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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: mackpeak

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Funding presentation for lifestyle enhancement system

Measuring Your Lifestyle Opportunity Overview February 2012 V23

The Idea XactLife® is a new venture building a “Nutrition Brain™” as part of a unified Lifestyle Enhancement System XactLife is an immersive environment with a semantic “Nutrition Brain” that learns and thinks for users. Natural language searches for foods, recipes, fitness and health related items deliver certified, ‘smart nutrition’ that may be ranked, adjusted and re-calculated. The “Brain” can extend collective intelligence for individuals, families and friends to programs ranging from specialized diets to wellness plans. XactLife represents a revolutionary approach to a huge market that is massively underserved. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 2 2/18/2014

Key Issues • Google searches November 2011 for “Diet, Weight Loss, Recipes” = 380 million • Recipe sites had 46 million visitors in Sept 2011 • Fitness clubs had 45 million members in 2011 ($19 billion) 1 • 46% of population trying to loose weight, 32% want to eat healthy, 24% not concerned 2 • 68% of American are obese, 48% of Europeans are obese (increased 5% 2009-2010) 3 • 74% of dieters don’t believe program claims (need to be empowered with facts) 3 • 30% of women want to diet online, 57% interested in cooking/buying healthy 4 1 2 3 4 Time Magazine, Aug 2011, “Why exercise won’t make you thin.” Research and Markets for Health, March 2011 Diet Watchers, Nov 2010 Packaged Facts, Consumer Markets, Feb 2010 Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 3 2/18/2014

The Problem & Answer With thousands of sites for diets, recipes, fitness, and wellness, no one is providing a single viewpoint uniting these elements into a collective, personalized solution. XactLife will leverage social networking behaviors, but will extend beyond information sharing using the Nutrition Brain to empower and guide users in life changing decisions for diet and wellness online, in-stores or on the go. Technomics Research found after New York menu-labeling law took effect, 82% said calorie disclosures are affecting what they order. Wall Street Journal, July 2011 Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 4 2/18/2014

The Opportunity Solutions are scattered across the map. The total available market (TAM=$140b) is massive and grossly underserved by general search and magazine sites. Global application and total revenues have “Google-size Potential.” Market potential (U.S. forecasts 2010) spending we can leverage Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 5 2/18/2014

A Unified Approach to Thinking About Food, Nutrition and Wellness Leveraging next generation Web-technology, the XactLife Brain can retrieve comprehensive nutritional facts for any food or entrée and recommend adjustments and solutions to meet a user’s individual or family lifestyle needs. The XactLife Brain thinks and learns “on-the-go” to assist users in achieving their diet, fitness and wellness goals. View Online Flash Animation > Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 6 2/18/2014

Competition There is no truly unified approach to the issues of nutrition and wellness. Most applications have a singular focus (diet, health or other areas) and don't try to integrate the solutions. There are about 6,000 sites in the areas of diet, recipes, cooking and wellness. They range from simple to good general search engines to general information. Most are focused on selling magazines, publications or cookbooks. Shown here are some of the typical go-to sites for these solutions. • eDiets (#1 diets) growing 35%/Qtr. • 1.3m downloads of eDiets mobile (‘08) • AllRecipes (#1 recipes) growing 50%/yr. • WebMD (#1 wellness) growing 39%/yr. Source: Marketdata Enterprises, 2009 Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 7 2/18/2014

Technology – Intellectual Property Web 3.0 Data Model Current social sites are basic table searches (Web 2.0). Using Web 3.0 Data Model technology, XL360™ is driven by a semantic inference engine to link subject matter models to content and collective intelligence (behaviors) to actually ‘think’ based on the user’s preferences or behavior patterns. XL360 is one of the first major implementations of the Web 3.0 Data Model in a practical application. Resource Description Framework (RDF) is an architectural design element for linking simple input and page views to create a smart-guess and generate optimal search results, predetermined diets and menus, and suggest fitness/health programs. This way, the user will be more likely to input personal and family details or even subscribe to XactPrimo services after they see how smart the system is with little input. Additionally content is pulled from our predefined index from ESHA Research (USDA certified) database with 70,000 food groups and recipes, plus filtered global information from partners and user contributions. This will be the largest resource portal available anywhere. Wikies will be utilized to create subject matter content contributed by experts in the medical, food, cooking, and fitness industries to extend the knowledge in the Data Models. This technology will allow creation of content for a specified user community like “my cooking circle.” * We have negotiated strategic relationships with ESHA Research, Baynote and Wolfram Research as components for the solutions to reduce build costs and time to market. This gives us tremendous advantage over other solutions. Product development will in the U.S. with outsourcing of large code for the RDF component (Russia) and mobile apps (India) with organizations we have worked with before. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 8 2/18/2014

Key Product Modules & Features XactDietsTM Generate custom diets, diet shaker (variety), link to Outlook calendar or mobile, link to national brands, use nutrition facts, monitor plan vs. actual, weigh in using Bluetooth scale. XactRecipesTM Single source recipe searches, find cookbooks and favorite chefs, auto-insert substitutions or profile metrics and recalculate nutrition, manage ethnicity – costs – family – medical. XactMenusTM Generate custom menus, menu shaker varies meals, build meals from recipe searches, XactPrimo users can certify menus (chefs, restaurants), forecast weigh/health. XactMobileTM Run mobile for XactEntreeTM to find meal values, get shopping reminders, manage menus, manage diets, get coaching and support on the go. XactMedicTM Generate custom diets, diet shaker (variety), link to Outlook calendar or mobile, link to national brands, use nutrition facts, monitor plan vs. actual, weigh in using Bluetooth scale. Collective Intelligence The Nutrition BrainTM gets smarter as you use it. Behavior groups a refined to fit your profile. XL360 translates to any language or measurement scale. XactPrimoTM & XactPalsTM XactPrimo is for advanced users (subscriptions) to get personal support for diets and nutrition. We link to all social networks but maintain privacy via your own network of XactPals. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 9 2/18/2014

Competition - Comparisons Unique Solution Unlike a individual recipe, diet, food or fitness site, XactLife matches entries with nutritional information from certified data stores (USDA/FDA/ESHA), and evaluates ingredients linked to partner content for the richest, most exacting possible experience. Designed for anyone interested in diet, nutrition and wellness, or just curious about “what’s in that,” XactLife will be the “got-to” site for adults “on-the-go” to help them achieve their lifestyle goals. With a global approach to all things food-nutritionwellness, we provide a unified approach to food intelligence coupled with the ability for the user to modified content to be effectively applied to a user’s individual or family lifestyle. Statement of Uniqueness: ESHA Research is the market leader in nutrition facts for the government, military, schools and industry for the last 30 years: “We feel that XactLife has a unique solution compared to the multitude of separate, yet similar, applications for recipes, diet and nutrition we seen in several decades. The end product should yield a valuable proprietary and intellectual property asset for XactLife.” Layne Westover Vice President, Marketing and Business Development ESHA Research, Inc. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 10 2/18/2014

Go to Market General Launch For rapid go to market delivery, we will use vendor and partner solutions for USDA/FDA data and analysis that can be modified, plus solutions such as ChoiceStream for targeted advertising revenues. Xact360 will be a unique and patentable intellectual property of XactLife. Key launch elements include: • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) using Google • PPC revenue advertising model • Network show promotion (e.g. Eye on the Bay, CBS, Liam Mayclem, Good Morning America, Oprah) • Press and Web announcements – Red Umbrella agency (Advisor) • In-box-promotions – inserts in select product packages • Health club affiliation • Radio spots • TV spots built for Web & YouTube Strategies for driving traffic to the XactLife family of sites. • Search engine optimization to position XactLife in the top 5 search results for relevant terms; • Advanced pay-per-click strategies to drive highly profitable users to targeted offerings; • Extensive integration with social media and networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and lifestyle blogs; • And, global promotions through contacts at ABC, NBC and other network promotions. Business Model Revenues 1. Highly targeted CPM-based banner advertising; 2. Subscription revenue from our XactPrimo line of advanced nutrition and Lifestyle Enrichment tools; 3. Bullseye advertising banners (BAB) specific to user profiles and collective intelligence versus general ad SPAM; 4. Affiliate revenue from sales of diet, recipe and wellness-related products; 5. And, revenue from the certification of menus of some of the over 1 million dining establishments in the US. We are working with the USDA to be first in this space and will own this market. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 11 2/18/2014

Timeline Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 12 2/18/2014

Management Team Bob Mack Peak - Founder & CEO Bob is a senior executive with extensive backgrounds in product development, sales, and marketing for the hardware, software, financial services and entertainment industries. Bob is currently CEO of Beamit Communications, a digital marketing integration firm providing brand, launch and promotional services to enterprises like Cisco, Sun, IBM, DEC, Fujitsu, MGM, and Applied Materials as well as a number of startups and .com enterprises. Bob was the Vice President of Marketing for Brandsoft, a new technology company attempting to build a Semantic Web implementation of Web site publishing for large-scale operations. As VP of Worldwide Sales for Computer Associates, Bob managed enterprise sales for the US, Europe and Asia. As Director of New Ventures & 3rd Party Marketing at Tandem Computers, Bob was part of Tandem's dominant growth in NonStop Computing from $100 million in sales to over $2.6 billion in 6 years. Bob delivered growth from 12 partners in the banking sector . to 650 partners supporting 11 vertical markets. Bob began his career as VP of Engineering for Data Processing Enterprises developing applications for LAbased entertainment and retail firms. As a founding executive with three technology startups, Bob was with these companies from the garage stage to IPO or global acquisition. Bob holds a BBA in Marketing from the University of Texas, graduate work in Finance at Cal State Long Beach and an advanced degree in Systems & Programming from Houston Tech. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. Dina Kelley – Co-Founder VP Food, Nutrition and Fitness Dina has an extensive background in consumer goods marketing and enterprise software/hardware solutions delivery. Previously Dina managed global marketing for Platform Solutions and Softek Fujitsu. Dina was brand manager for Peter Dayton – Co-Founder, CFO Peter Dayton brings over 20 years of finance, operations, and sales & marketing experience to XactLife. Peter was most recently CFO of Position2, a leading search engine marketing firm based in Santa Clara. Before that role, Peter worked for over 5 years at Yahoo! where he headed up Business Development and Financial Operations for Yahoo! Small Business, a $180M group. Prior to Yahoo!, Peter was co-founder and VP of Marketing at Aeroprise, a wireless middleware provider. Peter began his career as a sales representative with IBM in Boston where he was named to the Golden Circle, a prestigious award for the top 5% of IBM sales people worldwide. Peter received a Master in Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Virginia. US operations of a Japanese national corporation and owned her own event and fashion modeling agency prior to that. Dina is currently launching a major venture in Las Vegas on the scale of Universal Theme Parks. Dina holds a degree in Home Economics Journalism and Foods and Nutrition from Iowa State University and is actively involved in local community events and women’s organizations. Robert Cronin – Co-Founder / CMO & Bus Dev Robert is a senior executive in product development, sales, and marketing for the hardware, software and financial services industries. Robert expertise is in developing large-scale partnerships vertical markets. Prior positions include executive roles with CSC, Computer Associates, Tandem Computers, Amdahl Corporation, and Fujitsu establishing third party reseller programs that significantly increased sales and distribution markets world-wide. His skills at market forecast and understanding, development, creativity and partner management helped third parties he worked with contribute to the rising success of these major technology companies. Additionally, Robert has founded 4 start-up companies: Wye Technologies, SUMA Technologies, Second Opinion Medical Systems and Palms Prepaid. Ranging from technology systems to medical services and financial services, these companies focused on partnering and vertical market development. Robert has a degree from University of Washington, Seattle, and graduate work at University of Santa Clara. Robert was a U.S. Army Artillery officer. Robert is also an accomplished artist and musician. 13 2/18/2014

Key Advisors We have over 20 advisors in key areas, these are some of the key advisors. Several of our advisors will join full-time upon funding CTO/Web 3.0: Frank Careccia – Chief architect/visionary for Semantic Web 3.0 Data Model, BMC, Obopay, Borland, CellFire Celebrity Endorsement: Ollie Nutt – AT&T Golf CEO, works for Clint Eastwood, connected to large celebrity/CEO base Channels/Distribution: Ron Rohner - Silicon Valley’s leading channels strategy group (Sun, Microsoft, Apple…) Chef Services: Erika Heinemann – Former exec chef French Laundry, CCA, New York Times celeb, CEO Savvy Wine Food Diet / Nutrition Systems: Layne Westover – RD, VP ESHA Systems, Salem, OR – Industry leading diet/nutrition systems Education: Ruth S. MacDonald, RD, PhD - Professor and Department Chair, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State Energy/Green Initiatives: Dr. Jeff T.H. Pon - Director of Human Capital, D.C. – Links to USDA, government initiatives Legal: Mike Rodenbaugh – Former domain/trademarks for Yahoo!, head of ICANN (int’l web domain committee) Mobile: Edwin Vincent – Mobile Application Development (MAD, Inc.) India development team Psychology: Dr. Sharon Kantor - Nationally recognized psychologist, works with Stanford University, charities TV & Radio Networks: Liam Mayclem – CBS Channel 5 SF correspondent for Eye on the Bay, network referrals, news Research: Haldane King – Recognized global research firm for Fortune 500, healthcare, etc. Harvard MBA, Obama connection Webb Services: Kim Webb - Large-scale San Francisco Web design and commercial production organization Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 14 2/18/2014

Forecasts Forecasts We have specific revenue strategies (unlike the social sites) including: • Advertising: Highly targeted displays that really know what the user is interested in • Product/affiliate commissions: As a distribution channel, XactLife can earn product sales commissions. Add-on of future XactLife products are included. • Product Downloads for mobile applications • Subscriptions: •XactPrimo users will have extended services available to them for an annual subscription fee •Restaurant Seal Program will have an annual fee to certified menus, refer diners and comply with USDA Most social sites have not achieved revenue expectations or don’t really have a revenue model. We have segmented our revenue forecasts into the above categories and expect them to be very conservative. Our users have input specific information that allows us to advertise or gain subscriptions easier than a social site. Users are incented to give us detailed profiles to make their searches more effect. The Brain learns as they use the system and becomes smarter and more impactful as usage grows. Forecasts next page Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 15 2/18/2014

Forecasts Funding Desired: Complete funding total = $2.500 million Optional: >Proof of Concept $120K >Rel 1.0 Build add $480K >’A’ Round (go-to-mkt) added $ 1.9 million A extensive model with all metrics and variable is available for due diligence. Exit strategy: Acquisition 36 months, target share price $120. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 16 2/18/2014

Company Financials Founder’s Equity Total investment to date: $325,000. The founder and co-founders have been working on this proposition for 15 months. Current investment is includes cash, assets, research and testing, and time. Our advisory group has been active for the last 6 months and they have put in considerable sweat equity, specifically Webb Design with design and creative services. Company & Stock The company was incorporated in Sept 2008, in business as a “C” Corporation effect Oct 1, 2008 in California. The name XactLife® was trademarked with the incorporation and is now a registered mark. Offices are in Silicon Valley. We have authorized Common Stock (10 million) and Preferred Stock (10 million) shares. Common shares have been allocated to Key Stockholders. Some people (*) have their companies or other jobs but are key stockholders to leverage resources from their companies. Key Stockholders (Common) Robert Peak – CEO Peter Dayton – CFO, strategy Dina Kelley* – VP Food & Nutrition Lynn Presley – Secretary, Accounting Frank Careccia* – Advisor, CTO & Development Kim Webb* – Advisor Web Dev. Services Robert Cronin – CMO, Bus Dev * These people have their own companies or other jobs and may join after funding. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. Advisor Shares (Common) Mike Rodenbaugh – Legal Leighs Church – Financial, funding services Dr. Sharon Kantor Church – Psychology, charity Erika Heinemann – Professional chef Services Kristie Madison – USDA Liaison, D.C. connections Ron Rohner – Distribution analysis Chris Heinemann – Advisor, VP Marketing Liam Mayclem – CBS SF5 Eye on the Bay co-host Dr. Jeff T.H. Pon – Deputy Director Energy, D.C. Laura Andrus – Sales channels, funding sources 17 2/18/2014

Summary •XactLife will address a huge market opportunity: $140 billion, 100 million Americans, 280 million page searches per month. •We will be the easiest to use, most intuitive, most accurate search and measure engine available. •We will introduce unique new concepts to target users: Meal builder, diet & menu shakers, restaurant nutrition certification, mobile shopping and coupons, and the Nutrition Brain. •We will be the go-to site for diet, recipe, menu, nutrition, fitness and health needs. •We will be extremely news worthy and be the solution for USDA, government, target businesses, family and individual’s needs. •Traffic, and resulting revenues, have the potential to be on the scale of Google. •We should be a major acquisition candidate within 24-36 months with large valuation due to the traffic and page visits and early profitability. •We have a solid business model and are not just another social or search site. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 18 2/18/2014

Additional Information   Technology Key Vendors (Technology Partners) Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 19 2/18/2014

Addendum: Technology See larger view online click here> Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 20 2/18/2014

Addendum: Key Vendors - ESHA Research Nutrition Database & Analysis ESHA has over 50,000 food items in their databases that will feed into XactLife. This will make the search engine highly efficient. After reviewing the proposed XactLife solution, ESHA has sent us a "statement of uniqueness" in comparison to the many similar solutions in the market. ESHA is the global leader in nutritional information for large-scale companies and food professionals. ESHA Research started in 1981, releasing its first software program, The Food Processor nutrition analysis system, in 1984. Three years of detailed nutrition research were needed to build a comprehensive database with few missing values. The ESHA Nutrient Database follows stringent protocols for nutrient information, and is now the industry hallmark for completeness and accuracy. From initial word-of-mouth sales, ESHA has continued to experience broad growth in sales to health and food industries, as well as education, and now reaches customers in over 100 countries. Student versions of ESHA software are currently used by more than 80 percent of U.S. college nutrition students. After more than a decade, The Food Processor remains the product of choice for nutrition professionals. This comprehensive workhorse has continued to experience extensive growth and refinement, while maintaining its position as the industry's top-rated database. Recently, ESHA Research introduced The Food Processor SQL, an upgrade to the original Food Processor. Genesis R&D product development and labeling software was introduced to researchers and food manufacturers in 1991, and is now used by over 90 percent of U.S. top food producers and developers. Today, ESHA Research is professionally associated with leaders in health, education, medical research, and food service and manufacturing. We are honored by our affiliation with our customers and colleagues, and remain committed to providing only the highest quality products to serve your needs. Review by Nutrition Systems Leader – ESHA Systems “We feel that XactLife has a unique solution compared to the multitude of separate, yet similar, applications for recipes, diet and nutrition. The XactLife solution unifies many aspects of diet, food and wellness and allows the user to modify the variables to fit their lifestyle at a very detailed level, wherever they might be. The end product should yield a valuable proprietary and intellectual property asset for XactLife. We look forward to working with XactLife to realize this exclusive opportunity.” Layne Westover, Vice President - Marketing and Business Development, ESHA Research, Inc. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 21 2/18/2014

Addendum: Key Vendors - Collective Intelligence The Baynote Collective Intelligence Platform™ delivers on-demand recommendations and social search for Web sites. Baynote is a Silicon Valley company funded by Hummer Winblad that is expanding rapidly with services fro major companies. After discussions with Baynote, we feel they can provide a higher return for searches without guessing at what the consumer wants. These will be for first time or casual users that we want to anticipate what they want quicker. The Baynote Platform collects group info for visits and navigation to find trends that will create smart groups. For example, a single male wants hi-carb workout diets versus moms who want family meals based on costs. These 'clusters' or collective intelligence groups will allows us to execute the diet and menu 'shaker' that can create full diets and menus for people with very little personal user input based on similar group behaviors. The Baynote Platform will be used to make shopping recommendations, build email campaigns, provide smart text messaging and target in-store kiosk activity. Baynote is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that we can pay for on a graduated scale based on traffic and overall success. We have preliminary estimates on the Baynote service costs. This is included in our licensing budget. This will trim about $200,000 from the development budget. We will still be able to provide a high level of IP in our kernel engine (Web 3.0 RDF) and feed the collective intelligence into the data models inside the XL360 architecture. More at www.baynote.com. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 22 2/18/2014

Addendum: Key Vendors – Mobile Shopping About Cellfire Cellfire is the premier destination for valuable savings on groceries, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment. Get access and use offers from your PC and/or mobile phone. This service is provided free of charge to all users.* Our retail partners sponsor the offers and discounts -- at no cost or obligation to you. With Cellfire, you'll never have to print, clip, or forget your coupons again! Cellfire’s CTO Frank Careccia (XL Advisor) will be providing mobile application direction and support. Our mobile applications will be for iPhone and all other phone using the new Google Android OS (Linux-based). Additional partners will include grocery chains, POS solutions, digital coupons, privacy applications, recipes companies, magazines, fitness clubs, chefs and cooking schools, dieticians and life coaches, etc. More at www.cellfire.com. Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 23 2/18/2014

Addendum: Key Vendors – Advanced Search Parsing Computational Knowledge Engine Today's Wolfram|Alpha is the first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone. Enter your question or calculation and Wolfram|Alpha uses its built-in algorithms and a growing collection of data to compute the answer. About Wolfram | Alpha Based on a new kind of knowledge-based computing, this module is a plug-in that complements our Web 3.0 data model architecture under the RDF design. As of now, Wolfram|Alpha contains 10+ trillion pieces of data, 50,000+ types of algorithms and models, and linguistic capabilities for 1000+ domains. Built with Mathematica—which is itself the result of more than 20 years of development at Wolfram Research—Wolfram|Alpha's core code base now exceeds 5 million lines of symbolic Mathematica code. Running on supercomputer-class compute clusters, Wolfram|Alpha makes extensive use of the latest generation of web and parallel computing technologies, including webMathematica and gridMathematica. Wolfram|Alpha's knowledge base and capabilities already span a great many domains, and its underlying framework has the power and flexibility to support ready extension to essentially any domain that is based on systematic knowledge. This will make any search string simpler and more English-like, evolving into AI for the mobile application. For example, entering something like “Fruit salad popular in the Midwest in the summer with candied walnuts from grandma’s recipe” can be parsed to give meaningful results vs. not match found or a match for Grandma’s cakes in St. Louis which would be found by Bing or Google. More at http://www.wolframalpha.com . Confidential Property of XactLife, Inc. 24 2/18/2014

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