illustrate potentialities and limits of SuperBeams, with emphasis on updated SPL-andgt;Frejus option Describe machine aspects and physics of BetaBeams, and Beta-SuperBeam combination Assess the critical points of the Neutrino Factory machine from the point of view of the physics Treat in a logical and complete way the physics capabilities of the Neutrino Factory, with emphasis on oscillation studies performed in this group Organization of the document:  Organization of the document Introduction Theory (oscillations and beyond), present experimental results Neutrino beams from pion decay Beta-beams Neutrino Factory Conclusions Index:  Index J.Ellis, A.deGouvea, M.Lola M.Campanelli M.Campanelli, JJ. Gomez, M.Velasco M.Mezzetto, M.Campanelli, M.Fechner Index:  Index A.Blondel P.Zucchelli, M.Mezzetto D.Casper A.Cervera, M.Bonesini, S.Navas, P.Migliozzi M.Campanelli Index:  Index J.Ellis, A.Blondel M.Campanelli, M.Laveder Authorlist has been open not only to those who provided a written contribution, but also to all members of the working group Thanks to JJ. Gomez and J.Ellis for careful reading Location:  Location The paper has been developed in a public area /afs/cern.ch/user/m/mcampan/public/tex/yrep with final files main.ps and main.pdf Also accessible from http://www.cern.ch/campanel Conclusions:  Conclusions Finally, we have a document summarizing the work done in the last years about the main physics motivations to build a Neutrino Factory It ended up being a collection of studies about a large spectrum of new neutrino experiments, including a detailed discussion of Super- and Beta- Beams Many thanks to all who made this work possible with their contributions, comments etc. I hope this effort will help in making our case stronger, show the vitality of the community, and improve the understanding of the importance of this machine

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