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Information about Xpose architecture

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: Xpose_IM

Source: slideshare.net


Contains a short description of the Xpose framework architecture

spin-off de la Universidad de Valencia Xpose - Architecture Leo van den Berg ESAM S.L.

Xpose What is it? Comes from: Ex·pose' To set forth; to set out to public view; to exhibit; to show; to display; “Xpose is an extensible data processing and distribution platform for fast development of ITS applications”

Xpose What does it do?  Xpose uses all available real-time data sources, validates, filters and transforms them to a single unambitigous data representation of the traffic [incident] status.  Xpose is able to process all data in real-time and check it against freely defineable Business Rules. Depending on the result, Xpose can inform people and/or organisations and can activate external processes by means of electronic messaging  Xpose can visualise the harmonized internal model through “web” application [s] or can transform and export the data for further [offline] processing.

Filter Transformation Interfaces Validation dBase Application Decision Support External (automatic) Message Presentation Workflow Manual input Export Data collection & pre-processing Part of the application framework Data storage & handling Custom Data distribution

Xpose Architecture  Xpose uses an open application framework based on open standards and is implemented as open-source software as defined in the recommendations for the “Interoperable Delivery of European eGovernment Services to public Administrations, Businesses and Citizens” (IDABC)  The Xpose datamodel is based on different [international] standards related to Traffic- and Incident Management entities.  Xpose uses an industry standard object relational mapper for storage of all the managed entities  Xpose uses an efficient object oriented pattern matching algorithm for its real-time data processing.  Xpose can use different messaging technologies to interact with external systems.

Xpose Database  The platform supports different commercial and open-source databases such as Oracle, MySql or SqlServer, and …  .. can use spatial extensions for a number of databases, supporting most of the OGC Simple Feature Specification.  .. has automatic entity auditing which helps to evaluate the full registration process.  .. has dynamic permission-based access, which provides pessimistic locking only when necessary,  .. uses versioning for all data-dictionaries, providing support for dynamic and planned configuration changes,   6 .. includes full text search features for most non-formatted free-text fields, .. has special tools for import and export of configuration data. 14/02/2014

Xpose Decision Support   The rule-engine works with a user-managed set of business rules.  The rule engine has full access to all dynamic and stored data and “reasoning” can be started dynamically or at specific time intervals,  The outcome of the rule engine can be “chained” to reason over other sets of business rules,  .. and can be used to start specific [new] business processes through the workflow module,  7 The platform is fully integrated with an object oriented rule engine, which provides real time decision support .. and can also be used to trigger communication channels of the platform such as eMail or SMS or execution channels to control external devices. 14/02/2014

Xpose Workflow   A [business] process is composed of activities that are connected with transitions. Processes represent an execution flow. The graphical diagram of a process is used as the basis for the communication between non-technical users and developers.  8 The platform is fully integrated with a flexible user-managed Business Process Management Suite , The platform provides the integration of the workflow module with the other modules. The business processes have full access to all data and services and can interact with them. 14/02/2014

Xpose Export   The platform is integrated with a standard reporting engine and an external reporting design tool, which allows for reporting in different formats such as PDF.  9 The platform provides export functionality in different industry standard formats such as XML, Excel or plain Text, The platform uses a de-facto charting library to create user-friendly presentation of data. 14/02/2014

Xpose Presentation   … with for instance full drag-and-drop support,  .. and map-based views which enables the user to experience data “in its geographical context”  10 Xpose uses a standard presentation component which provides desktop-like single-screen applications, The presentation component is normally used in a “conversation scoped ” context, which substantially simplifies the implementation of a single Use-Case. 14/02/2014

Xpose Application  Incident Management         11 A real application demonstrates the full potential of the platform. We’ve implemented the core of Incident-Management, it .. includes the management of newly added IM-related objects such as Centre ,Event , EventType, Caller, RoadSegment, RoadLocation etc. .. has real-time location handling for parsing and validating the user-provided event location and [rule-based] event location cross-checking to identify possible double registrations, .. implements the full chain of Incident Management from the first registration up to the administrative closure, .. Includes [drag-and-drop enabled] resource- and traffic-measure management .. includes real-time [rule based] Performance Indicator (PIN) analysis .. includes [drag-and-drop enabled] causality which is the relationship between an event (the cause) and a second event (the effect), ..has a SitRap function which produces an event status report in PDF-format 14/02/2014

Xpose Incident Management main screen Independent Real-time views 12 14/02/2014

Xpose Incident Management main screen Proces-log Active Events Basic Event data 13 Additional Event data 14/02/2014

Xpose Incident Management main screen User text Shows every update Time Management 14 Indicators Victims / HazMat 14/02/2014

Xpose Incident Management main screen Intelligent location parser Resources & Measures Progress indication 15 Crisis management 14/02/2014

Xpose Incident Management main screen (resources) Communication Request additional information Person select 16 14/02/2014

Xpose Incident Management main screen (measures) Drag & Drop Addition Measure select 17 14/02/2014

Xpose Situation Report 18 14/02/2014

Xpose Location validation + View 19 14/02/2014

Xpose Coordinating Operator View (transfer between Operators) Transfer ! Event per Operator 20 Event Types 14/02/2014

spin-off de la Universidad de Valencia Contact me if you want more information ! Leo van den Berg University of Valencia – ESAM S.L. l.vdberg [at] esam.uv.es Tel: +34 96 354 3552 21 14/02/2014

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